Top 10 Guns to Get From the Mystery Box In Der Riese In Nazi Zombies


The Top Ten

1 Ray Gun

It has a lot of ammo and it kills 2 or 3 zombies at a time

I had the ray gun and I think it is the best gun

Has a lot of ammo and and its reloading is fast and its small and practile and its shots are deadly.

2 PPSh

GOOD: It's extremely strong and light and has good reloading speed.

BAD: It doesn't last very long in the later rounds. - Stickly

It the best. The ray gun is known as the best weapon in the series, but in the first maps on Call of Duty World At War, it had the worst splash damage. The Thompson (spiderbyte's weapon) is a really good weapon, but not better then the PPSH-41.

This gun is not bad, but overrated

Ppsh Al the way

3 Wunderwaffe

One shot kills? It's the best gun you can get for late game situations

GOOD: Wunderwaffe can kill multiple zombies at once and is nearly perfect for crowds.

BAD: It has minor splash damage they may be deadly if a zombie is in front of you, it has a low amount of ammo, slow reloading, and not very light. - Stickly

This is the ultimate zombies weapon, at least for Der Riese. WHY IS IT SO LOW?

This is so good are you drunk?

4 MG42

GOOD: It is extremely strong, has lots of ammo, and has large magazines.

BAD: Its reloading is slow and is too heavy. - Stickly

This gun has saved my butt and my friends hundreds of times.

5 Thompson

I like to think of this gun as a aggressive gun, kills fast, has good ammo, good fire rate, low recoil, decent reloads, and good damage.

GOOD: It's very strong and reloads decently.

BAD: It doesn't last TOO long. - Stickly

6 Browning

Good:It can kill about a whole round of zombies by aiming down the sights.
Bad:Realoding time is quite slow

7 FG42

GOOD: It is very strong.

BAD: Its reloading isn't the best and runs out of ammo quickly. - Stickly

8 STG-44

GOOD: It is a great head popper and lasts a while.

BAD: It's fire rate isn't the best. - Stickly

Its not good, but if you play origins it acutally gets better.

9 Magnum

GOOD: It's a one shot kill.

BAD: It's fire rate is low and reloading is slow. - Stickly

10 Trenchgun

GOOD: It is a one shot kill each time and lasts a while.

BAD: Reloading is quite slow. - Stickly

The Contenders

11 MP40

GOOD: It has a good fire rate and lasts a while.

BAD: It isn't very strong. - Stickly

12 Monkey Bomb

This bonb is really good (and all zombies and dogs love it)

13 PTRS-41

I know it's a sniper rifle, but it honestly isn't that terrible.
And, its semi-automatic.

14 SVD
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