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1 Sweet Child O' Mine Sweet Child O' Mine Cover Art

Slash solo in this song is one of the best solos I ever listen... It seems there we are flying when he starts the guitar solo... AWESOME... Deserves the first place!

This song always Rock. If you go to 1 country then you will get sweet child o' mine there. If you go to another country then you also get sweet child o' mine there. Sweet child o' mine is everywhere in the world. If you don't know about this band then listen to this band song. If you listen Guns N' Roses song then you will hate or don't like other band.. N u just know about GN'R. Other band goes to DUSTBIN

Yes, the guitar solo is better in 'November Rain' but the rest of the song (including the intro and the end) are definitely better here. So, on the whole, this one MIGHT just win over 'November Rain' according to my opinion.

These 2 songs are total classics, reasons enough for you to recommend this band first to anyone who doesn't listen to rock music.

What can be said about this that hasn't been said already? Legendary is the only word. The greatest riff of all time. Bar none. A great love song and it really shows the reason this song is so popular. A great feel good song. The solo is one of the greatest of all time and the ending sprinkles a bit of hardcore Guns N Roses. A truly amazing song.

2 November Rain November Rain Cover Art

Everything about this song is a masterpiece; a beautiful intro, a great buildup, amazing lyrics and an incredible combination guitar solos and piano use. Axl Rose's vocals were also at his best. I love Guns N Roses and this is not only my favourite song by them, but it's definitely one of my favourite songs of all time.

Sweet Child O' Mine and November Rain are both great songs, but for me November Rain edges Sweet Child O' Mine out just by a bit. November rain in my opinion is one of the most beautiful song ever made. Beautiful lyrics, nice piano work, a great orchestra sound, and great build up. Goes from a beautiful rock ballad to a great solo by Slash and finish is a powerful way. These are some of the reasons why for me November Rain is slightly better then Sweet Child O' Mine. November Rain is just the perfect Ballad.

The most meaningful, powerful, moving and touching song of any band to date. Truly an unparalleled masterpiece. Perfect to listen to with a loved one, with friends, alone, before a big game, when you're down or in any setting really. It carries its own significance to each listener, and let's not forget the guitar solos. Mesmerizing and inspiring whether played on a guitar, piano, even a clarinet. History was made when this song came out.

So difficult to make a top 10 of Guns N' Roses songs. I mean even the songs like coma, so fine or dead horse a really awesome.
So why november rain? Juste because it was the first Guns N' Roses song I ever listen to when I was like 3 or 4 years old, when my father listen to the Use your Illusion Lps like 10hours a day.
The piano is amazing, Axl wright the song during 10 years or something like that and Slashs kick ass solos. Maybe the best rock ballad of all time!

3 Welcome to the Jungle Welcome to the Jungle Cover Art

'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! 'cause its ' good man! Come on I have nothing else to say I just really want to vote for goodness sake

Okay... How in the world can November Rain be higher than this?! Sure November Rain is a great song, but Slash really blows me away in this one. In November Rain he just has one big solo. In Welcome to the Jungle it's a nonstop ear-blistering shred coming of his guitar. Axel Rose does a much better vocal job on this one too. Definitely needs to be NUMBER TWO!

I can't think of a better song to encapsulate all of Appetite, Guns and Roses and the entire genre of rock than this. Its got everything: a great intro that gives way to a killer riff, a quiet sort of part in the middle that leads into a solo, and one of the most tense bridges I have ever heard. This is where the worlds most dangerous band began.

Totally better than Sweet Child... This one actually rocks and it rocks hard! Love that riff and Axl's vocal talent comes through here unlike other Guns N' Roses songs... Just you TRY to sing this song well. The interlude part in the middle with "You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby! " is indescribable

4 Paradise City Paradise City Cover Art

This song is the best Guns N' Roses tune of all time. The intro soothes you and then out of nowhere its suddenly time to rock. Then if that wasn't enough the speed picks up 3 quarters through and if you can stay sane then then you are not a rock fan. This song ROCKS. End of story.

Welcome to the Jungle and November Rain are both exceptionally awesome songs, but you can listen to Paradise City for 100 times on loop and still wanna listen to it even more! It has got everything!

This song has every thing the best solo no kidding the best riff BY FAR and nothing could beat it except Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, and Sweet Child O' Mine even so this is and always will be my favorite song ever.

My god this is there best song ever. The way Slash startrs of with the song makes people at concerts go insane. Sweet child o Mine is cute paradise city is rock n roll at its finest. Axel as much as he's crapped the band this is there best song ever

5 Estranged Estranged Cover Art

I am gonna go for this one because this is their masterpiece. November rain too is good but way too commercial it's a shame. This one is much more personal reflective and meaningful. You could be mine is my favorite 'hard' number. Don't cry (original) my favorite ballad coma is amazing and civil war despite its country feel one of their most passionate moments but overall estranged is still the most creative piece. A stroke of genius for axl and his band.

Don't listen to the retard who says Estranged is best because there are "more key changes". This song is the best because it is an epic, flawless masterpiece; just listen to the song! Besides, Estranged only changes key once, just like Sweet Child and November Rain!

A long song, but my most listened to song of all time. I love everything about this song, the contrast between the two halves split up by a wonderful piano solo, 4 incredible solos and fine lyrics and voice work from Axl. The band really out did themselves with this absolute gem

Have you ever really listened to this song? To me, this is just the best song ever. How can anyone who ever really listened to this song vote any other song in front of it? I absolutely love the changes of mood in "Estranged" and the build up until the relief of emotions. This is just "the song".

6 Civil War Civil War Cover Art

This 8 minute masterpiece is the opening track on Use Your Illusion 2, and is in my opinion better than some of the other brilliant songs on there, such as Yesterdays, Knocking on Heavens Door, Estranged and You Could Be Mine. The guitar, lyrics, verses, piano, vocals, meaning, chorus and length is all perfect and it results in what is their best song for me, just ahead of Sweet Child of Mine, Nightrain, Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle and Rocket Queen

I know, people know Guns N' Roses from Welcome To The Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine and November Rain. Estranged is their masterpiece and Don't Cry is beautiful. But if you ask for my favorite, I'll choose Civil War. I love the whole song from speech, intro, verse, bridge, solo, outro, and Axl's question in the end. It's a meaningful and graceful song.

This is the last TRUE GN'R song! The best era of the band was by far the original 5 guys and they saved the best for last with this one. Amazing from start to finish. Hooks you in with a mellow intro and then gradually builds up into a big rocking outro. I've listened to this song thousands of times and still love every single second of it!

This is obviously the best

Its got the best guitar, best singing and most importantly great lyrics best GnR song ever.

In my opinion, when the song has starts it goes on with a slow start and the it when Axl sings about the war Kennedy assassination, my heart melted!

7 Knockin' on Heaven's Door Knockin' on Heaven's Door Cover Art

Great remake of an older song, great vocal, amazing guitar (slash is a genius). I would say it's a tie between this song and November rain for # 1.

This one should be knocking # 1 position. The very best song of the world.

One of my favourites songs of all time.. It has amazing lyrics.. And I'm not even starting about the guitar pieces! One of the best bands that ever existed!

This songs makes one feel like they are knocking on heavens' door... The solo that slash delivers is crazy. Total dig it

8 You Could Be Mine You Could Be Mine Cover Art

Brilliant song! Really gets the blood pumping! You can tell they wrote it around the time of writing all the songs on Appetite and it could easily have been on that album. Terminator 2 was my favourite movie for a long time and it had the added bonus of having this song in it. T2 and You Could Be Mine: the perfect combination!

Definitely. My favorite, it hits so hard, love the guitar work. Solo is so epic, and the fact that it was used in one of the biggest badass movies with the biggest badass, Arnold, only adds to its greatness.

For me, this is number one. Second best is Welcome To The Jungle. I can't decide after that. Maybe Don't Cry (Original or Alternate) It's a hard decision. Or in the words of Axl himself. It's a bad obsession haha!

I just like it. It's intense, raw, everything Guns N' Roses should ever be. To make it even better, was the soundtrack of one of the greatest action movies of all time! Axl and Arnie forever!

9 Don't Cry (Original) Don't Cry (Original) Cover Art

Probably the greatest song ever written. It was a girl that Izzy was going out with that Axl really, really lIked. We've all met one special girl that we won't ever forget, every single one of us; and for Axl, she was it. When Izzy and he girl broke up, Axl asked her out and on their first date, she told him its not going to work out. He just put aside his masculinity for a minuet and started crying, and she told him "don't cry". The next day Axl and Izzy got together and wrote the song in five minuets. Axl has a lot attached to this song, and when he sings it, you can hear that he's giving it his all. He just gives so much when he sings this song, at the very end he sings notes I didn't even know we're humanly possible to sing. He forgets about everything else in the world and just sings. The song is about a woman leaving a man. Gives me chills every time. This song is a true masterpiece and definitely number one on my list.

I listened to this song one particular day. It was when a girl I loved so much told me that she liked another man... Well, I was shocked... I turned up the radio, and who was on? You're right: Guns N' Roses! I did know some songs of Guns N' Roses, but not this: then I discovered what it meant to Axl Rose and, also, to me... It helped me to go beyond that horrible moment

One of the greatest songs ever made. Personally, it's my favorite. Guns N' Roses are one of the best bands, they have so many amazing songs... They're also my favorite band... But this song is special to me... Axl's voice... Slash's amazing solos... JUST PERFECT.

Don't Cry is a song that defines Guns N' Roses. November Rain loses it after the second solo and you will hate Sweet Child after you have heard it enough no. of times. But don't cry is a complete song from the beginning to the end.

10 Nightrain Nightrain Cover Art

Under appreciated song from Guns N' Roses. This song incorporates everything that makes G N' ARE a legendary band. It was the filthy hard sounding guitar and Axl's incredible voice. It has the raging solo's, and holds up with Welcome To The Jungle as one of the best sounding songs of G N' R. It's sad that this song is often overlooked by the public.

Second favorite song on Appetite, which definitely puts it in the top 10. It's pure kick-ass rock. I F-in miss songs like this that are so damn good that they always put me in a good mood. I'll probably never get the same excitement I got from Appetite... Ever again. It's a damn shame.

This song will make me happy on the saddest of days. One of the best Guns N' Roses songs ever. Solo comes in quicker than expected but it is really better that way. Appetite for destruction just shows how good an album it is and Guns N' Roses shows how good a bang it is. M/

Characteristic example of the early days when it was still clear Guns n Roses had two guitarists, with Izzy even playing a solo. In my opinion one of the best songs they ever made and should be much higher.

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11 Patience Patience Cover Art

The best song I have ever heard this is my song I believe that my mom named me after this song because my name is patience and I am so glad that this song was out at this time because people always say that I have a beutiful name and some times people see me and know what my name is and they start singing this song and I even know this song word by word. They way I heard of this song was me my mom and my brother were driving down to viginia and this song came on and I was so happy that I heard it

This song is a good song, don't get me wrong, but it became my all time favorite seeing it live in Tokyo in 1992. The live version is on YouTube, and Tokyo 1992 is by far Guns n' Roses' best live performance. I encourage you to watch the version that includes Gilby Clarke and Slash performing Wild Horses right before Patience. All in all, Guns n' Roses' best song!

Patience is a beautiful song, it should be in the top three because of guitar and vocals, I think guns n roses did there best on this song, one of the best ballads of all time

this song should definitely be in the top ten! If not top three, but number nine, not good enough and yeah sweet child o mine is good, but Patience is better

Definitely top 5. I absolutely loved it when it first came out, then I got a bit sick of it because it was played out so I stopped listening to it. After avoiding it for a few years, I learned to appreciate it even more than I used to. Now I can play it on repeat and never get sick of it again. Perfection.

12 Rocket Queen Rocket Queen Cover Art

Why is this number twelve? This song is so great! Sickest main riff and bass line. First half is so dirty and wild but the second is romantic and emotional, joined by a tension building bridge that makes you believe that the second part will be the same as the first, but you are suddenly blown away by cleaner guitar and vocals with meaningful lyrics. Slash's solo is really solid too, the list goes on, but that last 2:50 is the most perfect moment in rock and roll history

Amazing song. Its like 3 great songs in one - and that is Rocket Queen. Great intro, its cool kick that makes you King of the Street, awesome bridge that makes you think of your Girlfriend and last but not least - Outro with outstanding guitar solo! Still do NOT get it, why was it not put to the Greatest Hits CD...

The most underrated song on the list. One of the finest bass lines and riffs ever. Rocking first half, a great solo in the middle and an AMAZING second half, the outro is unreal and just such a catchy song that you can listen to over and over again.

Well one thing is much funny about this song that the voices in between the song were really recorded when adriana Smith and Axl rose did all that in the studio. But this is song is a true signature of hard rock

13 Mr. Brownstone Mr. Brownstone Cover Art

It has everything, a catchy riff, a good solo and a smart vocals. I love the line: I used to do a little but the little wouldn't do it so that little got more and more. I love it. Every time I play it on guitar, people love it.

Very underrated song from them, the kind of song that just makes you feel like 'F yeah not a care in the world. Vocals aren't fantastic in the song but with great riff backing it up, good work from Adler on the drums and Duffs bass.

Everyone says that all their songs are about drugs... Well they are but this one is AWESOME! Nobody put my absolute face guns song (out ta get me) but this is #2 because it rocks for being a song all about heroin

It mixes a bo-diddly riff with power chords and a picked bass line. It's powerful but not grungy, bemoaning but not defeated. This is the greatest rock 'n roll song of all time.

14 Coma Coma Cover Art

This by far is one of their best songs ever. This song deseves at least top 5. It has an amazing intro. "See you caught me in a coma" Then, the end is legendary. Sure it's not Paradise City or Sweet Child of Mine. Those are great songs. I just think this song is kinda underrated for how great it is. There is NO part in this song that is boring even though it is 10 minutes long.

This song immediately grabs you tight and doesn't release you until the whole song is finished. Although it is 10 minutes long there is no moment it gets boring. I've always liked the combination of Axl Rose's voice and Slash' guitar skills, and this is one of the songs that shows me why.

In my opinion this song could be their best, but definitely top 5. It is so underrated that it's a crime. Once this song begins, its impossible to turn it off because it starts of good and just gets better and better with every second. It really doesn't get much better than this.

Guns N' Roses most underrated song of all time. THIS SONG IS AMAZING! I read the lyric sheet to this album before listening to it (with the exception of Don't Cry, Live and Let Die, and November Rain) and this one was my favorite before even hearing the music. Why is this at 14 and not 4?

15 Live and Let Die Live and Let Die Cover Art

This is the Guns N' Roses song. They are good writers, but combining Paul McCarney, possibly the greatest of all time, and classic Guns N' Roses musicianship, you get a classic.
1: Live And Let Die
2: Welcome To The Jungle
3: November Rain
4: Paradise City
5: Sweet Child O' Mine

Slash is so amazing!

I thought this was a slow song (which I don't like slow songs, I love the fast metal or anything else fast.) Then I heard it on radio and I start head banging. LOL SO GOOD!

This totally rock music.
They can change a lazy song to the very rock song!
This can be higher than nightrain and Chinese democracy!
This should be top 10!

Not as good as the original, but a nice take on it. Sir Paul McCartney's versions not perfect either, I wish there was a version that was across between them.

16 My Michelle My Michelle Cover Art

SO UNDErrated! From the first riff this song is in your face with its hard lyrics and guitar work! Amazing

This song is so raw and brutal with a killer opening and great lyrics, absolutlz love it.

I love this song so much I think it is by far one of their best

I love the intro and the emotional parte right After the second refrain.

17 It's So Easy It's So Easy Cover Art

My personal favorite Guns N' Roses song. I love the bass line, as well as the way Axl's singing. Guitar parts rock too. It's done perfectly. Wish it could be a bit longer though, although who knows, that could have ruined it. The mean lyrics kick ass, especially the second verse. I think it would be a good opener actually. But definitely is right next to Jungle in best songs ever.

This is song 13 in my Guns N' Roses top 10. every time I hear a Guns song, I say that one is in my top 10... But then I realize I have 25 songs in my top 10. Great, great song.

What! This is their best! It's even better than sweet child, paradise city and welcome to the jungle!

Amazing vocal harmonies by duff and arguably one of his best bass performances

18 Don't Cry Don't Cry Cover Art

Just fantastic. One of the timeless Guns n Roses songs that you could listen to 24/7

My absolute love. Favorite Song. Helps me go through all the difficult moments.

19 Yesterdays Yesterdays Cover Art

It's a beautiful song, very meaningful for me. I wonder why its in the 18th place.

Great well written song mainly by Wes Arkeen (RIP), lyrics full of meaning

This song is to good for #18 spot should be in top 10

20 Used to Love Her Used to Love Her Cover Art

Funny song when you don't take it seriously like I did when I first listened to it and was like, "What is this?! " Kinda the song you wanna dedicate to your girlfriend sometimes.

This song is so cleverly written and fun to listen to. I love the stark contrast from the dark lyrics to the breezy, fun (almost relaxing) tone of the music itself.

Pretty little tongue in cheek ditty. Even my kids sing along to this one!

The best song. Incredible in the 58! Laugh out loud. No comment.

21 Pretty Tied Up Pretty Tied Up Cover Art

Mindblowing song. Very catchy, changes tempo multiple times effortlessly. Underrated song.

Love listening to this, high volume in the car - my guilty pleasure!

Too fun and too rock n' roll. :3

22 One in a Million One in a Million Cover Art

I can't say it is my favourite Roses but I do really like the song but I would like to put it out there that yeah the song's racist and homophobic but Axl has said he is not racist and that he had had bad experiences with gay people and that it is merely his artistic views and I mean seriously I'm 15, I should be vegan and protesting against anything that is even slightly un 'PC' but to be honest I love this song and I think it's a good tune so I don't know why all that people see in this song is the N-word and a homophobic slurr. Just lay of it. It ain't that bad.

LOVE THIS SONG! The beat to this song is unlike anything in the world... and then the solo at towards the end... BEAUTIFUL! Although the lyrics can be a little racist, you must realize that this is a song and we don't know what axl was truly meaning. Everything is so beautiful, my favorite song PERIOD!

The song is brilliant, if the lyrics were changed in two parts of the song, it would have topped charts. Right or wrong, I admire Axl's resistance to let people tell him he should Or should not say in his music.

Even though Stradlin and Slash don't really play all that well on this song (espacially Stradlin) and it ia said tk be racist (I think Rose tried tk put himself into the position of a racist, I dunno, he did something strange) it deserves top 15.

23 Since I Don't Have You Since I Don't Have You Cover Art

What is this song doing on 20th position. It deserves better! The riffs in this song also the amazing vocals! Damn! They're awesome!

Great take on a classic song! Slash's solo is insane! All in all, it's a great song you can't take off repeat!

I thought I would find it in the top 3

This deserves to be in at least top 5!

24 Garden of Eden Garden of Eden Cover Art

Straight up bad ass rock n roll! Not nearly their most popular song but it has always been my favorite. Great song to get you pumped up!

The Four Horsemen sounds like this.

This is a real must be at the top 10

Inundertable lyrics.
Fast rhythim.
One Take video.
Kick ass solo.

Is not the best, but it have his strong point.

25 Locomotive (Complicity) Locomotive (Complicity) Cover Art

JESUS CHRIST STOP WITH SWEET CHILD O MINE! I used to listen to guns n roses a lot but I can't anymore people have ruined their music for me. I don't think this is their BEST song but it is at the very least top 10 probably top 5. Get over sweet child o mine and november rain there's better songs like locomotive, coma, nightrain, breakdown, rocket queen, etc.

This song is so cool, sort of funk metal kind of thing which works so well in this song. Definitely a top 5 off of UYI II

Locomotive has unbelivable guitar and vocals arrangements (axl sung three octaves in most of the song) and the best outro ever.

This song is slightly underrated but I think it was one of the best from the illusions

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