RustyNails Rock/Metal Album Reviews #7- Band/Artist: Guns N Roses, Album: Appetite For Destruction

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Band / artist - Guns N Roses
Album - Appetite for Destruction
Genres - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Members -
Axel Rose - Lead Vocals / percussion / Synth
Slash -Lead Guitar / Acoustic Guitar / co- lead guitar
Izzy Stradlin- Rhythm Guitar / Backing vocals / co- lead guitar
Duff McKagan- Bass Guitar / backing vocals
Steven Adler- Drums

Track Listing -
1. Welcome To The Jungle
2. Its So Easy
3. NightTrain
4. Out Ta Get Me
5. Mr. Brownstone
6. Paradise City
7. My Michelle
8. Think About You
9. Sweet Child O' Mine
10. You're Crazy
11. Anything Goes
12. Rocket Queen

Appetite For Destruction, the Debut album from GNR. Its the best selling debut album in US History ( 18 million) and over 30 million worldwide. It was released July 21 1987, which AFD resently had its 28 birthday. Now the cover artwork of a black background and a cross with the band members skulls has became best known album covers of all time. But it wasn't the original cover - the original version was a painting by Robert Williams. It shows a robot who raped a young woman and a orange metal avenger with razor blade teeth about to attack him. The album is home to 3 songs that everyone knows ( Jungle , Paradise, Sweet Child).

Lyrics -
its pretty much Sex drugs and rock n roll
Mr. Brownstone is slang for heroin. The lines" I used to do a little but a little wouldn't do so the little got more and more" talks about the addiction.
" My Michelle" is about a friend of Slash's High school girlfriend, Michelle Young who wanted a song about her. Axel wrote a typical lovey dovey love song that had nothing in common with her. So he wrote a dead honest song. The band was worried that it would upset her. But she loved it . The songs lyrics tell us this- Her dad worked in porno, her mom is dead, her mom loved heroin, Michelle does dope, she loves to party. Michelle young moved out of L.A. A few years later.
I'd say more song lyrics but no, back to the normal RRMAR.

Track Dissection

1. Welcome to the Jungle -genres - heavy metal / hard rock
One of the best opening songs in rock / metal history. Amazing guitar intro with great bass and drums. Killer vocals by Axel. Amazing guitar work by Slash and Izzy. Its got solid bass and rhythmic drumming. The bridge starts out peaceful. A kick ass guitar solo with great rhythm guitar and bass in the background. The ending chorus is very intense.

2. Its So Easy - genres- heavy metal / hard rock
Heavy distorted guitar riffs throughout by the guitar duo of destruction ( slash and Izzy). Axels vocals sound pretty chilled out. A creepy chorus. Good backing vocals. Amazing guitar solo with Izzy and duff doing the rhythm section. Underrated song. How is it doing the Review for the GNR song " Its So Easy"? In three words - Its So Easy.

3. NightTrain- genres- hard rock / heavy metal
The beginning guitar solo intro is done by Izzy, and its awesome. Nice drumming. Good riffs. Great lyrics - all about alcohol. Amazing Chorus, I love it. This song is one of my top three favorite songs on the album. Amazing guitar solo. Izzy, Duff, and Steven do excellent in the rhythm section. I encourage you to listen to it if you haven't heard it. The second solo is done by izzy I believe. For some reason this song reminds me of " The Trooper" by Iron Maiden, you agree.

4. Out Ta Get Me - genres - hard rock / heavy metal
heavy duel guitar riffs and solo ishs beginning. Great bass lines. Great vocals and backing vocals. Catchy chorus . Great rebellion lyrics. Nice rhythm section. Amazing rhythm guitar by izzy in Slash's solo. Steven has some damn good drumming.great ending line-" Take that to heart.

5. Mr. Brownstone - genres - hard rock / heavy metal
cool drum and guitar intro. Nice rhythmic beat to it. Good riffs. Tight deep bass and guitar riffs in the catchy chorus. Mr. Brownstone is slang for heroin, you can tell in the lyrics. The guitar solo sounds incredible, it has an echo type affect. The ending is pretty uplifting beats. A GNR song that is pretty well known.

6. Paradise City- genres - heavy metal/ hard rock
Amazing intro- great drumming, singing of chorus with backing vocals, amazing rhythm guitar by Izzy, amazing guitar work by Slash. Deep bass and guitar in the verses. Incredible chorus, it has some great backing vocals. Rhythmic drumming. The 3rd verse intro has a great solo by Izzy. After the 4th chorus the song goes pretty fast. Singing the chorus and other lines. It has amazing bass and backing vocals. And slash does amazing throughout it. A legendary song. A great up beat drumming in the very ending.

7. My Michelle - genres - hard rock / heavy metal
A pretty dark song. Creepy intro before an onslaught of heavy guitar riffs. Rhythmic drums. Chilling vocals. A sing along type chorus. One of the only songs where Slash doesn't use a Les Paul Guitar. Great bridge, very fast paced. Amazing guitar solo with Izzy and Duff doing the Rhythm section. One of the best songs on the album. A cool ending. It has great drumming.

8. Think About You - genres- Hard rock / Heavy metal
One of the fast paced songs on the album.Cool cowbell and guitar intro. Great backing vocals in verse. Quality bass. It has pretty good rhythm in the verses. Its like a montage music. Nice peaceful chorus, its got some weird noises in it. Semi good drumming, I'd prefer it be a bit louder.

9. Sweet Child O' Mine - genres - Hard rock / Heavy metal
I don't even have to say anything, the music speaks for itself. The guitar intro is purely incredible, which it is repeated many times in the song. Amazing rhythm guitar and bass in the verses. Mesmerizing vocals. Legendary chorus. Solid drumming by Steven. This is the song that made GNR into a legend. The Guitar solo is just F*&king insane - it starts out somewhere peaceful until the second part is just strait up shredding on the guitar. The rhythm section in it great. The ending is my favorite part - " Where do go now?" repeated over and over. That breakdown is actually when they were making the song, they had it almost done. But didn't know how to end it. They decided on the breakdown we all know.

10. You're Crazy - genres - heavy metal / hard rock
another fast paced one. Running song. Its got some fast drumming and guitar riffs. Great vocals. Amazing chorus, great backing vocals. Good bass lines. Great Guitar solo. Its got some nice drumming in the background. Very harmonic song, especially in the chorus. Great ending.

11. Anything Goes - genres- heavy metal / hard rock
Its kinda has a western feel. Nice intro - great drumming and guitar licks. The verses got great drumming. Their very slowish. The lyrics - sex. Fast paced chorus with backing vocals. The solo sounds a little bit different, but still good. Nice riff style bass and rhythm guitar. The ending is very fist pumping type.

12. Rocket Queen - genres- heavy metal / hard rock
Underrated song. Great bass in the intro. Amazing guitar riffs. Peaceful verses, pretty cheesy. Incredible chorus. Its very harmonic, something you can hum along to. Solid drum beat pattern. The solo is very creepy slow. Great rhythm guitar and bass in the solo. Amazing breakdown in the middle. Very catchy and rhythmic. Also heavy. The song then goes peaceful, for a while. The second solo is incredible. Almost as good as" Jungles". One of the best songs on the album. An amazing song to end it.

Track Scoring (1-5)
1- ok/ sucky
2- could be better / good ish
3- average / cool/ pretty good / one I don't mind hearing
4- damn great song
5- favorite / pure awesomeness / turn up and rock

1. Welcome to the Jungle - score - 5
2. Its So Easy - score -5
3. NightTrain- score- 5
4. Out Ta Get Me - score - 4
5. Mr. Brownstone - score - 4
6. Paradise City- score- 5
7. My Michelle - 5
8. Think About You - score-3
9. Sweet Child O' Mine - $core-5
10. You're Crazy - $core- 3
11. Anything Goes - score-3
12. Rocket Queen - score -5

Album Score ( 1-5) same as track scoring

5 is my score

One of the best Rock / metal albums of all time. Home to 3 legendary songs ( Jungle , Paradise, Sweet Child) and many Insanely great but underrated songs ( Its So Easy, NightTrain,Out Ta Get Me, Mr. Brownstone, My Michelle, Rocket Queen). This is an album that I encourage you to get if you love. Rock or metal. Even if you don't like rock or metal get it. Incredible Vocals, kick ass guitars. Solid and deep Bass and drums. Amazing album.

Rustynail out!!!


Also Slash mainly used Les Paul guitars on the album... Wonder why I have one then. Other legends like Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton use the les Paul exclusively. - RustyNail

Legendary album. Shows why Slash is THE greatest guitarist of all time. Such a shame Axl had to go and ruin the band later on. Appetite for Destruction kicks Chinese Democracy's ass! - Shake_n_Bake13

Great review. Too bad it's their only great album from start to finish. - IronSabbathPriest

Can you make a review about Slash's album Slash? - visitor