November Rain


My favorite song ever. Amazing, bodacious, perfect, sublime. Amazing voice work lyrics, beat, BEST SOLO EVER! TAKE YOUR PICK! The outro is the greatest moment in rock history in my opinion and no song could ever even come close to beating this. It will hold a special place in my heart forever as the best song of all time and the best Guns N Roses song - kevinmurphy

The most meaningful, powerful, moving and touching song of any band to date. Truly an unparalleled masterpiece. Perfect to listen to with a loved one, with friends, alone, before a big game, when you're down or in any setting really. It carries its own significance to each listener, and let's not forget the guitar solos. Mesmerizing and inspiring whether played on a guitar, piano, even a clarinet. History was made when this song came out.

Many people who think sweet child o mine is the greatest song by guns n roses have obviously never listened to this song. Yes sweet child o mine is beautiful and I love it but November rain has my vote and the number 1 song by Guns N' Roses. In my opinion, Sweet child O' Mine is just a lot more popular than November Rain.

November rain is the song that made me a fan of Guns and Roses. In my opinion this song is by far their best -the lyrics and guitar solos are much better than sweet child of mine. Guys please vote to their recent songs like street of dreams at #28 and this I love at #49 on this list. These songs deserve to be amongst the top 10.

So difficult to make a top 10 of Guns N' Roses songs. I mean even the songs like coma, so fine or dead horse a really awesome.
So why november rain? Juste because it was the first Guns N' Roses song I ever listen to when I was like 3 or 4 years old, when my father listen to the Use your Illusion Lps like 10hours a day.
The piano is amazing, Axl wright the song during 10 years or something like that and Slashs kick ass solos. Maybe the best rock ballad of all time!

Sweet child o' mine is a very special song, but November rain is even more special! Top five or three rock songs of all time
Three of many reasons:
1. The lyrics are one of the best lyrics of all time, maybe the best.
2. Slash's first solo is the most beautiful guitar solo ever made.
3. The orchestra is doing a really great job!

Not only the best song by GNR, one of the best songs ever writen... Do not just hear the song, listen to it, the lyrics, the melody, the guitar solos. The word to describe it would be "PERFECT".

This song is the best song from Use Your Illusion. While this album may not be as good as Appetite For Destruction, this song just beats the entire album. Everything from the drums, the vocals, and of course, the unforgettable solo at the end, this just contains enough material to make it one of the best songs ever made by Guns N' Roses. It sounds even better live, if you get a chance to go to one of their concerts, it's a really good choice.

You got be kidding me... its d greatest song ever... it has been created by the creator itself... best song of human history nothing can compete with it nothing...
This song still gives me chills whenever I listen to it... great music lyrics it consist of everything...
This song made Guns N' Roses immortal

This is their best song. & This is best song I ever heard. Sweet Child O' mine is good but November Rain is excellent it has good lyrics. I never got bored listening to this song again and again. This is very special song from Guns N' Roses. I loved the piano played in this song. This song is straight from Axl's heart.

This song is perfect! It goes all the way through my ears to touch my heart and sole.. Everything about this song is amazing; the piano intro, Slash's solo, Axel's voice.. Everything about it hits me, it's a unique bittersweet mix of emotions that makes the whole nine minutes remarkable.

Best thing I have ever heard in my entire life, it's like music from the heavens, puts me in a trace of amazement, the ending is beyond ridiculous, ridiculously amazing, cans describe it in words, there aren't words of value to describe this song...

sweet child o mine is a fantastic song, but its there just because its catchy VERY VERY catchy. November rain portrays a lot of emotion with that killer solo, Oh man November rain is just Guns n' roses best song.

Every second of the nine minutes of this song are beautiful. The piano, the orchestra and, specially, the guitar solos of Slash make that this song is the best song that I have listened ever.

November rain is the type of song everyone falls in love with. Such a fabulous music a legendary group a special vocal. I think it should be the first. Maybe not everyone has listened to it but it is a song that gives you the 9 minutes of your life.

It's just beautiful. Everything about it, different and special and beautiful. It's a masterpiece. Slash's solo, Axl's heartfelt lyrics and piano-playing, the fact that its 9 minutes long, the orchestra, just everything.

Perhaps one of the best songs, and I am not just talking about Guns N' Roses.. Amazing solo, awesome vocals and it gets the hair on the back of your neck standing EVERY time you listen to it..

When I listen to this song, it always makes me cry. I always imagine the clip and see the sadness and the nice meaning and I just can't hold it inside... The song is definitely the most beautiful song EVER written.

I think this is the best song of guns n roses... It's lyrics and music is just the type that shakes the heart and soothes the mind, I couldn't help but listen to it like a million times and every time I feel WOW!

In my opinion this is their best song. It have better lyrics and guitar solos than sweet child o' mine. Please listen and vote for some of their new songs like 'this I love' which is currently at #62 and 'street of dreams' which is at #28.

I think what makes it better than Sweet Child O' mine is the melodic sound, The sadness of the song that creates goosebumps... The beginning where the grand piano is played is also as good as the guitar solo at the end

The solo in this is song is perfectly paced with one of the best melodic phrases ever it brings chills down my spine and axels lyrics and vocals are so good synced with the rest of their band this is easily one of their best songs

I'm not surprised to see Sweet Child O Mine at one. It's a good song sure, and it's in my top five for sure, but it doesn't have the same impact that November Rain just shoves into your face. The music video made me tear up and so does the song itself, it's such a beautiful song. One of the best love songs, and of course, one of the best songs of all time. - MontyPython

"I know that you can't love me, when there's no one left to blame... " I adore this song... Here in my town there's a bar that has a rockolla? And I always play this song whenever we're there.

Simply the best, epic song. Great solos from Slash, 9 minutes that look like 3 minutes, a symphony itself with all the instruments that are added, a masterpiece that Axl was thinking about for years.