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21 Used to Love Her

This song is so cleverly written and fun to listen to. I love the stark contrast from the dark lyrics to the breezy, fun (almost relaxing) tone of the music itself.

Funny song when you don't take it seriously like I did when I first listened to it and was like, "What is this?! " Kinda the song you wanna dedicate to your girlfriend sometimes.

Only 22nd? Come on guys rate that fabulous song!

My favorite!

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22 Breakdown

The most underappreciated of their great "epic" songs, and by far the most cryptic. A seven-minute tour de force of beauty and carnage, euphoria and collapse. Axl's singing was never more impassioned or more moving than on the verses.

After taking a five year hiatus from Guns N' Roses, this song became my favorite. I always liked it, but as I got older, I appreciated how great it is. Should've definitely been more popular than it is.

One of the most underrated songs ever. This should be in the top ten, at least.

Yep, this one is so underrated alright. Makes me Breakdown ( let me hear it now)

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23 Better

How is this amazing song not any higher I was expecting this song to be in the top ten at least but it's so low, seriously this song is awesome, I have a brother who hates guns n roses ( he's an idiot ) any way I showed him this song and he LOVED IT

One of their best songs. I just can't stop listening to it! Axl Rose again is incredible. Well, I can say all of them are just unstoppable.

Great song, stacks up well with their classics both in terms of lyrics and musicianship.

Best song on an album full of bad songs. This is one of the best.

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24 Locomotive (Complicity)

This song is so cool, sort of funk metal kind of thing which works so well in this song. Definitely a top 5 off of UYI II

This song is slightly underrated but I think it was one of the best from the illusions

This is one of the best songs I have ever heard

Locomotive has unbelivable guitar and vocals arrangements (axl sung three octaves in most of the song) and the best outro ever.

25 Since I Don't Have You

What is this song doing on 20th position. It deserves better! The riffs in this song also the amazing vocals! Damn! They're awesome!

Great song! It should be in top 10.

Great take on a classic song! Slash's solo is insane! All in all, it's a great song you can't take off repeat!

I thought I would find it in the top 3

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26 Out Ta Get Me

Out ta Get Me and Nightrain were there most underrated songs! Sweet Child O' Mine was good but extremely overrated. November Rain was overrated, I thought it sucked to begin with!

One of the best songs of them, it�'s not the best but should be definitely in the top ten!

This Is One of their most underrated songs, along with Nightrain. - Disturbedpotato

My top ten would look like this
1. Nightrain
2. Out ta Get Me
3. Welcome to the Jungle
4. Paradise City
5. Mr. Brownstone
6. It's so Easy
7. Sweet Child O' Mine
8. My Michelle
9. Rocket Queen
10. Estranged

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27 Garden of Eden

Straight up bad ass rock n roll! Not nearly their most popular song but it has always been my favorite. Great song to get you pumped up!

Axl's vocals are amazing and it's not an easy task to sing that way and reach those notes and change keys that quickly

The Four Horsemen sounds like this.

THIS SONG IS SO UNDERRATED! One of my favorites for sure. Pure Rock n' Roll!

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28 14 Years

14 Years was written and performed by the great Izzy Stradlin, I personally think he carried the blues and soul of Guns N Roses. All the songs he composed were the reason why Guns N' Roses existed in the first place. Sad to say but when Izzy left after finishing Illusions 1 and 2, this is where Guns N' Roses started to lose its place..

Its been 14 years of silence its been 14 years of pain its been 14 years that are gone forever and I'll never have again

This song should be higher in the list. Great vocals from Stradlin, a very catchy and sweet song.

Amazing song

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29 Street of Dreams

If this song was made with the original lineup, everybody would have it in their top 10. I wish all the Axl haters would give Chinese Democracy a chance so they can discover killer tracks like this one.

I find this song a little bit basic and kind of a transition through the songs before and after it on Democracy. Nice song, but not my favorite.

Best romantic song ever made by Axl Rose and his comrades.

Amazing song and so underrated.

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30 Don't Cry (Alternate Lyrics)

Sad, and kind of disappointing that they chose to put it with Don't Cry's chores, the songs are completely different.

This version is so much better than the original.

Guys this is the best song ever

The power of both versions is balanced. - Jaroslav-Lokomotíva

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31 Back Off Bitch

This song is very underrated! The intro is so cool! On par with welcome to the jungle in my opinion

SONG rocks! This is rock n roll. I've thought of my ex's more than once while listening to this song.

32 Don't Cry

Just fantastic. One of the timeless Guns n Roses songs that you could listen to 24/7

33 Sorry

One of the new Guns N' Roses songs pretty good for the new song

A bit boring, but well written.

34 You're Crazy

Fast and raw, that's real rock

so good

35 Dead Horse

This song is a classic. Should be part of obligatory literature in schools

Sick of this life, not that you'd care, I'm not the only one with whome this feelings I shared...
Superb lyrics, great song which deserves to be higher that this poor 54th place :/:/

This one should be a lot higher. At least in top 15.

This The Best Song...

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36 I.R.S.

Very catchy, the vocals kind of get to you and you have to use the lyric sheet to see what he's saying.

I can't believe how long this song is. I suppose some gunners are just in complete denial and won't bother to give Chinese a chance. Just remember it happened with UYI as well. I'm still wrapping my head around that bad boy!

Another killer song from Chinese Democracy. When this song was leaked, I realized that C.D. was gonna be a legit Guns N' Roses album.

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37 So Fine

Wonderful song, must be inserted in top 10 absolutely!
Great vocal duet Axl - Duff
Great melodic solo by Slash


Excelent song should be way up

38 Down on the Farm

Agreed, a brilliant cover. Axl almost sings it with a British accent.

Great guitar - Hrvoje

39 Prostitute

Ask yourself why I should choose
To prostitute myself
To live with fortune and shame.

Guess that one was to Slash

I'm a great Guns N' Roses fan, and this one is a hidden treasure.

Best song on Chinese Democracy and top 5 Guns N' Roses song in my opinion.

Haha, 69th place + song title

40 Move to the City

Admit it people this song ain't a single but it deserves number 1, a 1986 classic.

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