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41 Cat's in the Cradle

This is not a song by Guns N Roses. Performers of this song are Ugly Kid Joe.

42 Dust N' Bones

People, really? The songs on the Illusion albums that star Izzy as the lead singer are some of the best songs on the albums. Why isn't this higher?

I love this song.

The beginning is quite cool.

Cool song! very stonesish

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43 Madagascar


This is a great song. Definitely one of the best songs ever written by Guns N' Roses. It's a pity that people disregarded it.

44 The Garden

Listen to the lyrics, read them, and then watch the video. While their other songs have been my favorites over the years, now that I am older and better understand the world at large, and see what has come to pass in my generation, and seen the the progression of each member of the band before and since then, I've realized the caution of this song.

In my opinion it is one of the most honest songs Guns N' Roses ever created, whether or not they knew it at the time. Combine that honesty with the aggressive but beautiful melody, throw in menacing Alice Cooper (who I have never known to collaborate on lame projects) to counter Axl's (soothing! ) tones, and all becomes clear. I don't know any other song that demonstrates such duality, such "A Crazy Man's Utopia" that didn't send a mixed message, in the "The Garden" the message becomes clear.

Such is the genius of this song.

I am sure you will disagree... In response I quote the song: "If you're lost no one can show ...more

I had no idea this was Alice Cooper singing! Cool song, but the guitar solos start to bore me after a while. The fade out I didn't like either. Lyrics and vocals are great though. It should be higher on the list for sure.

Good lyrics featuring alice cooper. Heavy guitar solo in the middle. Love it.

Most underrated songs of all

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45 You Ain't the First

I love this song, so underrated and from the moment duff counts the song in you know its gonna be a classic. Amazing acoustic guitars, maybe not as good as sweet child or paradise city but should be much much higher up

To The Bar! Love it!

love it

46 Perfect Crime

What? This should be on top 20, at least! Very, very underrated song.

Perfect crime gives you wings

47 Shotgun Blues

Great song and really underrated!

48 Right Next Door to Hell

The composition of For Whom The Bell Tolls found itself on this song and Welcome To The Jungle

ROCKING AWESOME SONG! This really should be higher.

0:00-0:05 sounds like "The God That Failed".

Straight up, badass rock n roll! Killer riff and overall killer song!

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49 It's Alright

Live Era, can't believe its not on there, I practically cried in this song. Truly the best.

50 Human Being

Why are you voting only the most known songs? Many people have forgotten about The spaghetti incident? Its totally different, but it rocks and should be in top 10

Such an underrated song from such and underrated album - GuyInANateGrinder

I really do like this song.

51 Attitude
52 Catcher In the Rye

So underrated. Should be way higher up. Great lyrics, great melody. And I love the book too.

My favorite song from Chinese Democracy. The highlight of this tune is the last minute and a half. This song is right there with the old Guns n Roses tracks. Killer, killer song!

53 The Godfather Theme

Slash play this on concert,
Cool solo

Its one of the best instrumentals I've ever heard... Its deserves a spot in top 15.

54 I Don't Care About You/Look at Your Game
55 Mama Kin V 1 Comment
56 Bad Apples

Funkish pop, not really rock. Disappointing. Probably my least favorite song on the album.

When it hit the fan!
Love this song!

LIT SONG! - rizzo824

57 You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
58 Don't Damn Me

Best guns n roses song. It has the best lyrics of any of their songs. This should definitely be in the top ten. Along with sweet child, welcome to the jungle, and paradise city and some other great songs. Don't damn me is the best song off use your illusion 1.

This is my favourite song! It speaks on human emotions. You would have to be stupid not to like this song. Everyone can take something from this song. Definitely one of the best songs Guns N' Roses have done, including the "New" band.

This song in my opinion is the greatest guns and roses song ever made. I think the lyrics are the greatest song lyrics I have ever heard in a song.

I love the message in this song. Songwriters must have been gods.

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59 Chinese Democracy

Love love love this song should be much much higher up the list great guitar solo great singing guitar bass and drumming - mneilan

Love this song please vote this one up should be number 11 amazing guitar solo bass drum and singing

Should be Number 11 a great new song very good guitar and drum opening love the singing this album took 14 years to make

This is ok but better the my world - Leofeldman91

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60 This I Love

This is for Axl Rose's haters. You guys hate the man who formed this band. Of course Slash cannot be replaced but see what a good job Buckethead and the other guy are doing. Moving on, this song is brilliant and Axl has still got it in him to pump out touching songs. Their new album is not Appetite for Destruction for sure, but it has got a lot in it to pump you up if you guys would just stop thinking about the past! Please listen to this and Shackler's Revenge, Better and a few more songs and you'll realize that G'N'R are still very good! - ben10kenobi

It will make you cry, if you were denied by your first love!

the best from the new album (chinese democracy) - the solo is simply passionate

İ expected it to be in top 20! Why so low! Solo.. lyrics.. axl's voice destroy.!

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