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41 Down on the Farm

Agreed, a brilliant cover. Axl almost sings it with a British accent.

Great guitar - Hrvoje

42 Prostitute

Ask yourself why I should choose
To prostitute myself
To live with fortune and shame.

Guess that one was to Slash

I'm a great Guns N' Roses fan, and this one is a hidden treasure.

Best song on Chinese Democracy and top 5 Guns N' Roses song in my opinion.

Haha, 69th place + song title

43 Think About You

There are so many awesome songs on the first record, but for me this was always the favorite. Straight rock vibe, great chorus, incredible outro. This was really the best summary of the band for me, more so than their hit songs.

How is this so low, at least top 10 worthy.

Why is this so low? This is my second-favorite song on appetite, right behind 'Rocket Queen'. This should be in the top ten, at least.

Best underrated Guns N' Roses song

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44 Move to the City

Admit it people this song ain't a single but it deserves number 1, a 1986 classic.

45 Cat's in the Cradle

This is not a song by Guns N Roses. Performers of this song are Ugly Kid Joe.

46 Better

How is this amazing song not any higher I was expecting this song to be in the top ten at least but it's so low, seriously this song is awesome, I have a brother who hates guns n roses ( he's an idiot ) any way I showed him this song and he LOVED IT

One of their best songs. I just can't stop listening to it! Axl Rose again is incredible. Well, I can say all of them are just unstoppable.

Great song, stacks up well with their classics both in terms of lyrics and musicianship.

This song should be in top 12

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47 Madagascar


This is a great song. Definitely one of the best songs ever written by Guns N' Roses. It's a pity that people disregarded it.

48 Dust N' Bones

People, really? The songs on the Illusion albums that star Izzy as the lead singer are some of the best songs on the albums. Why isn't this higher?

This is my favorite Guns N' Roses song ever! Izzy's vocals are amazing here and so are axl's mindblowing backing vocals, and the the music is incredible it makes you move your body without realizing it

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49 Perfect Crime

What? This should be on top 20, at least! Very, very underrated song.

Perfect crime gives you wings

50 It's Alright

Live Era, can't believe its not on there, I practically cried in this song. Truly the best.

51 Shotgun Blues

Great song and really underrated!

52 Right Next Door to Hell

The composition of For Whom The Bell Tolls found itself on this song and Welcome To The Jungle

ROCKING AWESOME SONG! This really should be higher.

0:00-0:05 sounds like "The God That Failed".

Straight up, badass rock n roll! Killer riff and overall killer song!

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53 Human Being

Why are you voting only the most known songs? Many people have forgotten about The spaghetti incident? Its totally different, but it rocks and should be in top 10

Such an underrated song from such and underrated album - GuyInANateGrinder

I really do like this song.

54 Catcher In the Rye

So underrated. Should be way higher up. Great lyrics, great melody. And I love the book too.

My favorite song from Chinese Democracy. The highlight of this tune is the last minute and a half. This song is right there with the old Guns n Roses tracks. Killer, killer song!

55 The Godfather Theme

Slash play this on concert,
Cool solo

Its one of the best instrumentals I've ever heard... Its deserves a spot in top 15.

56 I Don't Care About You/Look at Your Game
57 Mama Kin V 1 Comment
58 If the World

First time I heard this song was from the movie Blood Diamond. I thought that had to be Guns N' Roses... Even though it was such a different sound from what I was used to. Awesome groove! Too many fans didn't give Chinese Democracy a chance--and that's too bad because they're missing out on killer songs like this one.

59 Reckless Life
60 Bad Apples

Funkish pop, not really rock. Disappointing. Probably my least favorite song on the album.

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