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61 Bad Apples Bad Apples

Funkish pop, not really rock. Disappointing. Probably my least favorite song on the album.

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62 Oh My God
63 Nice Boys Nice Boys
64 Raw Power Raw Power
65 New Rose New Rose
66 Ain't It Fun Ain't It Fun

Awesome intro though it's a covered song.. Still Guns N' Roses rocks this one.. This doesn't have the quality of sweet child of mine or november rain but it still had slash rocking in the guitar.. Good One..!

This song is on the Greatest Hits album for a reason. It's bloody amazing. SUCH FUN

Yes, it's a cover song but that is so good. Isn't?

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67 Get In the Ring Get In the Ring

Those lyrics and that sweet charisma that Slash plays with brings a smile to my face anytime.

66th?! Song rocks from start to finish and displays entire Guns N' Roses repertoire of incredible rhythm, power chords, guitar solos and, most of all, in-your-face-attitude.

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68 Double Talkin' Jive Double Talkin' Jive

I love that song should be way higher, when SLASH plays it on live... I mean... one of his best live solo

I don;t know which song would be the best, but this is definitely one of them.

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69 Anything Goes Anything Goes

Great! I could listen to it 200 times!

Can't describe it any better.

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70 Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog V 1 Comment
71 Riad N' the Bedouins Riad N' the Bedouins

So violent and raw, it's great

72 There Was a Time There Was a Time

Chinese's answer to November Rain or Estranged.. And in my view, just as good :D Axl is a genius

Excellent tune... One of the best from Chinese Democracy. If Guns N' Roses had another greatest hits album, this song should be included.

The solos are amazing, Axl's screeching vocals with the perfect blend. The perfect song on Chinese Democracy! - ben10kenobi

73?! What the hell

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73 My World My World

This song was a mistake. I believe Axl wanted to show us a window into his life. If this is his world, then I feel bad for him, cus it can't be worse than this "song"

I think "My World" was actually intended to wrap-up Use Your Illusion II instead of being intended as a real song, but after the classic GN'R lineup seperated, this song was remixed with some mean, mind blowing, and mentally unstable guitar from Slash's replacement guitarist at the time, Buckethead. I normally don't care for remixed versions of songs, but I think Buckethead saved My World and made it better as a song.

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74 Chinese Democracy Chinese Democracy

Love love love this song should be much much higher up the list great guitar solo great singing guitar bass and drumming - mneilan

Love this song please vote this one up should be number 11 amazing guitar solo bass drum and singing

Should be Number 11 a great new song very good guitar and drum opening love the singing this album took 14 years to make

Exactly Totally agree... This awesome song should be number 11. I don't Understand these fans... really.

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