Best Guns In Pixel Gun 3D

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1 Laser Minigun

Yeah the laser minigun is so OP! It has LOTS of ammo stored in the weapon I have it and ever since I've killed and won every single match! Dragon breath is also good but laser minigun in WAY BETTER you should get it if You're saving up gems (although it is pretty impossible to purchase it its 375 gems)

Seriously? I have a kill rate of 1.45 and with a better weapon I can get it up to at least a kill rate of 3.

Great gun but shouldn't be heavy

Very good if you are ganged up

2 Prototype Up2

This gun is a miracle

Very good for,snipe long distance

It is so good you need it


3 Automatic Peacemaker UP2

This thing sucks

What do you mean by UP2

It is so awesome

If you are the guy who wants to go in the action and mow players down, this is the weapon for you. The only weapon worthy enough to counter a laser minigun user, this is it. With the ability to mow down players as if you were holding an actual death machine in your hands, and the insane amount of bullets, this is the ultimate mow down people weapon. However, the mobility and reload time really makes the weapon not too nice. Also, the price is guide good, considering it costs coins and 85 gems for the up2 version... So if you don't have gems for laser minigun, get this!

4 Hellraiser Up2

Hell raiser is probably the best because it has a scope ⎌and causes quick death

Super cool design

Best attack

I have it and it's so op

5 Dragon Breath

A really good gun in my opinion

I like dragons and lazers

I have one ded mousse

Yeah I was about to buy that one but do you know that Dual laser blaster has more damage at first and you buy it?

6 Excalibur

This weapon is so Op. It took me out in 2.5 seconds! Only Christmas Ultimatum can beat it.

Only a upgraded version of a.peace

Leader Clan's best weapon

Its insane

7 Crystal Fast Death

I have the crystal laser cannon it awesome though I think devastator is better



This is the first OP gun I got. It's very cheap considering how good it is. If you focus on buffs for back up weapons and have great accuracy to get every shot on your enemy, you get some very fast kills. The crystal fast death/fast death up 2 is an almost perfect gun. All you need after this amazing gun is the best armour you can get for your level.

8 Anti-Hero Rifle

Eh... Anti-Champion Rifle is better - BigFatNoob

What about the champion version?

I like anti champion better

I see is one shoot e

9 Anti-Gravity Gun

This is the best gun ever! It's so OP!

They buffed it or something! I do more damage then my deadly beat! I get about 20-25 kills a match with ONLY this. It can 2 shot anyone in adamite league!

Great gun for survival or campaign. On multiplayer, its low rate of fire makes it not do as well, but it is good for getting out of a sticky situation due to its push effect. Its good for getting to parts of the map you can't normally go, and if you are having trouble with a prototype user, this will throw off his aim and give you the chance to take him out. As long as you have a good primary and premium weapon along with it, you can use this gun without having to worry about taking out other players

It has a very wide area damage and its 170 coins to buy. Not that strong you take 5-7 damage from that but upgrade to up1 it's 135 coins, it's l a little stronger (11-13 damage) then up2 it's 30% sale but it's 95 gems and it's literally stronger. You can 1 shot a player with 20-21 health points it's has super wide area damage effects on and the best premium area damage weapon with the highest of 9 rounds. I tell you it's really strong. I have a up1 but I play very good with it.

10 Anime Scythe

I like it because it is mythical

One-shot kill

Don't have it but my other account it was OP I kill 5 people in 2 shots

I agreed

The Contenders

11 Prototype

It is so op that I got 50 kills in pool party

Because its one shot headshot

This gun is to op

If you are more comfortable with a sniper play style. This is the gun for you!

This is a very powerful gun. The only issue is it's capacity of four and it's reload time, which is usually not an issue if you're a sniper.

12 Freeze Ray Up1

This is like a downgraded version of the dragon breath. You compensate power for a scope baskcally. This is my primary weapon. Players with gold armor and below don't stand a chance. Diamond and ruby armored players take half a second quicker to kill. But if you are good with maneuvering the player to dodge the shots, you can get an easy kill. Highly recommend this gun.

Remember when is said I hate this gun I take that back this is a really good gun but it doesn't hit the target when you aim it at them

Op basically solar ray rifle but slows target and more powerful better than dragon breath in my opinion

Pixel gun should make an update for new gun and for freeze ray to have a scope that will be better

13 Anti-Gravity Blaster Up2

1 hit kill!
Just friken buy it, got a fury at rank 37

Awesome sauce!

14 Alien Gun


What a bad weapon! I used this weapon and I got killed 12 times in deathmatch. But the good thing is that it's FREE.

The Alien Gun is THE WORST GUN! I had this gun on Deadly Games and I got killed by someone with the Pixel Gun and I'm experienced.

This is a terrible gun but yes it is FREE

15 Apocalypse Up1

It may be slow on reloading but if u upgrade it into level 3 it's totally worth it cause I'm now level 22 and it my armor is complete I'm just waiting till I reach level 27so I can upgrade it and it can still kill me with one shot

Apocalypse Up3 I would say is better than the laser gun.

Along with the mask, hat and cape which increase mobility it works perfect.

I have it max level and it is really good 1 shot kill

16 Amanita

This is my favorite gun it can easyily beat a fast death and almost any other player in miniscule time. It is very versitile and has good gameplay anywhere

17 Fire Demon Up1

Fire demon Up1 is one of the best melee weapons. I recommend everyone to use it under levels 22, because soon everyone will use armor and it might have difficulties killing people.

This is awesome! Best melee weapon ever - no one ever stands a chance against me when I use this! Fire Demon = I AM INVINCIBLE!

I think that if you upgrade a fire orb to up 3 that will be the op weapon because area damage and also burns the opponent

...Sucks that rilisoft decided to add a broken hammer as the best melee. I would not try convincing them to remove storm hammer seeing as they red flag you on Facebook when you say so. (No bad or offensive material was said) Maybe they are die hard marvel fans. Wait, then why did they remove state defender...

18 Solar Power Cannon


Its op, I upgraded it and now it is a one shot

So power ful but the champion solar more powerful


19 Alien Blaster Up2

Alien blaster is like the thunderer but with ricochet

This is op as heck. Well the downfall of it is the fire rate. This gun can 1 shot or 2 shot a player with adamant up2. And what else? It can ricochet meaning the bullet can bounce around. It is also a laser. The laser instantly go's for the target in 0 seconds

This is more to an alternative to the exterminator. It shoots faster, but doesn't shoot through walls. However it is a ricochet, so the bullet bounces through the map walls.. Imagine using it in cargo...

This is the most underrated op gun in pixel gun.
It is a ONE SHOT KILL TO THE HEAD to an adamant armored Up2 player, making it stronger than the prototype with a 25 lethality. It also bounces off walls, which is cool. I think this is one of the best guns in the game.

20 Golden Laser Cannon

"golden redstone cannon"

I'm Saying It's the crystal laser cannon the new version of this gun its basically the automatic peace maker but you can move FAST this gun is super fast and can real face VOTE this gun!

When pixelgun first came out, This was the first gun I got and I DESTROYED EVERYONE! I highly recommend this gun. It is the fastest shooting gun in the game! The only bad thing is that it's very expensive but it is so worth it! Better than laser minigun and automatic peace maker! With this gun, you can't be touched. Kills in at most 5 secs. Cost totally worth...

It is trash

21 Flaming Volcano

I like this gun cause it is like the pet dragon

Good gun if you're at a certain range

This gun is great

Can kill ruby faster than dragonsbreath

22 AK-48 Up2

Bad gun

I have dis it is so damn good

This is gun has slower fire rate so you don't run out of ammo quickly. Pretty sick. Even the design is awesome!

I had storm trooper cape up2 no boots and I got this and I have had a great time with it rating 9.4/10

23 Golden Friend

Some how I got it and I love it

It is op

Well its pretty cool
if you are level 55

I got it before the lucky chest balance update which turn weapons to parts

24 Dual Machine Guns Up2

Does tons of damage and is the best when it comes to small maps like pool party. A big downside is that their accuracy sucks from far away so if you are in a tiny room taking on someone the dual machine guns will shred the enemy!

The Dual Machine Up2 guns are too OP, it got tons of ammo. Works great with the laser bouncer.

Way too good, I Recommend these best for team battles.

Seriously, although, I admit their accuracy from far away is not the best, that's not what they're meant for, at close range they're beast. They've got 80 capacity and that's more than I can say for any of the other backups or primary's for that matter except for the peacemaker

25 Big Buddy

This weapon is a one shot but you have to be 100 percent accurate. Because the fire rated is super slow.

So good 51 kills in pool party

My favorite heavy gun when level 65

Coolest gun ever

26 Ghost Lantern

I killed a boss in raid by one shot of the ghost lantern

If your pass ruby league the ghost lantern suck. its just a 5 shot kill and it REALLY SUCKS

When you scope in and just see that dreaded ghost filling up your screen - fwed

It's lit I got it yesterday one shot kill its op you all have too get it

27 Secret Force Rifle

It's a secret

Too op it is tons of kills garenteed

This gun is great! I killed 14 people with it in D-Day +its silent

Very good gun! Very OP. The 50 ammo before reload is great. And the reload is very fast.

28 Crystal Laser Cannon

Crystal deadly

Basically the secret forces rifle but wastes amo really fast. - BigFatNoob

Not really worth it for its huge price, but still pretty good

The fire rate for this gun is insane I can't upgrade it to mythical because I don't spend money but still at effencensy level 44 this gun is op

29 Automatic Peacemaker M1/M2

If you like being down in the center of the fight, where all the action is at, this is the gun for you! This gun is especially good if you prefer playing with heavy weapons.

It has a very fast fire rate (10) and a clip of 150 bullets. Although, in terms of damage, it's weak (half a health point of damage); as well as having low mobility. But the rate of fire makes up for the damage.

If you are a player that prefers burst fire, this is not the gun for you. The gun's rate of fire and clip size is meant for holding the 'fire' button and tearing the enemy apart. (If you are concerned about conserving ammo, well placed headshots will do double damage and save you bullets. )

Fast and has a lot of ammo capacity but it's downfall is in its accuracy. Don't use it in wide open maps like ants life because with is accuracy it will only hit one in five times. If any primary I reccomend the marksman M2. Thanks for taking the time to read my article

Good gun, But I would still recommend the icicle minigun because unlike the laser minigun and this, the crosshairs don't get bigger.

If you upgrade this gun to the up2 version and wear the storm trooper cape you are literally too OP

30 Frozen Dragon

Best close range highly recommend

Da best for close range YEEET!

It's only better when it's up close and it takes 3 seconds to kill and it's trash - BigFatNoob

It is very good weapon I would buy it

its good

31 Neon Fighter

Can kill people in like 15 shots

32 Deadly Candy

In my opinion, the best primary weapon is the Deadly Candy. It only holds 3 ammo at a time but does a massive amount of damage. You should definitely buy this weapon of close ranged death.

It was removed why bother if your stupid enough to update pixel gun.

This gun is fast and you should get it when you have enough coins.

33 Deadly Beat

Super o.p recomended, expierienced

34 Rocket Launcher

It's basically the apocalypse but even more damage


It is good bitc he's

35 AK-48 M3

This gun has a 6 damage

This also has 40 ammo also the same with Rambo's rifle

And for my opinion it's the best looking gun

It looks way better than alll the other guns.It is a must buy!

36 Stakegun

The bleeding is annoying when after you die you get revenge

I have it it is very good on ranks30

37 Laser Bouncer

Rochit makes it too op

So op

Ultimate one shot, one kill

This weapon is great in small maps because even if you miss you still have a good chance of hitting them with the ricochet

38 Laser Crossbow

1 shot if upgrade to mythical also wallbreak

Why do people say that it can't go through walls because it can go through walls. I've used it and it is an amazing weapon because it is very discrete, the prototype and anti hero are very traceable (that means you have to use it and then move to make sure you don't die) The laser crossbow is a good weapon in the right hands because if someone that doesn't know that you have to use this like a mid-ranged weapon would die. If you like to use far ranged weapons with lots of damage go with the prototype or antihero but if you want to use a gun that is a good for mid ranged and a little far ranged then go with this one. But, even though I say that it is a mid ranged weapon it can still be used effectively in far ranged with a little bit of concentration.

There was a time when I started playing and this gun was a one shot weapon, better than anti - hero cause of reload time, then they introduce anti champion and all that and nerf the old guns to the point where they are crap. I guarantee, use UP1 laser crossbow, headshot a zombie, it won't die. I USED 115 GEMS FOR THE THING I WANT MY GEMS BACK LIKE WHAT THE F - fwed

The best sniper

39 Freeze Ray

It is the slow down opponents, so good

Right now they corrected it to freeze ray rifle I have the up1 - herobrine_2288

I like all the guns in pixel gun 3D I wish a cloaks have this gun too

It's better than dragon breath has more ammo and it has a scope

40 Plasma Releaser

If you want a cool looking gun with a good fire rate and area damage, the plasma releaser is definitely the gun to go for. Although the capticity is only 15, it does enough damage that you don't need to worry about that.

The guns really cool it's like a backup weapon version of the anti gravity blaster and its strong with 4x zoom I recommended this gun for your backup trust me

It is the sparkly blaster up3 lol. The way it performs is similar

This is an awesome weapon rocket jump in backup 100% awesome

41 Assault Machine Gun

hi bye

Shreds noobs and kids who try to shoot me ass

I have the assault machine gun up2 and it is so op, it holds 150 rounds has high damage a scope and pretty good mobility I definitely recommend this gun

Has a scope for taking out snipers and good fire rate as well as the ammunition in the magazine

42 Pet Dragon

Nice, does a but load of damage, and has really good ammo with a fast reload speed. Absolutely awesome!

High Voltage? Flaming Volcano? Gas Launcher? Screw them all! This weapon has a lot of capacity and deals a lot of damage with its burning effect! It also costs the least out of the three guns...

Excellent special, rate of fire is insane, also, it's cute!

It is so godly trust me if you strafe around for like two seconds then they are dead

43 Marksman

Was good, not anymore. There was a time where I shredded through players with the thing, now it can't beat a zombie with the full mag. - fwed

I have it and I'm 15 and a noob noob and I just used 10 bullets to kill a pet and a player. AMAZING. Not good in higher levels unless you upgrade it

Super accurate

This is the best gun I have ever had at a efficiency of 22, better than the hellraiser, which is efficiency 21. It also is better than peacemaker. Has a weight that is 5 so you will move very fast. Like crazy fast. Has a shoots very very fast and has ammo of 40. It also has 4 times scope and this gun should be at least on the top ten on the best gun on pixel gun 3D

44 Big Buddy Up2

One shot and area damage most op heavy

Big boom

Utter destruction completely. All out death. Kill everything with this bad boy!

This thing is 2 shot kill on any armor and how is it so low on the list

45 Toy Bomber Up2

Toy bomber is good but adamant toy bomber gets me 37 kills a game. No kidding.

I have it and in two to three shot your enemy is dead this should be third or at least fifth

Love this gun! I get 20+ kills from camping on toy factory map. Definitely my favorite! Love the two shot kills

This weapon's bounce helps in many situations, and this gun is the master of the coliseum!

46 Dead Star

1shot and area damage

If people are piled up in 1 place, it is the best gun to do the job. It's my number 1 favourite gun. My 2nd favourite is my dragon and my smart bullet bazooka so buy those too. I know its 190 coins so its pretty expensive but its cheap to be honest.

Just spam it next to people. Its super good. When u hit someone, it will one hit kill, most of the time. However, it only has 5 bullets in each magazine so you reload a lot. Its not that effective against heavily armored players.

It's a good gun it's high damage and really good and plus area damage

47 Vacuumizer

As good as laser minigun

U press firebutton and user everyone's dead it's like laser king in and dual laser pistol combines when u get max level

Even though the laser minigun is better but it is only better by a little tiny bit.

It's just any other laser type gun, just that it need more ammo capacity.

48 Dual-Cyro Pistols

Best backup honestly

You know how every singe homing missile weapons in this game (perhaps apart from the bee- swarm spell) are broken pieces of crap? Well at least these weapons' bullets travel quite slowly right? No no no no, we were wrong, the bullets from this weapon travel excessively quickly like any other pistols. This means that it is practically impossible to dodge the bullets from this weapon, oh and by the way di I forget to mention the fact that this weapon slows you down? - friday1365

Honestly there broken and it needs to be balanced.

Damn the best

49 Head Hunter

If you can get head shots then this gun is OP. If you hit the body then it still deals alright damage. This was my sniper until the no armored helmets update. After the update I changed it for the poison hunter up 1.

Good when headshot because it can instant kill, but when hit on body, the chance of kill is low

Sometimes when you don't hit someone in the head with this it has a low chance to not kill them

Awesome gun for snipers. Only 105 coins. Mag of 7. But it's range is about a hundred blocks.

50 Hellraiser


ITs just so good

One if the best weapons in the game, very powerful

Good gun looks sick at level 2 it's so op

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