Laser Minigun


I have this weapon and I rather have dragon breath up1. Or even the solar power cannon up2. I would have the solar power cannon up2 for great area damage. And I would have the dragon breath up1 because its similar but way better then the laser minigun. The legit lethality for the laser minigun should be from 19-21 and dragon breath up1 lethality should be from 27-29

Now I found it out very good at first I thought it's terrible but now I know that people are using it wrong like using it faraway is a bad idea it has no scope and and I win like every game using it close range so try to trap them in a corner then bring it out and start shooting best map using it is at pool party (team fight and death match)

Guys this gun is AMAZING! I know people say that it is not worth it, but it definitely is; it is 210 gems on the weekend sales. You have to get to level 22 first though. Still, this thing shoots fast and it MOWS people down. The prototype up2 is good, but this shoots almost as powerful beams way faster. It is definitely the best gun out there.

Okay, this gun cannot be upgraded, therefore, it is not as powerful as an upgraded prototype but I would much rather have this gun than the prototype because of the fire rate and hoe much ammo is stored. The lethality is still strong enough to be highly effective. It does take some getting used to though. I rate 10/10 OP gun!

It has tons of ammo and it also has some great fire rate and damage. The only downside is that the reload takes way too long and that's usually when you get killed. The gameplay on the mini gun is real smooth and is the mobility is also okay too. My tips are that don't use this weapon for stealth as it gives away your position and always straf and move around to avoid being shot during reloads.

Though it does cost 210 gems ( on sale ) it is so worth it I have it and you can completely tear people to shreds with it it also has wall break which means its almost impossible for enemies to hide and it has high fire rate it this my favorite weapon alongside the vacuumizer and the assault machine gun up2 the laser minigun is a great weapon if you want to kick some ass

It performs extremely well in terms of assault and stuff, HOWEVER it lacks several things. At long ranges, this weapon is utterly useless. Also, when caught reloading, you don't have the fast speed and fast reload speed required to escape... On med range maps, it is unstoppable though...

Now this is what you call a is a full auto with a good capacity to balance the fire rate and the DAMAGE is beastly. It takes out wood armor in just 3 hits. If you are the type of person who sprays into action and down everyone with an iron fist, this is the gun for you! Seriously, this thing can mow down groups of other players within seconds!

It costs a lot but it shoots through walls and is a mini gun so I just sit behind the throne in two castles and kill anyone who gets near me, but it sucks when you try to get snipers so please use the shooting through walls thing to kill people

It is amazing gun it has 4 or 5 prototype lasers it shoots hipper speed and kills the same and has 75 capacity check exotics review it is I think 300 gems but it's worth it

I Agree with the list except I think you missed some guns like the ghost lantern, storm hammer, anti hero rifle, secret forces rifle, and the dual hawks/ dual laser blasters.

Love this gun but ghost lantern is better even its slow the mobility is good for a minimum though and it's pretty op worth the money but ghost lantern one shot ruby so ya

It is the best gun and when I use it I get over 20 kills and for a little bit I thought the Mega Gun was better bun then, when I got the laser minigun, I was like "Game on baby."

Lazer minigun is the most op in the game! It's better than the champion solar power Canon. I use it in duels and I never lost a single duel!

The laser mini gun is epic! It is like the prototype up2 but trapped fire. If this gun had Upgrades it would be insane! The people I see with laser mini guns have ruby armour up2. It costs a lot but it is worth it.

This gun is good but the accuracy is horrible. I like it but the piranha is way better. I win ever time with it. It is around 400 coins and has multiple shots

This gun is OP people die right away when they get hit by one shot! Plus it has so many ammo stored in the weapon, but it kind of cost a lot. It costs 297 gems.

Laser mini gun? I have never heard of this but I am guessing it is really good if it was number one! I was guessing prototype would be number one best gun in pixel gun!

Way better than any gun in the game by far I mean it's a mini gun that has great damage that shoots through wall what more can you ask for?

The laser minigun is by far the best weapon in the game it is like the prototype mixed with the dragon breath

Since I bought it I have won every game. But you have to save up your gems to buy this single weapon because it is 375 gems, very expensive! But you wont regret buying it afterwards because it's such a good weapon to use in all sorts of game-modes or maps. the best map in my opinion is silent school or paradise resort or any medium sized map

Wow when I got it I was smashing a guy with dragon breath for 10 round and he didn't kill me its is so OP

This gin is so Op the only gun that can stand up to it is the automatic peacemaker. This means it is basically OP as heck

I have to say, this gun is a monster in close ranges. Also the ammo is good for a not so fast firing rate. However there are 2 things that cause major downfalls of its use. 1, mobility. 2, The major lack of abilities to target long range targets. Overall though, try stay away from these users, they'll mow you down like there's no tomorrow...

It is awesome! I have it and I am having like ten triple kills in games like toy factory and ant life. I even got fury!