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21 Flaming Volcano

Good gun if you're at a certain range

I like this gun cause it is like the pet dragon

This gun is great


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22 Freeze Ray

Right now they corrected it to freeze ray rifle I have the up1 - herobrine_2288

I like all the guns in pixel gun 3D I wish a cloaks have this gun too

It's better than dragon breath has more ammo and it has a scope

It is the slow down opponents, so good

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23 Laser Crossbow

Why do people say that it can't go through walls because it can go through walls. I've used it and it is an amazing weapon because it is very discrete, the prototype and anti hero are very traceable (that means you have to use it and then move to make sure you don't die) The laser crossbow is a good weapon in the right hands because if someone that doesn't know that you have to use this like a mid-ranged weapon would die. If you like to use far ranged weapons with lots of damage go with the prototype or antihero but if you want to use a gun that is a good for mid ranged and a little far ranged then go with this one. But, even though I say that it is a mid ranged weapon it can still be used effectively in far ranged with a little bit of concentration.

This is so weak. Prototype is much better. This can't go through walls. I killed somebody with Anti Hero rifle in a wall shot in Snipers

Laser crossbow is awesome. It goes through walls and is beast for one shot kills. Anti hero rifle is nothing compared to the laser crossbow

Ok listen to ME the best pixel gun 3d player of all time my name is esoteric and I say this weapons is good but it does not shoot through walls of ricochet

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24 Golden Friend

This gun is the best, a mythical gun, from the lucky chest and this gun is just so OP! Surely recommend spending some gems and try your luck! You have a slight possibility of getting it, but totally worth it! I get at least 13 kills with this thing! Absolutely a BEAST! It has 4 times zoom in and 11 damage if not upgraded! FANTASTIC!

This gun is very OP depending on which version you get. You can win it in the lottery with about a 1/600 chance. The damage and fire rate are almost random but considering how good it CAN be it's probably the best gun in the game.

It's actually a lot easier to get this gun in 2017 and it's actually really good, practically a solid Casanova with a higher damage. If you want a fancy and decent gun, this gun is for you. - friday1365

Best primary gun. I use it as my primary gun and scored multiple headshots with it. It was very efficient and useful.

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25 Head Hunter

If you can get head shots then this gun is OP. If you hit the body then it still deals alright damage. This was my sniper until the no armored helmets update. After the update I changed it for the poison hunter up 1.

Good when headshot because it can instant kill, but when hit on body, the chance of kill is low

Sometimes when you don't hit someone in the head with this it has a low chance to not kill them

I like the claw better

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26 Marksman

This is the best gun I have ever had at a efficiency of 22, better than the hellraiser, which is efficiency 21. It also is better than peacemaker. Has a weight that is 5 so you will move very fast. Like crazy fast. Has a shoots very very fast and has ammo of 40. It also has 4 times scope and this gun should be at least on the top ten on the best gun on pixel gun 3D

If you have bad aim, then you can waste ammo pretty quick due to the fire rate. However, if you are a person who wants speed and a fast assault against the opponents, this is the gun that you will need.

It's high speed goes well with its damage, and mobility is pretty good. It also is good in both close up and sniping combat. I suggest getting this gun for a start.

If u r good in your accuracy, u should choose marksman, if u r bad in accuracy, choose peacemaker

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27 Toy Bomber Up2

I have it and in two to three shot your enemy is dead this should be third or at least fifth

Love this gun! I get 20+ kills from camping on toy factory map. Definitely my favorite! Love the two shot kills

This weapon's bounce helps in many situations, and this gun is the master of the coliseum!

Gotta love it with just two shots you can kill a person with a diamond armor

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28 Ghost Lantern

It's lit I got it yesterday one shot kill its op you all have too get it

The ghost lantern is just broken

Insta kill boi

I saw a ghost thinking what the heck then it hit me and I died. It is OP
I don't know why I didn't buy it but it's amazing

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29 Rambo's Rifle

I don't really like using this gun but if you need a good gun get this when it's the combat rifle

It's the best jack of all trades in the game.

This thing can match marksman up1!

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30 Big Buddy

Dude, this gun has op area damage and can one shot a max armoured player. I don't have it (use anti champion rifle, but I see it so much

Sorry that I put it in 16 but it should be 2 or 3

Big buddy Is a giant and heavy weapon but it's slow
It's good for people who fight closer to rivals but it's like a enemy of a sniper
Because it's slow and it lets down your sniper spot as your rival sees a giant bomb

This gun is insane! I hit fury kill streaks all the time using this gun!

Big buddy is bad? did u just wake up of a one hour sleep or are u drunk because the big buddy is a god

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31 Secret Force Rifle

This gun is OP. It has high lethality and lots of ammo. The reloading time is super quick as well. Plus its only 200 gems on discount!

"Very Good When Using

"I Recommend It Because It's Cool The Ammo Is Just Like Combat Rifle But The Damage Is Strong!

This gun is the top of my list. If you could use the high lethality and the high movement speed right, then people are going to cry.

Way better than Casanova and laser minigun those two were scams

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32 Deadly Candy

In my opinion, the best primary weapon is the Deadly Candy. It only holds 3 ammo at a time but does a massive amount of damage. You should definitely buy this weapon of close ranged death.

It was removed why bother if your stupid enough to update pixel gun.

This gun is fast and you should get it when you have enough coins.

33 Dark Mage Wand

I like this because you don't have ammo it's good but it's not the best.

Like it 'cause there are no limit to this gun (? ).

This thing absolutely sucks balls

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34 Grenade Launcher

This gun is a one shot kill in up2 form we have it and its pretty boss

This is the worst special weapon it only has 1 ammo and it pretty much just sucks because it's hard to aim

I have it and I hate it. I know up2 is 1 shot but this one is worse that signal pistol

Do not buy this stupid heavy gun.

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35 Apocalypse Up2

How is Apocalypse UP1 ahead of this, is is ahead of Armageddon and its 1 shot.

It is very good but fire's 1 rocket at a time

Good rocket launcher, but save up for armadegeon as you hit higher levels

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36 Assault Machine Gun

I have the assault machine gun up2 and it is so op, it holds 150 rounds has high damage a scope and pretty good mobility I definitely recommend this gun

Has a scope for taking out snipers and good fire rate as well as the ammunition in the magazine

Can kill people in a few seconds. This thing so op. Gotta get it.

Literally the best primary in the game

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37 Laser Bouncer

This weapon is great in small maps because even if you miss you still have a good chance of hitting them with the ricochet

Ricochets everywhere and it one shots, this a good gun for people who like trick shots. It also one shots

A ONE SHOT KILL and bouncing projectiles! - supershing87

It's one of the best snipers

*special (srry). good for small maps. It's sorta OP I guess. tell me if I guessed right. oh and pick this gun, don't pick your nose, *(laughter)

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38 Pet Dragon

High Voltage? Flaming Volcano? Gas Launcher? Screw them all! This weapon has a lot of capacity and deals a lot of damage with its burning effect! It also costs the least out of the three guns...

It is so godly trust me if you strafe around for like two seconds then they are dead

Its definitely recommend for starting out up1 gives me an average of 16 kills


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39 Hellraiser

One if the best weapons in the game, very powerful

Good gun looks sick at level 2 it's so op

ITs just so good

So good

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40 Big Buddy Up2

Utter destruction completely. All out death. Kill everything with this bad boy!

This thing is 2 shot kill on any armor and how is it so low on the list

This thing is OP it is a one shot to full adamant armour

Look at this list this is number #1
It is a one shot even to heavy champion armor I know because I have heavy champion armor and others have it too here is my kill streaks:nemeisis,one kill(kill 1 person),double kill(kill 2),triple kill(3),multi kill(4),ultra kill(5 or 6),monster kill(7-9),fury(10),crazy engineer,mad scientist,dr.evil kill streak,massacre,rampage, and violence(50) the last kill streak that's my streak for this thing so it's number #1

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