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41 Poison Hunter UP1

This is a great weapon. It is really powerful and the scope is good for snipes. However, I prefer the Laser Bouncer UP1 for closer range fighting.

I have seen lots of players use this gun and it is so op

I think that this is the best gun for players at level 20

Can headshot someone in two shots

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42 Exterminator

If you can aim well, have this at least an up1 and terrorize every prototype user!

I have it is better than prototype when it's up2 it does 24 lethality and it's faster

This is the younger brother of prototype and it's so powerful. It should have been in the snipers.


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43 Dead Star

If people are piled up in 1 place, it is the best gun to do the job. It's my number 1 favourite gun. My 2nd favourite is my dragon and my smart bullet bazooka so buy those too. I know its 190 coins so its pretty expensive but its cheap to be honest.

Just spam it next to people. Its super good. When u hit someone, it will one hit kill, most of the time. However, it only has 5 bullets in each magazine so you reload a lot. Its not that effective against heavily armored players.

It's a good gun it's high damage and really good and plus area damage

It's so good

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44 Vacuumizer

Even though the laser minigun is better but it is only better by a little tiny bit.

It's just any other laser type gun, just that it need more ammo capacity.

This gun is a beast it shoot through walls and automatic. It'a also laser. This should be in the top ten. This gun can kill a person in 3 second the Long shooting Prototype

It kills so fast

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45 Electro Blast Rifle Up2

Amazing sniper which is cheaper than the prototype with area damage just in case you miss

Amazing - range+accuracy+area damage+lots of ammo = this gun

Amazing scope with high and area Damage! one shot people

Its sooo OP

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46 Storm Hammer

This is the most op weapon in the game- it kills almost anyone and it is super annoying. It has a HUGE range and SPLASH damage, so if you get close, you are dead. It has 27 lethality so it destroys people in 2 shots or less. Basically if you do not have a sniper or a 130 mobility gun you are automatically toast

I got berserk boots up 2 like yesterday when I got my storm hammer. It's mobility is really fast and I run through the map killing everyone. It is OP. But you need to slam it at the right time, otherwise you can get killed easily.

Someone said fire orb is better than storm hammer so I said you dumb ass you don't know the storm hammers true power. Plus I'm gonna get it this weekend.

Although this weapon has been nerfed, it still is a decent weapon, a lot less people use it but it is still pretty deadly. A full berserker setup with full armor basically makes you the tankiest possible while at the same time, very very quick. It works best at disrupting teams by jumping into them and damaging them as much as possible. It is terrible against single targets though.

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47 Predator Up2

This is a great weapon to use 1 shot on ruby armour bang two shots I think on adamant armour bang rating 9.9/10

Dude this thing is perfect for the people who have like good armour cause you can take damage for your team

Just got it and won 8 duels in a row just using it and I'm playing people around level23

This thing is so op

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48 Solar Power Cannon UP2

Basically a better version of the up 1.And it looks way cooler

I've had it for a long time and now it is starting to be a little hader to get kills

It's awesome

49 Electromagnetic Cannon
50 AK-48

Quite expensive to upgrade, but it's definitely better than the classic Rambo's Rifle. It has 2/less bullets in a magazine, but it's got better damage and mobility. Definitely better than the Marksman too. It's only problem is price.

Who cares if this thing has 5 lethality? This gun tears people apart no kidding I used it to get 75 wins in a row

I like this because its not expensive and powerful but I prefer up 2

I have up2 version so good

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51 Swat Rifle

It is great, I use it in Coop Survival and I am always first. Best for those who can shoot well.

All the starter primary up to Swat rifle sucks

This gun is just like the combat rifle but with more damage and a silent ability however it is a bit more expensive at 85 coins with a

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52 Powerful Gift

This is powerful just like the name says.


53 Impulse Sniper Rifle

This thing is amazing. It fires quickly and does a lot of damage

Why is this the 10th should be better than prototype

Prototype type is cheaper and better

Awesome gun

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54 Dater Hater

One of the best tank killing guns with automatic I've never used it but I've been hit by it and it hurts I has full iron up1 and it destroyed me

This is the BEST sniper you will ever get! Plus it's automatic

So kill so fast so sexy

It is cheaper and better then the Prototype

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55 Dual Uzi

This gun is great for medium range and it has a giant clip

I got this gun at low level no upgrade and I wreck

I don't know what to say but I recommend this gun

This gun is good against a bunch people

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56 Ultimate Laser V 1 Comment
57 Swat Rifle Up2

It's hit range and fire rate it's awesome. Once you locked on a sniping target, even in the legs, you can kill him in seconds.

Has a scope, looks cool, awesome lethality = OP, it kills ruby in seconds.

You got to be kidding me right? This is like the BEST GUN EVER! This has a scope and it is very good. Recommended from me.

Awesome. It is the only silent assault rifle and op as hell. It takes people out in seconds

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58 Alien Blaster Up2

This is op as heck. Well the downfall of it is the fire rate. This gun can 1 shot or 2 shot a player with adamant up2. And what else? It can ricochet meaning the bullet can bounce around. It is also a laser. The laser instantly go's for the target in 0 seconds

This is more to an alternative to the exterminator. It shoots faster, but doesn't shoot through walls. However it is a ricochet, so the bullet bounces through the map walls.. Imagine using it in cargo...

This is the most underrated op gun in pixel gun.
It is a ONE SHOT KILL TO THE HEAD to an adamant armored Up2 player, making it stronger than the prototype with a 25 lethality. It also bounces off walls, which is cool. I think this is one of the best guns in the game.

very good

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59 High Voltage Up2

The truth is, it is actually better than the Pet Dragon just because it's quicker to kill a player with the high voltage.

I'm surprised this isn't in at least the top 20s. This gun can kill players in amadent armor in just seconds, sorry, I mean MILLISECONDS. This is a must buy gun. - Dylan8629

I have it at lv 1 and IT IS SO OP!

So true

60 Deadly Viper

This gun is the Deadly Viper. It hold 9 ammo at a time but does great damage to enemies.

This does a lot of damage on head shots and is near as fast as the deadly candy.

When I got this gun I didn't think it was that good. Wow was I wrong

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