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61 Marksman Up2

This gun is top tier. It is perfect in everyway literally! It competes with the bad boys on the top of the list. Even the secret forces riffle.

High rate of with decent accuracy, damage, and mobility allows advanced players a force not to be reckoned with.

Rather get automatic peacemaker UP2

This gun whould be the best if you are level 20-28.
i have marksman up1 and I am upgrading it after 1 min.
best gun

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62 Armageddon Up2

It's a very powerfully weapon, but costs a TON of coins and gems toget the up 2. In the end, it's totally worth it, even if therefore Tim is a bit long.

63 Sunrise

Everyone said prototype up2 is better because its an instant kill headshot. What if I told you the damage between them is about 4 hearts. And every single other stat on sunrise is BETTER, which people fail to realize. And another thing, this is like the biggest weakness every hammer spammer have. But wait until a sale and buy it for 205 gems. My motto for this weapon? "What comes up, must come down." Hint the name "Sunrise"

Anti hero rifle UP2 is better, this is kinda weak.

Well everyone also vote anti hero rifle and prototype but Sunrise is better

Sunrise is way better than prototype up2

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64 Armageddon

Expensive but awesome. It holds 4 rockets at once instead of one rocket. Very deadly, and definitely one of the best. Get it by fully upgrading the apocalypse 300 (the bazooka). Fantastic gun. I give it 5 stars.

In the beginners it's so overused, its one shot but when its higher level it becomes a lot of shots.

Costs 550 coins and upgrades from bazooka but is great! The upgrade itself is 150 coins.

The scope is different

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65 Apocalypse

Very powerful but ot has only one shoot and reload again, kind of wasteing time

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66 Dark Force Saber

This item just looks cool, has a high mobility and is a one hot kill without armor

It is 1 hit kill

I use the up2 version it is totally awesome and very strong

Uay it is op

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67 Fire Demon Up 2

Sharply awesome

68 Assault Machine Gun Up1

It is better than hellraiser more lethal with more ammo, but does cost a bit

As if the gun with no upgrades is powerful enough. This gun mows people down in seconds. Even with armour. It is more powerful then the automatic peacemaker. The problem is, it costs a lot of money though. (208 gems including upgrade).

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69 Secret Forces Rifle

This is by far the best machine gun or any gun in the game it has such power and has an amazing rate of fire. The only problem may be the price is much to high. Overall this gun is OP!

Best weapon in game no doubts.

I think this was in the list

.Nice gun. It is probably the best

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70 Combat Rifle Up2

Very good weapon for people when your from levels 5-20 but after that just useless against better armored players

Really good, has a scope and looks awesome!

Great gun, kills fast and efficient.

71 Electro Blast Rifle Up1

If you are on level 31 and you cannot get expensive guns like prototype up2 or hammer then this is a great choice but the only problem is that the fire rate is real slow its 78 anyway overall is would rate it 9.5/10

One shot piecrcing kill


72 Ray Freezer V 1 Comment
73 Dual Hawks

I like dual hawk its damage its almost the same as the hammer and I always get like 30 kills with it

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74 Anti-Gravity Blaster Up2 V 1 Comment
75 Future Rifle

Awesome cheap,accurate,decent fire rate and damage, and good skin

Love this gun did every campeigh mission with it toatally awesome

76 Stinger

It is a decent weapon. It deals incredibly high damage. It's kind of hard to get the manual guidance down, but once you do, it is great! You have to be really precise with it. It also has the great feature of being able to turn the rockets around if you miss. You can knock your enemies forward, by hitting them from behind, even though you are in front of them! This can REALLY mess up your enemies.

Damage might look high, but it isn't. I figured that the best way to play with the gun is spamming all its 6 rockets instantly at your enemy, pretty much like the smart bullet bazooka but manually

It op it is homing missels as well

so op

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77 Fire Orb Up1

I have it, I defeated fire demon people and I was first place in Death Match

Area damage, high damage and is only 90 coins on a weekend sale!

The only greatest weapon, it has a burning effect!

Get 30 kills a match with this alone.

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78 Fast Death Up2

I have Fast Death UP1

The Infiltrator is much better than this gun,Infiltrator is also back up it can kill adamant up2 armor players very quickly and this gun cannot

This gun to s so awesome. My friend has this gun
I prefer this is the best back up weapon.

Did u know that Turtet is better than mech but Invisible is better becuase it cannot spot u

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79 Pixel Gun

The nicest weapon to use in start is the primary and sniper sometimes premium

This is the worst thing

The worst gun ever...

Not a gun but the games gun that is on this website plus my name on pixel gun is Daksh432

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80 Big Buddy

Sorry that I put it in 16 but it should be 2 or 3

Big buddy Is a giant and heavy weapon but it's slow
It's good for people who fight closer to rivals but it's like a enemy of a sniper
Because it's slow and it lets down your sniper spot as your rival sees a giant bomb

This gun is insane! I hit fury kill streaks all the time using this gun!

Bass cannon is better even when big buddy is up1

This gun has bad ammo but good damage

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