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61 Impulse Sniper Rifle

Why is this the 10th should be better than prototype

Prototype type is cheaper and better

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62 Dater Hater

One of the best tank killing guns with automatic I've never used it but I've been hit by it and it hurts I has full iron up1 and it destroyed me

This is the BEST sniper you will ever get! Plus it's automatic

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63 Ray Freezer V 1 Comment
64 Dual Hawks

I like dual hawk its damage its almost the same as the hammer and I always get like 30 kills with it

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65 Anti-Gravity Blaster Up2 V 1 Comment
66 Future Rifle

Awesome cheap,accurate,decent fire rate and damage, and good skin

Love this gun did every campeigh mission with it toatally awesome

67 Fire Orb Up1

I have it, I defeated fire demon people and I was first place in Death Match

Area damage, high damage and is only 90 coins on a weekend sale!

The only greatest weapon, it has a burning effect!

Get 30 kills a match with this alone.

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68 Fast Death Up2

The Infiltrator is much better than this gun,Infiltrator is also back up it can kill adamant up2 armor players very quickly and this gun cannot

This gun to s so awesome. My friend has this gun
I prefer this is the best back up weapon.

Very good weapon fast realoding lots of capacity a very fast firing weapon

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69 Diamond Laser Cannon

This gun is one that is very OP when used correctly, seriously its crazy. However if u are someone like an inexperienced automatic peacemaker user, please avoid buying this weapon

What is this gun I have never heard of it! That is so weird!

One of the best here's why:
1. Fast fire rate
2. Extremely cool looking
3. High capacity
Here's problems:
1. Weak
2. Cost a lot!

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70 Automatic Peacemaker

It's food for those who are quiet bad at aim as it shoots fast and strong

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71 AK-48 Up2

This is gun has slower fire rate so you don't run out of ammo quickly. Pretty sick. Even the design is awesome!

I had storm trooper cape up2 no boots and I got this and I have had a great time with it rating 9.4/10

Personally I prefer this and I win 100 games in a roll so I think that gun is pretty good.

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72 Freeze Ray Rifle

It's awesome because it doe loads of damage and it has tons of ammo

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73 Simple Shotgun

Free+Starter+Only removes 1 live+less ammo+infinity shots to kill+Useless in advantage+lame+So un OP=Simple Shotgun

What the heck the simple shotgun is not better than the exterminator

Not gonna lie It's pretty good in the arena with a hordes of monsters.

Simple Shotgun is the worst weapon in history

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74 State Defender

The state defender is the best! It shoots super fast and can hold a lot of ammo. Also, does a lot of damage.

I like state defender because it as a lot of capacity and does a lot of damage it tkaes 4 headshots to RUBY armored player I love this gun

75 Fire Demon Up 2 V 1 Comment
76 Dark Matter Generator

I have it it can kill adamant armor in six shots

Pretty cool. And it is better than the pumpkin thrower

Looks awesome is awesome get it if u don't, u suck in every way possible.

Gets many kills easy! also up1 is lethalty 23 so fast kills good fire rate. also no gems!

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77 Hitman Pistol Up 2

It has damage 16 and really takes out players in Ruby in about 3 seconds:-)

Someone got me with this in Heaven's when I was on top of the tree.

Great gun has sight and is a 4 hit kill

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78 Ultimate Laser V 1 Comment
79 Electro Blast Rifle Up1

If you are on level 31 and you cannot get expensive guns like prototype up2 or hammer then this is a great choice but the only problem is that the fire rate is real slow its 78 anyway overall is would rate it 9.5/10

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80 Stinger

Damage might look high, but it isn't. I figured that the best way to play with the gun is spamming all its 6 rockets instantly at your enemy, pretty much like the smart bullet bazooka but manually

It op it is homing missels as well

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