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81 Marksman Up2

This gun is top tier. It is perfect in everyway literally! It competes with the bad boys on the top of the list. Even the secret forces riffle.

High rate of with decent accuracy, damage, and mobility allows advanced players a force not to be reckoned with.

Rather get automatic peacemaker UP2

This gun whould be the best if you are level 20-28.
i have marksman up1 and I am upgrading it after 1 min.
best gun

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82 Armageddon Up2

It's a very powerfully weapon, but costs a TON of coins and gems toget the up 2. In the end, it's totally worth it, even if therefore Tim is a bit long.

83 Dual Hawks

I like dual hawk its damage its almost the same as the hammer and I always get like 30 kills with it

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84 Future Rifle

It is very good.

Awesome cheap,accurate,decent fire rate and damage, and good skin

Love this gun did every campeigh mission with it toatally awesome

85 Minigun Shotgun

Just the best shotgun in the game due to its wide spread, fast shots and a bit of range that even out-classes the predator. It only takes a few headshots to kill a player and shoots really quickly like the heavy shotgun. Its widespread also makes it a hell lot easier to damage players and even has more range than some of the other shotguns! My personal favorite of this new update and you should definitely try this out! - friday1365

So much shot gun ammo and so fast, really good for close up and good for somebody who wants to kill somebody fast. DEFINITELY BUY THIS THING, YOU WILL BE VERY SATISFIED!

Its Overpenis is very good

86 Apocalypse

Very powerful but ot has only one shoot and reload again, kind of wasteing time

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87 Fire Demon Up 2

Good weapon I done back made full upgraded

Sharply awesome

88 Assault Machine Gun Up1

It is better than hellraiser more lethal with more ammo, but does cost a bit

As if the gun with no upgrades is powerful enough. This gun mows people down in seconds. Even with armour. It is more powerful then the automatic peacemaker. The problem is, it costs a lot of money though. (208 gems including upgrade).

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89 Combat Rifle Up2

Very good weapon for people when your from levels 5-20 but after that just useless against better armored players

Really good, has a scope and looks awesome!

Great gun, kills fast and efficient.

90 Ray Freezer

I am preaty sure that the ray freezer freeze them up2 is

91 Assault Machine Gun Up2

This gun is without question the 2nd most OP primary gun in pixel gun 3d history, it is a hybrid between the automatic peacemaker and hellraiser, but with the power of heavy mech riffle. You could make killfeeds everyday! Just go to heaven garden and camp. I got a 15 man feed just doing that.

Super op nice ammo and nice damage and nice everything. The only thing I would suggest is a faster reload

I agree man, this gun is awesome and should reload faster, that's the only way hellraiser beats it

The gun is op - harmly

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92 Anti-Gravity Blaster Up2

Awesome sauce!

93 Stinger

It is a decent weapon. It deals incredibly high damage. It's kind of hard to get the manual guidance down, but once you do, it is great! You have to be really precise with it. It also has the great feature of being able to turn the rockets around if you miss. You can knock your enemies forward, by hitting them from behind, even though you are in front of them! This can REALLY mess up your enemies.

Damage might look high, but it isn't. I figured that the best way to play with the gun is spamming all its 6 rockets instantly at your enemy, pretty much like the smart bullet bazooka but manually

It op it is homing missels as well

so op

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94 Fire Orb Up1

I have it, I defeated fire demon people and I was first place in Death Match

Area damage, high damage and is only 90 coins on a weekend sale!

The only greatest weapon, it has a burning effect!

This is a mini storm hammer when u put it in a certain perspective. But its not as spammable and is perfectly balanced when u run out of ammo

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95 Fast Death Up2

I have Fast Death UP1

The Infiltrator is much better than this gun,Infiltrator is also back up it can kill adamant up2 armor players very quickly and this gun cannot

Very good weapon fast realoding lots of capacity a very fast firing weapon

Did u know that Turtet is better than mech but Invisible is better becuase it cannot spot u

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96 One Shot

Just like its name it only takes a shot to kill a fully armored player. However, there is just one thing about this weapon I don't like. It has no special ability. Unlike the prototype, lase crossbow or the anti- hero rifle, it has no wall break which makes it incredibly easy to dodge. - friday1365

OP yes this thing is sooo good at level 25 it has the highest efficiency of all guns so it is TOTALLY worth the 385 coins! I can literally 2-shot mechs! does more damage(i think) than anti hero/anti-champion wifle

97 Diamond Laser Cannon

This gun is one that is very OP when used correctly, seriously its crazy. However if u are someone like an inexperienced automatic peacemaker user, please avoid buying this weapon

What is this gun I have never heard of it! That is so weird!

One of the best here's why:
1. Fast fire rate
2. Extremely cool looking
3. High capacity
Here's problems:
1. Weak
2. Cost a lot!


98 Flower Power

Flower power towers over other players who suck, and in this case, the flower power towers everyone who plays pixel gun.

In the old version I would stay on a map and every time I got 7 coins

It is, for sure the best gun

Terrible. by the way, Where the spark shark? I have it it should be in #4

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99 Firestorm

It shoots close, but does huge area damage and if you upgrAde it kills with one hit

Iv'e got firestorm up 2 and it is epic!

:( you guys forgot this. - Thekingofpopofalltime

100 AK-48 Up2

This is gun has slower fire rate so you don't run out of ammo quickly. Pretty sick. Even the design is awesome!

I had storm trooper cape up2 no boots and I got this and I have had a great time with it rating 9.4/10

Personally I prefer this and I win 100 games in a roll so I think that gun is pretty good.

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