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121 Mines Launcher Up1

My friend just got it and he always plays pixel gun now he loves it it's so OP!

This is OP I can even kill storm hammer users with this

Its slows the opponents targets

This is so overused

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122 Power Gun

The best gun ever! Doesn't even exist - friday1365

Errr I don't know this gun but I think it would be a weird name for a gun if it actually exists


123 Photon Shotgun UP1

In comparison to other shotguns I've seen this is one of the best with 16 lethality and wide spread it a all out assault weapon

I agree, mix it with a fast death, and you got a pretty deadly males arsenal. Be sure to back me up on sunrise!

Excellent rate in survival and campaign. Lethiality rate is 16 and can kill armor really quick. If u love survival and campaign this gun is the perfect choice.

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124 Desert Eagle


Guys, whoever votes for this gun u must be mistaken, damage may seem high considering it is a Deagle, but its actually moderate and u have 9 bullets in the clip...pixel gun is not the perfect game for such a beautiful weapons seriously.

Ok at up2

125 Heavy Shotgun

Has high fire rate which is good for close range, and not so bad damage along with spread, one of a kind gun

This gun is very op in certain maps and situations. Example: silent school, this gun will most guarantee our position in the top. Why? High dmg in close range and high fire rate.

Like a -UP1 of the "Predator".

its op

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126 Diamond Eagle (Gold Eagle Up2)

Used to be a good high damage weapon, but now its recoil kicks insanely high, even when aiming, also has too high fire rate and low capacity so don't BUY THIS GUN ANYMORE

Awesome never lost a battle with this baby

This gun is old but it was so op that it got removed from the game
My friend uses it over every single gun

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127 One Shot

Just like its name it only takes a shot to kill a fully armored player. However, there is just one thing about this weapon I don't like. It has no special ability. Unlike the prototype, lase crossbow or the anti- hero rifle, it has no wall break which makes it incredibly easy to dodge. - friday1365

128 Chainsaw Sword

The best melee weapon ever, the end. It literally kills an adament armor player in something like 2-3 seconds and even beats the combat yoyo. Despite its obvious lack of special ability unlike the fire demon, which has the burning effect, its damage make up for it. - friday1365

129 Minigun

This is probably the 1 only gun that is similar to laser cannon because of fire rate, but it is overall 100x worst than laser cannon because u move so slow and it does such low damage while crystal laser cannon beats it in almost anything but magazine

I do NOT recommend buying this mini-gun unless you have left over coins.

Is this the automatic peacemaker?

No this is the best gun when it's up2

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130 Happy Tree Slayer

It is a pretty solid melee weapon I must say. With the right melee skills in the right player, this thing can demolish a single match especially in knife party. Performance wise it is most similar to the axe

As an experienced melee player, this one is kinda horrible, I mean its only useful at the lowest of levels to maximise damage because getting even 2 hits is HARD

Good thing it was removed I am so happy it was

This weapon is already old
I saw it in the youtube that Happy Tree Slayer has Forgotten to bring in the next update

you need to watch SmallLinkYT you CAN SEE IT

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131 Gold Crossbow

The fire rate is pretty fast but the bad part is that it doesn't have an aim.

That's cool when its gold

This gun is noon when your level 22 and up but if your noob get this gun

I'm a sniper and I have this gun and its actually good WHEN the arrow actually hits. it does surprisingly high damage, but it's so abnormally hard to actually get the arrow to hit. its not a instant contact kinda gun if u know wut I mean.

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132 Total Exterminator

Was a good gun, now replaced with flaming volcano which also used to be good, but now its absolut crap

I love this it's best for Survival mode and Co-op mode, despite being short ranged it's very powerful but I wouldn't use in a very large battle ground. I earned 90 coins in co-op mode with this!

133 Dark Gnome Wand

This is the strongest wand I recommen you to use it, because with it, it is easier to use, strong,   the area damage, and passes through walls.

134 AK-48 M3

This gun has a 6 damage

This also has 40 ammo also the same with Rambo's rifle

And for my opinion it's the best looking gun

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135 Gravity Gun

I like the anti gravity gun because there is a ton of knock.the bad thing is that it shoots very very very SLOW!

136 Killer Mushroom UP2

It does a load of damage. Kills ruby kinda fast

Its rapid and does lota of damage

137 Cherry Bomb

It is awesome because it's 1 shot kill and it reloads fast

138 Elephant Hunter

An extremely powerful sniper weapon I haven't upgraded it yet but the only gun that might rival it is the prototype. One hit kills body for up to gold armor and headshot for up to crystal. UNSTOPPABLE for sniper forts.

It is a fast killing weapon, it's like brutal headhunter up2 or somethin

I haven't had a new gun yet just the ones that you start with on level one

I wish I had a new gun like this one

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139 Firestorm G3

Best damage have 21 than weapons other explosion but expensive

140 Photon Shotgun

A good gun I stand up to some of the best players with this gun. Has area damage right out of the barrel so you will not get a good shot from far away.

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