Best Guys from the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices

They're are a lot of awesome and hot guys in The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices, but who is the best?

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1 Simon Lewis Simon Lewis

Such a cutie. Always so protective over Clary and helps Jace even though he stole Clary from him.

"I don't like flat soda
I don't like crappy boy band pop
I don't like being stuck in traffic
I don't like math homework
I HATE JACE see the difference? " Best quote ever!

He's our adorable little cinammon roll.

2 Jace Herondale

He is so cute and hot!

He is the best character of tmi as he is sarcastic but with a soft side

3 Alec Lightwood Alec Lightwood

I love Alec! He's a great character

I really like Alec's character development throughout the series, plus Malec sooo

Malec 4 life!

4 Magnus Bane Magnus Bane

So awesome! Love his awesome glitter and spiky hair and AWESOMENESS! And how he calls Clary 'biscuit'.

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5 Will Herondale V 4 Comments
6 Jordan Kyle

I kinda don't like him

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7 Jem Carstairs

Angelic and truly hot. Hot I tell you!

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8 Max Lightwood

NOO! Max did not deserve to go! I love you little guy.

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9 Sebastian Morgenstern

You are evil! Sebastian deserves nothing. he is a terrible person and I can't believe you think he is hot!

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10 Raphael Santiago Raphael Santiago

Raphael had a bad history. Read the bane chronicals! It is so funny and sad at the same time.

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