Best GWAR Albums

The Top Ten

1 Scumdogs of the Universe

Their bestselling album. Has awesome songs such as Sick of you and salmanizer. - gelatinbeastworm

2 America Must Be Destroyed

There is a movie based off of this album called Phallus in Wonderland. Contains one of their most popular song Gor-Gor - gelatinbeastworm

3 Lust In Space

This whole album is amazing. Metal Metal land, Lust in space, Let us slay, The price of peace, Damnnation under god, and the uberklaw are all awesome songs. - gelatinbeastworm

4 Violence Has Arrived
5 War Party
6 Battle Maximus

Their newest and probably their heaviest. The title track is an awesome instrumental - gelatinbeastworm

7 Ragnarok
8 Beyond Hell
9 This Toilet Earth

Saddam a gogo is an awesome song - gelatinbeastworm

10 Hell-O

The Contenders

11 Bloody Pit of Horror
12 The Blood of Gods
13 Carnival of Chaos
14 Road Behind
15 We Kill Everything
16 Slaves Going Single
17 You're All Worthless and Weak
18 Let There Be Gwar
19 Live from Mt. Fuji
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