Best Gwen Stefani Songs

The Top Ten Best Gwen Stefani Songs

Hollaback Girl


She.. She.. Wha.. I.. Ho.. How.. did... I Ge.. T her.. E?

The Sweet Escape

I used to like Hollaback Girl, but now I think the song is incredibly boring. However, this song still holds up for me, so because of that I find that I like this song a thousand times better than Hollaback Girl. - scienceLover10

That is the very first song that I've heard from Gwen and it's still my favorite Gwen Stefani song.

This is the best song ever! I love it so much I made it my figure skating song to skate to because I love it! It is for the holiday show at the rinx! GWEN STEFANI IS AMAZING!

Rich girl is my second favorite Gwen stefani song

Rich Girl
What You Waiting For?

This is a good gwen stefani song, I heard it lots in my childhood - trains45

Amazing song! Especially the video! Gwen in Wonderland :))

Every single time I hear this song, there's no way I'm not getting into it.


The song and video is amazing!

Kings Never Die

This song is just a masterpiece! Not only because it's with Eminem (I'm a Stan) but her voice her is unmatched unlike other songs!

Used to Love You

The song is beautiful and amazing. The raw emotions in the video and vocals just let us know how it feels to go through a breakup like hers. Amazing.

Wind It Up

The Contenders

You're My Favorite

Great lyrics, melody, and vocals. I love this song. - mood333

4 In the Morning

A masterpiece


Great song about blake.

Don't Get It Twisted

It should be among the first five!

Baby Don't Lie

I love this song

Early Winter
The Real Thing
Asking 4 It
Harajuku Girls
Make Me Like You
Where Would I Be?
Send Me a Picture
Bubble Pop Electric
U Started It
Wonderful Life
Now That You Got It
Can I Have It Like That?
Spark the Fire

I actually love this song!

Long Way to Go
Orange County Girl
Go Ahead and Break My Heart
My Heart is Open
Let Me Blow Ya Mind
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