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1 Hollaback Girl

I'm on this list (which is far less popular than the Stefani + No Doubt list) because the other list didn't have the right version. Anyways...

Hollaback Girl is like the Tik Tok of 2005 (or is Tik Tok the Hollaback Girl of 2009...? ). It's a song that's amazingly catchy with good instrumentals and a danceable melody, but as soon as I start wanting to dance to it I immediately can't stand it.

Like I said, this song has an amazing melody. The percussion is heavy and has repetition that makes sense and syncs with Stefani's tempo. Also, how can I resist the trombones since I play one in band?

But other than that Hollaback Girl isn't really much. Stefani's voice is iffy at best, and is definitely too big for the production which isn't really that busy.

The lyrics are frankly bad. It's about a snitch. Also, like BoomBoomPow after it, the word "sh**" is way overabused in this track.

I like this song, it's a decent 3 out of 5, but that's if you prefer music ...more - WonkeyDude98


She.. She.. Wha.. I.. Ho.. How.. did... I Ge.. T her.. E?

2 The Sweet Escape

That is the very first song that I've heard from Gwen and it's still my favorite Gwen Stefani song.

This is the best song ever! I love it so much I made it my figure skating song to skate to because I love it! It is for the holiday show at the rinx! GWEN STEFANI IS AMAZING!

Rich girl is my second favorite Gwen stefani song

Surprised it's not #1.

3 Rich Girl
4 What You Waiting For?

Amazing song! Especially the video! Gwen in Wonderland :))

Every single time I hear this song, there's no way I'm not getting into it.

5 Cool

The song and video is amazing!

6 Luxurious
7 Kings Never Die
8 Wind It Up
9 Used to Love You

The song is beautiful and amazing. The raw emotions in the video and vocals just let us know how it feels to go through a breakup like hers. Amazing.

10 Yummy

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11 You're My Favorite

Great lyrics, melody, and vocals. I love this song. - mood333

12 4 In the Morning

A masterpiece

13 Misery

Great song about blake.

14 Don't Get It Twisted

It should be among the first five!

15 Baby Don't Lie

I love this song

16 Early Winter
17 The Real Thing
18 Truth
19 Rare
20 Asking 4 It
21 Harajuku Girls
22 Make Me Like You
23 Where Would I Be?
24 Send Me a Picture
25 Crash
26 Bubble Pop Electric
27 U Started It
28 Wonderful Life
29 Now That You Got It
30 Can I Have It Like That?
31 Spark the Fire

I actually love this song!

32 Long Way to Go
33 Orange County Girl
34 Just a Girl
35 Naughty
36 Go Ahead and Break My Heart
37 My Heart is Open
38 Let Me Blow Ya Mind
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1. Cool
2. Hollaback Girl
3. What You Waiting For?
1. What You Waiting For?
2. Rich Girl
3. Luxurious
1. Used to Love You
2. Rich Girl
3. Misery

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