Brütal Legend: Random Video Game Review

You know what I love? Video Games! And why should'nt I? They are a fun way of entertsinment and never fail to give me fun, ... for the most part! (I MEANT YOU, SONIC(06)!)
And you know what else I love? Heavy Metal! And why not? It's amazing music and has some of the greatest bands I know! Hell, we are like the Metal Forum of the internet!
So imagine now a mix of those two things, go in the corner and cry, BECAUSE YOUR THOUGHTS WERE'NT NEARLY METAL ENOUGH FOR BRÜTAL LEGEND!

Brütal Legend starts off by our main protagonist Eddie Riggs (pure Iron Maiden reference), dying by the worst band ever created and being transported into a nordic alternativ world! Yeah, it's nothing special, but this game is not about the story!

The gameplay is a hybrid of Hack'n'Slash and Real Time Strategy! You have your three main attacks, axe, flying guittar and Hot Rod. All are upgradable and even combinable. Also it's possible to control armies, while fighting! It's insane fun to play and goes on for 12 missions and 30 more optional missions.

The graphics are'nt anything special for the PS3 era. The design is pretty cool to look at though!

Now the thimg that makes this game an cult classic:
They actually have got Metal Bands for the soundtracks! And not some unknown: Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Slayer, Anthrax, Motley Crue, just to name a few! And not to end there, THEY ACTUALLY GOT METAL VOCALISTS TO VOICE ACT!
Lemmi Kilmister from Motörhead
Rob Halford from Judas Priest
And Ozzy Osbourne, my all-time favorite Metal Vocalist!
This is just amazing!

Now while Brütal Legend lacks in graphics and story, it's gameplay and soundtrack alone make up for it, which is why it deserves a:
8,5/10, adjective "METAL MADNESS"
This is THE ULTIMATE METALHEAD'S VIDEO GAME! The metal soundtrack and the performance of well-known Metal volacists alone is a reason to buy it (in my case even to import it, to play it on englisch), but it also manages to be a pretty great games on it's own!


I agree is good - Forsaken

Sounds good. - Skullkid755