Top 10 Hackers of Viva College

Here is the list of Top 10 hackers From Viva College of Diploma, Engineering and Technology.
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The Top Ten

1 Manish Mishra (Hack_God)

Hack_God is god of all hackers.
Hack_God is Amazing.
Hack_God is incredible hacker.
According to Hack_God There are no White Hat or Black Hat it's all depends on what the Hacker is Doing if someone is doing wrong or bad things with the skill of Hacking than he is Black Hat or if someone is doing good with skill of hacking or helping someone with skill of hacking than he is White Hat Hacker.
Hack_God is Great. - ManishM

Hack_God is Genius - ManishM

2 Pratap Kadam

Pratap is Scholar - ManishM

Team member of Hack_God's Hacker Team.
Pratap is Brilliant.
Pratap is good at planning - ManishM

3 Kalpesh Pandit

Kalpesh is smart - ManishM

Manager of Hack_God.
Kalpesh is Amazing.
Kalpesh is good in communication. - ManishM

4 Soham Kamat

Team member of Hack_God's Hacker Team.
Soham is Smart.
Soham is good at Talking new peoples - ManishM

Nice person - ManishM

5 Rahul Patange

Finance manager of Hack_God's Team.
Rahul is smart.
Rahul is Good at finding new topics - ManishM

6 Siddhesh Salunkhe

Resource provider for Hack_God's Team
Siddhesh is Curious
Siddhesh is Good at finding new tools for hacking. - ManishM

7 Nirbhay Rathod

This person Tries to do every thing that Hack_God Do but fails because of he has no fixed aim or interest in Hacking.
Nirbhay is good at talking with girls for unlimited time. - ManishM

8 Siddhant Patil

Siddhant is a very nice person.
Siddhant is Curious about technology. - ManishM

9 Shubham Daswani

Good person - ManishM

Shubham is Good at poking his leg/nose into others business.
Yeh insaan hamesha dusro ko neecha dikhane ka prayatna karta hai.
According to me this person is useless. - ManishM

10 Anonymous

Anonymous is a group of 10 peoples who hacks with good intension - ManishM

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