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He did not invented anything, But he put the Shape to hacking. He have done operations with CWI from bad to Good. Fighting for Equal Rights and The most contributing Guy in the #OP Killuminati. He have great story from where he Started. I also know him in real life.

I know who he is he thought me how to hack and where to start

XTAM4 Is a awesome hacker, I don't know anything he can't do.

He is far ahead of time. Also got a lot of potential

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2 Ilia Hashemi Ilia Hashemi

Just ilia hashemi, just iran, just elon

Iranian developer of ultra modern technologies - kamerone

Ilia Hashemi is an Iranian Hacker system administrator developer and entrepreneur - alirreza

He is amazing iranian-germany hacker of microsoft - michalgorg

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3 Mauritania Attacker

A total show off. Use mass deface for random sites. I was able to do that when I was 14 years old.

Lol fake votes such a faker mauritania

If xtam4 is on the list it makes sense as for any other hacker from famous hacking group that at least made it to wikipedia and major news several times but Mauritania attacker is common hacker like every other.

Desperate attempts to get votes mauritania fake hacker

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4 Geohots

MA above this guy? what a joke. I guess ISIS did really made some impact on Cyberworld

Why MA is above Geohots dark dante Shawn Fanning ahhaha what

MA is dumb fool pleease but put him above him

COME ON! He should be the best hacker in the world he invented jailbreaking apple devices and he could
Hack sony which is really hard!

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5 Dark Dante

1) Dark Dante
2) Shawn Fanning
3) Kevin Mitnick
4) Robert Morris
5) Xtam4 or Fyodor
6) Vallah

6 Jonathan James

16-year-old black hat hacker, In an anonymous PBS interview, he professes - michalgorg

7 Shawn Fanning

Should be number 1 and There should be no hacker like MA on this list.

He's totally great talent.

Better then xtam4, should be on number 1

He must be 3rd after kevin mitnick and Mauritania

8 VallaH

Not the best, But Xtam4 is great no disrespect to him! Vallah for #2!

Vallah is great hacker. Should be above Dark Dante and Geohots

9 Robert Morris
10 Gordon Lyon / Fyodor

What is he doing on this list?

The Creator of nmap!

The Newcomers

? Fman122
? Ali Aboli

He is a hacker

The Contenders

11 Karl Koch / August Diehl

Teeh great karl koch!

12 Adrian Lamo

My favourite till now

13 Gary McKinnon
14 Robert Tappan Morris
15 George Hotz
16 Michael Calce
17 Kevin Mitnick

I vote for kevin mitnick but I don't think MA made any techniques it was Kevin who made techniques for hackers.

Great Hacker I vote for him, but I can't forget Mauritania Attacker who changed the cyber world with some new tecnics!

18 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin was an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of Robert Plant (Vocal), Jimmy Page (Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass, Keyboard) and John Bonham (Drums). The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition more.

Why is this on here? - DatBoiSquirtle

What? - RalphBob

19 n0name-hax0r

Yea, It's a good one

Its an pro coder

One of the best hackers here...


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20 Yousef Hacker

#1. Yosef Hacker
#2. VallaH
#3. Xtam4
#4. Kevin Mitnick.
#5. Dark Dante.

21 HMEI7

Just a defacer, but not like Mauritania Attacker who is Doctor!

Best defacer from indonesian

Best hacker from indonesian

Is the best,Indonesia defacer

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22 Unknown Al

Best hacker

23 Eddie_HaXoR

Great hacker

He's awesome Hacker

24 Edward Snowden Edward Snowden Edward Joseph Snowden is an American computer professional, former Central Intelligence Agency employee, and former contractor for the United States government who copied and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013 without authorization.

Hero of hackers

25 Kevin Poulson / Dark Dante

Phreaked his way to a new Porsche with a radio contest on an LA station. Arrested and jailed and went on to become a journalist and editor at Wired.

26 D3VIL 1337


27 Mr.G
28 Electron / Richard Jones
29 Berg Hakeman

He's probably the best hacker in the world and great white hat because he hacked and reported it
He's the youngest most talented hacker till now

31 ROGERS 1921

Greatest of All time.

32 Desert Eagle
33 Rock India

Great Indian patriotic hacker.

35 Rahul Tyagi

Best hacker in the world

36 AnonGhost Team

Worst hackers ever - original_the_Creator

Best Hackers ever!

37 Kashif HaxOr

I Am Fan of kashif haxor, because he hacked only targeted websites, the most genius hacker, he is from death adders crew, I like his team.

38 Donnazmi

I Love Hacking.

39 alg0d

The best among them all

40 cosmos
41 Mr.Bhenchod

I'm good choding mothers & sisters specially.

42 Elliot Anderson


Fictional but he is pretty good.

43 John Doe

He is a hacker for bad not good

44 Albert Gonzalez
45 Parisa Tabriz

Is an Iranian-Polish-American computer security expert who works for Google - michalgorg

Is an Iranian-Polish-American computer security expert - michalgorg

Is an american computer security expert - michalgorg

yes - alirreza

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