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1 Kageyama Tobio

I love him because at the beginning it seems like he is going to just be the classic brooding character that is of course a natural genius that is completion for the main character but instead he becomes what is helping to hold up Hinata. Not only that but he has breakthrough points where you actually see him struggle to make something work.


I actually I have a lot to say about this guy. He was funny and adorkable in the first half of the series, and now he's becoming a total badass. I like how the author bothers to draw him spinning the volleyball almost every time he stands to serve. On court, he's like a menacing antagonist but hey he's the formidable ally! His plays are very enjoyable to watch and thankfully he gets to touch the ball most out of all players of his team.

Kageyama has become the 'control tower' he aspired to be. He leaves all options open to the spikers yet still dominates over them; not by raising his voice like old days but placing the weight of his trust on their shoulders. It's almost like he took the 'goods' of Oikawa and Atsumu's setting techniques and philosophies, and mixed them together to develop something superior. If he's already so good in his first year, how's his story going to progress from here onwards? I don't know, but I believe the author knows what he's doing.

His ability to set is incredible. His chemistry with Hinata is one my anticipated scenes in the anime. Although he's hot-tempered,he can create low fast plays with Karasuno's spikers. Above all, he's my ideal guy.

2 Nishinoya Yuu

He's better then oikawa SO SHUT UP COOCHIE

He mah bae/senpai! Likee ahh I love him so much

I'd love befriending someone just like him. He would just make me go that extra mile, you know? Every thing about him is so cool, so kakkoii!

I like him too - Kirishima

3 Oikawa Touru

I Love Oikawa

Oikawa is an arrogant and immature antagonist, but you can't help but love him. Whenever he's being annoying, it's hilarious. Whenever it's his turn to serve, everyone gets hyped. He is probably the most well-written character on the show, and the most relatable (to me at least).

Oikawa Tooru is in my opinion by far the best-written character on this show.
On the first eye he looks like an annoying, arrogant antagonist. But his flashback is actually really important. Oikawa worked very very hard only to easily get surpassed by a new student. And he does everything to get by to the point of overtraining. But he fakes to be okay with his stupid remarks and non-genuine smiles. The only one who understands him is his best friend. Plus he's really cute. I mean, he teaches volleyball to little kids? I honestly love him so much. I relate to his idea of never being good enough and I'll always root for his team.

Oikawa Toru truly is an incredibly well-written character- maybe even the best in Haikyuu. Many people see him as rude, arrogant and even a narcissist, but in truth he's just trying his hardest to be the best player he can be and bring out everyone's abilities. All his smiles and laughs are usually to cover up his pain and sadness, and he even has a knee brace from working too hard. He was simply trying to not get overshadowed by someone younger who was a genius, which can be pretty relatable. He even goes to Lil Tykes to teach his cousin and young kids the joy of volleyball. he's super hardworking and my idol!

4 Tsukishima Kei

It's Tsukki. What more can I say?

He really bloomed in Season 3 and played a huge role in the defeat of Shiratorizawa. His quick wit and game strategy helps the team by a mile.

Right from his first appearance, I fell for him instantly. His sarcastic side, his rationality, I love everything about him. He's handsome too. And I enjoy his flashback and seeing him becoming more serious in volleyball just make me like him a lot more. He has great character development.

Smartest character in the series.

5 Hinata Shouyou

He should be the second best

Soft baby, and a super awesome character as well! all he wants is to be like his idol. is there anything more awesome than that?

Best character development in the show other than tsukki...But oikawa is the best,cause he can bring 100% from his team

Yo, people he's the main character for a reason. Listen up. Especially girls. I don't get what you see in Kageyama, he has such a terrible personality. Have you seen his smile? Straight-out creepy! Unlike Hinata who has a better personality and can actually smile. He's the star of the show. I honestly think he deserves at least second place. Also, girls don't even THINK you belong with Kageyama he's an anime character. He's not real (even if I wished characters were! ) I'm not insulting people who for some reason likes Kageyama, but seriously stop focusing on how good looking the person is, and go for their personality. Because there's nothing good, in *dramatic pause* "mysterious personality" and it doesn't make them look "hot" either. It's just straight out annoying.

6 Sugawara Koushi

I'm so proud of him to get here man ilhsm

A living angel

I like calm people

He is such an angel. First of all, he treats all the first years as if he's their mom, and he's always so caring. Second of all, even though he is in third year and it's going to be his last year in Karasuno, he immediately gives up his position to Kageyama so that the team can benefit. He is one of the most selfless people I can think of in this anime. Third of all, he's there for people when they need him, but he also knows when to be strict to his teammates. Conclusion- Suga is awesome. - ArtyLily

7 Tanaka Ryuunosuke

Most funny screams after he strikes


Tanaka is by far the most entertaining one.. There is no way you can miss that shirt spin lmfao

Looks scary; is an actual sweetheart.

8 Yamaguchi Tadashi

He worked so hard to try to get his jump float right. He is adorably timid but works very hard, even when he just sits in the sidelines. He also cares a lot about his best friend (Tsukishima Kei) and I couldn't stop smiling when I saw him getting those five points with his jump floats. (Wow. I suddenly want to learn the jump float) His personality is very interesting because he is at first, pretty shy, but gets social once you get to know him. He was bullied and picked on when he was younger, which pretty much explains his nervousness and lack of self-esteem. (Yamaguchi Defense Squad! Join us, it's gucci )

Love his whole side-plot story in the show, his character is just so relatable. I really hope we see him improve throughout the series and finally be able to really get some playing time.

Tadashi was a truly interesting and beautiful character. At first, he was a guy who we hardly saw playing in matches, and when he was called for a pinch serve for the first time, he was basically a nervous wreck. Even though he screws up a lot with his serves, it just adds to our happiness when we finally see his efforts give the team glorious results in the match against Aoba Jousai in the second season. His past explains why he doubts himself and why he thinks Tsukishima is so cool. I loved the scene when he picks up the courage to tell his best friend and the person he admires the most that he's uncool lately and wants him to improve. I can't even explain how nervous he would have been about doing that. - ArtyLily

Sweet cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

9 Bokuto Koutarou

He's like that one annoying person that you'll miss when you graduate or something. When he's sad you can't help being sad too because of the awesomeness.

He was the one character that I sincerely missed, he's super quirky and dorky, and never fails to make me laugh

Hey! Hey! Hey!

When he went into his emo mode for the first time that was when I realized he was the best anime character ever made!


I just really like Bokuto

10 Sawamura Daichi


The captain of the Karasuno team. He's mild tempered most of the time, but when he gets really annoyed, he's even more scarier than Tanaka. Also the best receiver of the team after the libero. - Kiteretsunu

The Contenders

11 Kuroo Tetsurou

Kuroo is so cool!

Porque es un capo y esta fuerte

Uh hey, just to spoil you guys that he has that best smile on his face when they were defeated by karasuno...

I can't help but to fall in love with this dorky being!

Smart, provoking, sexy AND a good captain. Nothing more on my wishlist.

12 Azumane Asahi

my husband

Asahi is a relatable, adorable character. Despite his appearance, he has a timid and delicate personality and tends to feel a very strong sense of responsibility. We see this when he temporarily stops going to the volleyball club after his attacks were blocked by the "Iron Wall" of Datekou. I know how he must have felt when he lost the match, all of his efforts not being able to give him good results. He blamed himself and quit the club for a while, but came back and became even stronger, fulfilling his role as Karasuno's ace. - ArtyLily

I laugh every time when people think Asahi is this scary/evil/old guy, but he's actually super-sweet, just a little bit a coward, I love him.

Why is Asahi only 11th? Even though may look scary and tall he's actually really sweet and adorable! Also gotta love that man-bun amirite?

13 Kozume Kenma

Best boy!

I love how there's a shut-in character who isn't very active and doesn't like to interact and will rather be at home gaming (which is very relatable to a lot of introverts here) who can still be cool and a nice character. He's good at stratezising and I relate to him when he cares about what other people think, but is afraid to talk to them.

He's such a relatable and cool character, and he was an introvert which made me fall in love with him


14 Hajime Iwaizumi

My bae deserves all the love.

Kindness, bravery, looks, holy muscles, killer spikes, beautiful forest eyes, unbelievable recieves, amazing senpai, and many more reasons are why I am irrevocably in love with Iwaizumi Hajimeđź’–

Well he's really cute just saying lol

Hajime should be known more just like Oikawa I mean he's also shown a lot? - IWishSoHardSometimes

15 Ushijima


A lefty menace, spiker, chosen to represent Japan.

He is good

16 Tendou Satori


The true face of satan - FearMe

Tendou is adorable. Have you seen his expressions? He's hilarious, interesting, actually a really nice guy, and his backstory just makes you wanna give him a big hug.

He's a complete dork, a monster on the court, and the only person I've seen who seems to be friend level with Ushijima. The little bit of backstory we got really added to his character and his overall attitude is like 'you're not on my level. Get out of my face.' which really seems to work with him without making him seem like a douche. His blocking skills are on point and he is the human embodiment of 'expect the unexpected.'

Plus, the little dance he does to his mocking song is adorable. Case closed.

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17 Kiyoko Shimizu

Tanaka and Noya would be mad if they saw this oml.

Kiyoko? Last? THIS IS...Understandable. She isn't anything quite special in my opinion. Her role is only to be the "Hot Lady Manager".
I don't see flaws in her so she fits as a mary sue in my opinion. - Hanah_Ant

18 Keishin Ukai

Karasuno's coach who is the grandson of the famous "karasuno's ukai"

19 Lev Haiba
20 Yuuji Terushima


He has a nice face and attitude

I love his energi and his Power to make me and everybody else smile

21 Kentaro Kyotani (Mad Dog)

Best spiker ever

22 Chikara Ennoshita

The most underrated character of this series. He understands his friends and is very relatable. - AmythestDiamond

23 Yachi Hitoka

One of the most underrated characters of the show. to be honest I judged her at first but she's one of the most relatable characters on the show. The fact that she had this anxiety thing around people ((mainly boys)) made me like her even more. She was degraded by her mom which made her feel negative about everything. I really like her.

24 Terushima Yuuji
25 Shirabu Kenjirõ

A true hardworker. Is totally relatable, also I love his design.

26 Morisuke Yaku
27 Sakuragi Hanamichi
28 Akaashi Keiji

He deserves way higher. Way higher

I think he needs more love and NEEDS TO BE KNOWN MORE! And you can't say no to that pretty face - IWishSoHardSometimes

He is a very professional setter that uses perfect logic. He uses very respectful words toward people who are higher in grades than him. Considered to be one of the youngest in the team, he is the main player of his team and is able to pull up Bokuto when he is in a bad mood and even the entire team.

Literally, this boy is beautiful. Besides, I admire him a lot for being able to put up with Bokuto and his emotional waves. To add onto that, he's pretty smart and he's humble. He just needs love.

29 Kenji Futakuchi
30 Taketora Yamamoto

He is 2nd best boi after tanaka <3

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