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1 Blond Hair and Blue Eyes

This only reminds me of Hitler...

It must suck to be the butt of all of people's jokes.

Yellow hair (or blond, lol I voted on someone with yellow hair on a list that has people with blond hair) and blue eyes!

I have this combination except sometimes my eyes look gray.

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2 Brown Hair and Light Hazel Eyes V 2 Comments
3 Red Hair and Dark Blue Eyes
4 Brown Hair Green Eyes

Brown hair is often associated with beauty and sophistication and green eyes are associated with youth. So yes, this is a good combination.

I have brown hair and green eyes

This is my combination. - DankGodX

I wouldn't say I like the color combo too much but-
Wait I do-

5 Black Hair and Purple Eyes

Black hair is a pretty hair color and purple eyes is the rarest natural human eye color in the world only a handful of people can be born with this eye color that would definitely look pretty with black hair. - Catwhelma

I'm glad at least someone has this combination because otherwise people would be calling me crazy. - Catwhelma

They both go so well together- Beautifully. Is many times used on anime girls, makes them look cute & mysterious.

This is really, really, I mean REALLY amazing.

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6 Brown Hair and Green Eyes

On here twice which is great. - DankGodX

7 Blonde Hair Dark Brown Eyes

Dark blond/ light brown and brown eyes/ hazel/ greenish brownish blueish

That's my combo - so

So unique

8 Brown Hair and Blue Eyes

I have brown hair and blue eyes and it seems like I see so many people waits brown hair and I kinda like I don't know I like it but I know I feel too... normal

I have brown hair and blue eyes and everyone thinks it's so beautiful

The best. I think everyone is beautiful in their own ways, but I like this combo the most.

I think it makes a beautiful contrast. I wish I had this combo

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9 Black Hair and Green Eyes

Like a beautiful cat

10 Blonde Hair and Green Eyes

My eyes are the color of dirty lake water, that's the closest I can describe it, and my hair is light blond.

Beautiful combination! I have it myself

I naturally have this combination and it feels unique =)

I have dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes 💚

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? Grey Hair White Eyes

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11 Red Hair and Green Eyes

My favourite are blond hair with blue eyes, Ted hair with blue eyes, and red hair with green eyes but I especially like this combination because it's the rarest hair-eye combo and it looks so pretty!

It says green is the rarest ones! I'm so rare this is my combo red hair and green eyes! I'm so lucky

Red hair and green eyes aren't the rarest combo. Red hair and green eyes are commonly found together.Brown eyes and Red Hair is the rarest combo because brown is dominant over all the colors and red isn't dominant over any color.

Ye - Puppytart

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12 Black Hair and Blue Eyes

I have blue eyes now I want jet black hair. Blonde is overrated but black is awesome and I want it so much

Blue eyes are very striking especially in contrast to tan skin and black hair and it is not very common

Especially if paired with porcelain pale skin.

13 Brown Hair and Brown Eyes

This is the most common hair and eye color combination, but it is one of the most beautiful since they are simple.

I feel it is easier to trust a person with darker eyes therefore I think this is the best hair and eye color combo is dark hair and dark eyes I wish I would be so lucky to have this combo

This is a beautiful combination, it's just so pretty!

Good to know I'm ugly

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14 Black Hair and Black Eyes



15 Dirty Blond Hair and Hazel Eyes

I have this combination myself and my friends say they feel I'm more loyal, inviting, and easier to talk to than most people

16 Dirty Blonde and Dark Brown Hair

what - pjo

17 Black Hair and Brown Eyes
18 Dark Brown Hair and Dark Brown Eyes

I have this combo


19 Amber Eyes and Light Golden Brown Hair

I have blond hair and brown eyes. - funnyuser

20 Dirty Blonde/Golden Hair and Green Eyes

My hair is a dark dirty blonde, but not quite brown. And my eyes are an amber green, which I'm glad for!

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