Hair and Eye Colors That Go Together

The Top Ten Hair and Eye Colors That Go Together

1 Blond Hair and Blue Eyes

My BFF has this combo and I think it is pretty as long as it is not dyed or bleached.

I know a girl a year older than me who has almost yellow hair and the most beautiful blue eyes! She is stunning! I also have only ever had crushes on Blonde haired blue eyed boys. I, also sort of have that combo. I have dirty blonde hair with natural platinum blonde highlights and blue-grey eyes with central heterochromia. I definitely think blonde and blue are the best.

This only reminds me of Hitler...

I'm blonde and I have blue eyes, so it's kind of biased. I call it the 'typical farmer's daughter' type.

2 Brown Hair and Light Hazel Eyes

I have this combo and to know its on here it makes me feel pretty

O my gosh this is exactly my hair color and eye color, I have always wanted my eyes to be a differentiations color though, well not Iny more. I am trying to imbrase it, and. I like my eyes.

MY eye colour I is like a green-Hazel colour with dark brown hair. Apparently it is quite elegant and intellectual

I personally think it's better than blonde hair with blue eyes

3 Red Hair and Dark Blue Eyes

So gorgeous, especially with red eyelashes. But red hair, not strawberry blonde.

It's so rare and so pretty!

This is one of the prettiest combinations I've ever seen!

I have red hair light blue eyes

4 Brown Hair Green Eyes

A chacter in one of my favorite books have this Combo

Read soul seekers( just uhh be ready)

I have brown wavy hair with blonde streaks and my eyes are green with blue flecks. People in my school say it's ugly, lol. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Brown hair is often associated with beauty and sophistication and green eyes are associated with youth. So yes, this is a good combination.

I have brown hair and green eyes

5 Black Hair and Purple Eyes

I have multicolored hair (black on top, dark brown in middle, auburn at end) and black eyes.

Black hair is a pretty hair color and purple eyes is the rarest natural human eye color in the world only a handful of people can be born with this eye color that would definitely look pretty with black hair. - Catwhelma

I'm glad at least someone has this combination because otherwise people would be calling me crazy. - Catwhelma

I can definitely see the beauty in the match I wish I had that combination all I have is bland black eyes and black hair

6 Blonde Hair Dark Brown Eyes

I have this combitation, although my hair is more strawberry blonde. But I get complements all the time.

Such a beautiful combination. When the eyes are a super dark brown it makes it even more attractive.

Like me! I used to wish I had blue eyes like my sister, but now I like my dark brown ones.

I find light blonde and dark brown (almost black) eyes as a combination extremely attractive. I don't know why, but I find it sexy as hell. Maybe because both colors are somewhat opposites?

7 Brown Hair and Blue Eyes

I see so many comments talking about how beautiful this is. It really means a lot to me since I was bullied for having this combination for a long time. Most people that lived in my area at the time had blond hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. It was actually kinda creepy how similar they looked. But I was called things like 'turd head' and 'ice melt' and as a small child that really hurt me. I don't have anything against people with this coloring, in fact--for a long time I wish I had it too. But now, we've moved away and I realize I'm not ugly. I still have major self-confidence issues, but seeing comments like these really inspire me. Thank you!

I have this combination and other people aid it make me stand out from the crowd

I always thought it was a great combo and I have a friend with this combo

I have this, and I really love the contrast. I get a lot of compliments on it, which makes me so happy!

8 Black Hair and Green Eyes

I like these combinations and most favourite of mine is 1. Dark black hair sea green eyes
2. Dark brown hair sea green eyes

I myself have darkbrownhair (mixed with lots of different colors) and blue/grey eyes. I love my eyes and I think my hair fits that type of blue.

Like a beautiful cat

Percy Jackson right there!

9 Red Hair and Green Eyes

I like it, even though I prefer the most common, brown hair and brown eyes, or the rarest, red hair and blue eyes, but it's nice.

I have red hair and green eyes and even though it isn't the rarest, because blue eyes and red hair is, I still think it is really cool that a few of us fall into the 2% with red hair and the 2% with green eyes.

My favourite are blond hair with blue eyes, Ted hair with blue eyes, and red hair with green eyes but I especially like this combination because it's the rarest hair-eye combo and it looks so pretty!

It says green is the rarest ones! I'm so rare this is my combo red hair and green eyes! I'm so lucky

10 Blonde Hair and Green Eyes

I have blonde hair and green eyes. I recently changed my contacts to turquoise and every time I leave the house I receive compliments/comments. Sadly, my husband never noticed...

I'm happy that this is on here! Sometimes I use this for appearances because I love writing books! I love this page because it gives me so many ideas! My appearance is the last thing I expected to find!

I have this combo and it’s so unique! Green eyes themselves are very rare. They commonly get mistaken for hazel. Much love to my other green-eyed blonde beauties!

I'm a bit biased, since I've got blonde hair and green eyes. I used to wish I had blue eyes, but I like my green ones now.

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11 Brown Hair and Brown Eyes

This is totally me and I just love this combo. Totally should be first. Like if you agree.

I love this combo! I have it, so do my sisters, and I love it! It's simple and stunning, although it comes off as dull and bland. My sisters both wish they could trade their nearly-black brown eyes and hair for blue eyes and blonde hair, and I could never understand why.

I mean... this is number 11? This is beautiful! People need to stop obsessing over blond hair and blue eyes. I mean, it's pretty, but it's not like you have magical beautiful powers if you have it! Brown eyes and brown hair is original and amazing! It's simply beautiful. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what hair color you have! Everything is beautiful!

This combination is beautiful and simple. You can't go wrong with brown and brown!

12 Black Hair and Blue Eyes

I have blue eyes now I want jet black hair. Blonde is overrated but black is awesome and I want it so much

Especially if paired with porcelain pale skin.

Blue eyes are very striking especially in contrast to tan skin and black hair and it is not very common

I love this combo

13 Dirty Blonde and Dark Brown Hair

My favorite eye color: dirty blonde

what - pjo

14 Dark Brown Hair and Dark Brown Eyes

I love this combo. It can scream beauty and simplicity, loyalty and trust, or any number of others.

Dark brown is the best colour so it makes sense that having it twice is the best combo

I have this combo

I have this combo, and I love it!

15 Black Hair and Black Eyes

I personally don't think this should be considered rare. I've grown up with jet black hair and midnight black eyes, never once heard of it being rare.

People with blonde hair and blue eyes are pretty but black eyes are even rarer especially with charcoal black hair

It's not rare because I am from south India were everybody had black hair and black eyes but still I am proud that I have them.


16 Dirty Blond Hair and Hazel Eyes

This is my combo and I love it. My eyes are a super light through. I used to wont Blue eyes and blonde hair like my mom but now that i´m older and not bullied I like to stand out a little.

I have this combination myself and my friends say they feel I'm more loyal, inviting, and easier to talk to than most people

My combo...wish I had blue eyes

I have this combo, and honestly hate it

17 Black Hair and Brown Eyes

Its pretty cute

I am 10, and I have Black hair and brown eyes

Because people shared it

Very common

18 Amber Eyes and Light Golden Brown Hair

I have blond hair and brown eyes. - funnyuser

We've got those smexy eyes and flawless coloured hair.

19 Red Hair and Amber Eyes

This is the combination I have, and I love it!

20 Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes

I don't know why I just love this combo.

21 Dirty Blonde/Golden Hair and Green Eyes

My hair is a dark dirty blonde, but not quite brown. And my eyes are an amber green, which I'm glad for!

I have this combo and I love my bright green eyes with a tint of gold.

22 Blonde Hair and Grey Eyes

BEAUTIFUL I get compliments all the time and I’ve started to think that the people who told me that are RIGHT

This is my combo and I'm not sure if I like it. Most people in my place (including my family) all have brown/black hair and brown, black or hazel eyes. However, I have albinism and my eye pigments aren't as strong as normally expected. Sometimes my eyes are blue, sometimes blue-grey, sometimes turquoise and sometimes grey. They were green six years ago, blue last year, and now they're grey. What do you think?

Hot yet mysterious. I like it.

Annabeth chase

23 Red Hair and Blue Eyes

This is such a pretty combination! It's also the most rare too, making it really unique.

Red hair and blue eyes are so pretty

This is the rarest combo

24 Brown Hair and Grey-Blue Eyes

This is my combo. My mom and I are the only people in my faimly that have it!

This is me, but my eyes used to be sky blue - SirSheep


25 Gold/Brown Hair and Turquoise Eyes

This is me and honestly it's (not to brag) the BEST COMBO EVER!


I have this and my eyes are very noticeable from very far away and my hair is short beautiful brown and I feel I stand out maybe just a little too much since a lot of my friends have brown hair brown eyes, blonde hair blue eyes and I’ve been told multiple times before that my combination is weird, unique and yet beautiful. But, I still think it’s kinda off but yet I still love it.

26 Grey Hair White Eyes


27 Light Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair and Greyish Blue Eyes

I remember hosting this a while back


I have gotten a ton of coments about my appearence and this is what I have, :3

28 Dirty Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes

I have this combination, except I have some green in my eyes.


29 Strawberry Blonde Hair and Sea-Green Eyes

It seems typical and used too often for all-too-perfect characters, which, in my opinion, just adds to its beauty.

30 Dark Brown Hair and Brownish Hazel Eyes
31 Blonde Hair and Amber Eyes

This seems like the perfect combo! The double light is stunning and with the right styling and makeup this can be a truly beautiful combination

32 Blue Green Eyes and Blond Hair

I always get compliments on my eyes and hair

33 Black Hair and Hazel Eyes
34 Brown Hair and Purple Eyes

So cute

35 Dark Brown Hair and Blue Eyes

I have this, but my hair isn't super dark, and my eyes change from blue to green to gray. People compliment me on my eyes because my brown hair brings the blue in them out.

36 Very Light Brown Hair and Dark Blue Eyes

I think it is gorgeous


37 Silver Hair and Green Eyes

Love wearing purple which enhances the green even more!


Honestly, I don’t like this combo at all

38 Light Brown Hair/Black Eyes

Probably not posible, but it’s beautiful so there

39 Auburn Hair and Dark Brown Eyes

Ember beauty

that's me

40 Brown Hair and Amber Eyes

I think I might have this but my I can't tell since my eyes are weird and my hair is going dark as time goes on

By brother has this combination but not me

41 Dark Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

I have it and I love it, it is best when you have long hair.

oh yeah

42 Hazel Eyes and Red Hair

I know it seems weird but this is how I was born o my sis commeted that she has green eyes and red hair even thou its hazle I think

43 Black Hair and Grey Eyes

I have this combo with jet black hair and bright green eyes and tanned skin some people think it is odd!

44 Dirty Blonde Hair and Amber Eyes
45 Brown Hair and Grey Eyes

I have grey eyes and central heterochromia. People always compliment my eyes, lol.

I have this to be honest I love it


46 Very Light Brown-Golden Hair and Light Blue Eyes

I don't have this but I added it because it's an AMAZING combo!

I have been looking for my hair and eyes

47 Light Brown Eyes and Brown Hair

That’s me!

48 Brown Hair and Red Eyes
49 Brown Copper / Light Brown Hair and Heterochromatic Eyes

Brown hair mixed with the colors green and blue are beautiful, especially when the hair at the roots is dark brown then the tips are very light brown from the sun naturally dying them.

50 Light Brown Hair and Dark Brown Eyes
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