Top 10 Haken Songs

Haken is a very diverse band with styles going from Metal to Jazz, cool and celestial choruses that deeps you in their music, and groove and heavy riffs. The band started with their demo in 2007 and made their first official studio album release in 2010.

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1 Crystallised

I've realized that the current top 5 items are each from a different album of theirs. That's kinda funny - kempokid

2 Visions

A song that'll probably satisfy almost every prog fan's desires. I absolutely love it. - cjWriter1997

A modern prog epic classic.

Definitely one of the best Progressive Metal songs of the 2010s - Gamefreak23788

3 Falling Back to Earth
4 Celestial Elixir

So diverse throughout, amazing all the way through.

5 The Architect

Just got into Haken, this song was the one to make me a fan. I think it deserves to be in the top 10 at least. - cjWriter1997

6 Pareidolia

Amazing song! - Jukass

7 Atlas Stone
8 Cockroach King
9 1985

It has an 80's progressive rock feel. Great tune! - cjWriter1997

I love this song! - Jukass

10 Nocturnal Conspiracy

Was into DT in starting Discovered this. This is like octavarium.

The Newcomers

? Earthrise
? Somebody

The Contenders

11 The Endless Knot

There's a constant sense of urgency laid out in this track. I love it a lot. - cjWriter1997

This song's final chorus is the most epic thing in any song ever

This one is also amazing! - Jukass

Progstep, enough said - uziniga

12 Aquarium
13 Darkest Light
14 Streams

Such a great groovy song! Has that proggy epicness with a combination of groove metal. I think this song is the most unique and best from the first album🤘🏻

15 In Memoriam
16 Deathless
17 Insomnia
18 Red Giant
19 Premonition
20 The Point of No Return
21 Bound by Gravity

Gives me goosebumps every single time

22 Drowning in the Flood Drowning in the Flood
23 The Mind's Eye
24 Earthlings
25 Because It's There
26 Portals
27 Eternel Rain
28 Sun
29 The Path
30 Aquamedley
31 The Good Doctor The Good Doctor

This song is their newest release and the first song to be released from the new Vector album, but it's also my favorite Haken song. I love Paeidolia and Falling Back To Earth as much as the next guy (my high school's marching band based its show off of The Mountainlast year; I played bass guitar) but this song is fantastic.

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1. Visions
2. The Architect
3. Crystallised
1. Visions
2. Pareidolia
3. Crystallised
1. Crystallised
2. Celestial Elixir
3. Falling Back to Earth

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