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Haken is a very diverse band with styles going from Metal to Jazz, cool and celestial choruses that deeps you in their music, and groove and heavy riffs. The band started with their demo in 2007 and made their first official studio album release in 2010.
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1 Visions Visions Cover Art

Really an amazing song. I love the bridge with that 10/8 9/8 killer riff and the part where Ross sounds like an evil character. And also the chorus and the Outro Section are very moving.

One of the most beautifully crafted songs ever in existence. All the parts piece together masterfully. Never a dull moment, simply breathtaking.

A song that'll probably satisfy almost every prog fan's desires. I absolutely love it.

Incredible song! The epic off of the Visions album works so well. I get a big Octivarium feel from this song.

2 Crystallised Crystallised Cover Art

I've realized that the current top 5 items are each from a different album of theirs. That's kinda funny

Literally a masterpiece.

3 Falling Back to Earth Falling Back to Earth Cover Art

A lot of heavy riffs and jazzy verses. Excelent and powerful progressive bridge. The Outro section is wonderful, hits me always.

Love the heaviness of this song! The slower section in the middle of the song breaks up the song perfectly. Excellent song!

4 The Architect The Architect Cover Art

Just got into Haken, this song was the one to make me a fan. I think it deserves to be in the top 10 at least.

This is definitely the best haken song. Maybe even the best progressive metal song period.

What an epic crescendo. Pity those with no patience for prog - Haken really invent new colours on this one

I love the groove in the chorus of this song! Excellent progressive metal!

5 Celestial Elixir Celestial Elixir Cover Art

Incredible epic of a song! This song is so melodic. This song always seems to end too quickly, which is saying something since it is 17 minutes long!

I just can't skip this song. This is perfect all the way.

So diverse throughout, amazing all the way through.

So many good things in this song!

6 1985 1985 Cover Art

This song is hard to beat. I love the 80's throwback! The heavy 80's synthesizer works so well. I love this song!

It has an 80's progressive rock feel. Great tune!

I love this song!

7 Nocturnal Conspiracy Nocturnal Conspiracy Cover Art

This song got me into Haken. Definitely one of the best songs off of Visions.

Was into DT in starting Discovered this. This is like octavarium.

8 Puzzle Box

My favorite song on Vector...

9 Cockroach King Cockroach King Cover Art

This song is weird, and I mean that in the best way possible. I get a huge King Crimson influence from this song. Excellent work!

The intro to the song gives me the chills, I love it. The whole song in general is amazing!

This was the song that got me to listen a lot more to Haken. Definitely their best song!

This song is strange, but you'll love it, trust me.

10 Pareidolia Pareidolia Cover Art
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11 Veil Veil Cover Art

Beautiful riff based theme!

12 The Endless Knot The Endless Knot Cover Art

There's a constant sense of urgency laid out in this track. I love it a lot.

This one is also amazing!

This song's final chorus is the most epic thing in any song ever

13 Aquarium Aquarium Cover Art

This is the first song from this band I've ever heard. Still one of my favourites. This is just great.

14 Bound by Gravity Bound by Gravity Cover Art
15 Atlas Stone Atlas Stone Cover Art

This song has all the good of Prog. An epic chorus as always, tasteful solos, nice backing vocals and good unisons.

Very melodic song. The chorus hits me so hard! This is a top 5 Haken song for me.

16 Deathless Deathless Cover Art
17 Carousel Carousel Cover Art
18 Darkest Light Darkest Light Cover Art
19 Streams Streams Cover Art

Beautiful song! The middle section with the growling vocals works very well to break up the song. Overall, this song is in my top 5 Haken songs.

20 In Memoriam In Memoriam Cover Art
21 Red Giant Red Giant Cover Art
22 Insomnia Insomnia Cover Art

So beautiful bass and vocals lines. Reall a progressive song as well.

23 A Cell Divides A Cell Divides Cover Art
24 Initiate Initiate Cover Art
25 The Good Doctor

This song is their newest release and the first song to be released from the new Vector album, but it's also my favorite Haken song. I love Paeidolia and Falling Back To Earth as much as the next guy (my high school's marching band based its show off of The Mountainlast year; I played bass guitar) but this song is fantastic.

Love the groove in the song!

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