Greatest Halo Weapons of All Time


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1 Energy Sword Energy Sword

Its been in all the Halo games (Not useable in Halo: CE) and it's fun to use.

2 Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher

The two-barreled design is distinct and original! When, I see it, I think Halo. - KnightofLight

Favorite in any halo close or far range it's a kill

3 Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is a terrific weapon in the hands of a master Halo player and it is fun to pick of enemies when they least expect it.

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4 Assault Rifle Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle felt powerful. Unlike Halo 3's Assault Rifle, this one actually was fun to use.

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5 Shotgun Shotgun

It looked really cool and felt like a powerful weapon with its kick and damage.

In Halo 5 this thing has amazing range for shotgun

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6 Saw Saw

One of the most powerful weapons in the Halo franchise. High rate of fire and good accuracy.

The only new gun in halo 4 that is not broken - htoutlaws2012

Very true

Super OP

7 Gravity Hammer Gravity Hammer

Its an awesome weapon because it delivers Instant Kills to almost any close opponent.

8 Spartan Laser Spartan Laser V 1 Comment
9 Needler Needler

I love this weapon. I like how it takes a few seconds for the shots to make it's effect. - IronSabbathPriest

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10 Incineration Cannon

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11 Red Plasma Rifle Red Plasma Rifle V 1 Comment
12 Sentinel Beam Sentinel Beam V 1 Comment
13 Magnum Magnum

Halo Combat evolved only - htoutlaws2012

Damage per hit is high

I hate the Halo ce one halo 5 one I can use

Why is so hard to aim with this thing. Worst Wepon in halo 1 2 & 3. Good in 4&5 thogh

14 Plasma Cannon
15 Fuel Rod Gun Fuel Rod Gun

The Fuel Rod Cannon had projectiles that could bounce of walls. Very annoying in some cases but very fun and deadly if you know how to use it.

16 Sticky Detonator

A pistol that shoots detonate able grenades is fun to use. You can either stick it to enemies and watch them run around hopelessly or you can turn it into a trap and explode enemies that get close enough.

17 DMR

Very east to aim with when hip firing

Best headshot weapon hands down


18 Beam Rifle

Don't know why this isn't on the list, but this is the best of all the sniper rifles.

19 Boltshot
20 Scattershot
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1. Rocket Launcher
2. Energy Sword
3. Sniper Rifle
1. Energy Sword
2. Rocket Launcher
3. Incineration Cannon
1. Needler
2. Rocket Launcher
3. Sniper Rifle



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