Greatest Halo Weapons of All Time

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Energy Sword

I love the energy sword it fits with the elite in multiplayer

It can kill most opponents in less than5 hits.the bad part is you only get 100 hits

I mean, it's so boss looking. It one-shots enemies. Its one of the only melee weapons. And it gets style points. HOW DO YOU NOT LOVE IT?!?!?

It looks awesome and works well, but the Rocket Launcher is better in terms of quality.

Rocket Launcher

There is no better feeling than nuking your opponent to kingdom come.

This is the most powerful weapon in my opinion, very useful. I like this better than the Energy Sword.

The two-barreled design is distinct and original! When, I see it, I think Halo.

Favorite in any halo close or far range it's a kill

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is a terrific weapon in the hands of a master Halo player and it is fun to pick of enemies when they least expect it.

I like the sniper rifle because of its design. Especially in Halo 3 it's a massive style piece.

There's no weapon in any game that comes close to this!

You give me my sniper, and we won't have a problem.


Shreds through the opposition like the wind through a desert.

It looked really cool and felt like a powerful weapon with its kick and damage.

In Halo 5 this thing has amazing range for shotgun

I used it a lot to play

Assault Rifle

The most iconic weapon in all of Halo, everyone knows this silhouette.

The Assault Rifle felt powerful. Unlike Halo 3's Assault Rifle, this one actually was fun to use.

Its one of the most used guns in Halo 4 Multiplayer.

Well balanced

Spartan Laser

The perfect counter to the overpowered vehicles.

It is one of the best weapons of unsc, it is also fun to use


This is op and I am a halo 1 player so this is the best weapon in the game

Bang, bang, bang. The enemy is dead.

Halo Combat evolved only

Damage per hit is high

Gravity Hammer

Way more fun than the energy sword. It is ridiculous fun to smash your opponents six feet under with one swing.

Its an awesome weapon because it delivers Instant Kills to almost any close opponent.

Much better than energy sword for sure


A fantastic addition to the rapid-fire club, this beats tears like no other and has one insanely dope design.

One of the most powerful weapons in the Halo franchise. High rate of fire and good accuracy.

The only new gun in halo 4 that is not broken

Should be higher on the list, honestly the SAW is underrated


Halo 3's stands out to me as it fires fast, accurately, and hella coolly.

This thing is so powerful people HATE it. If you know what your doing you can beat people with Energy Swords and Rocket Launchers with a Needler

I love this weapon. I like how it takes a few seconds for the shots to make it's effect.

The iconic Halo weapon that has the coolest mechanics.

The Contenders

Incineration Cannon

Should beat energy sword, you bring a energy sword to a incinerator cannon fight and your going to die

This is almost as good as the Rocket Launcher in quality, should be higher.

Sentinel Beam

One word is needed to describe how fun this is!


Op when using the scareb skull

Battle Rifle

The most used mid-range weapon, this gun has appeared in every Halo except 1, Reach, and ODST.

Very cool design. Awesome against grunts.


Red Plasma Rifle

Brute Plasma Rifle* FFS

This is my favorite halo weapon of all time, it kicks so much ass in odst and halo2

Fuel Rod Gun

Bring the strongest explosive you have, reproduce it by 5, attach a clip for them and then mount the result into a gun as psychologically terrifying as the firepower you made. This is how I describe the Fueld Rod Cannon (or fuel rod gun).

Already, rocket launchers packs a big punch so imagine having 5 rods of pure destruction that can be reloaded as fast as the rate of fire. I am sure the Fuel Rod Cannon never came in multiplayer because they tought it was too powerful. Sure if's extremely rare to fijd but when you do.. oh boy.

The Fuel Rod Cannon had projectiles that could bounce of walls. Very annoying in some cases but very fun and deadly if you know how to use it.

Plasma Cannon
Binary Rifle

Halo 4 weapon is so dominate

Sticky Detonator

A pistol that shoots detonate able grenades is fun to use. You can either stick it to enemies and watch them run around hopelessly or you can turn it into a trap and explode enemies that get close enough.

this is the greatest troll weapon

Beam Rifle

Don't know why this isn't on the list, but this is the best of all the sniper rifles.


Very east to aim with when hip firing

Best headshot weapon hands down

Hell man I used this gun almost everyday

Best weapon ever when pvp, campaign, and pretty much everything. Great for medium and long range sniping. If I could have one weapon in the game, it would be the DMR.

Needle Rifle
Brute Shot

A powerful, badass weapon that shreds

Why did no one else mention it?

The Knifle is ICONIC

Best weapon ever, pretty much an instant win. only takes 3-4 shots to kill someone.

Submachine Gun

It was a mix of the Halo 2 Submachine gun and the Assault rifle. The fact that it had a scope made it even cooler.

This weapon was just fun to use and was pretty powerful.

Storm Rifle

Awesome against small groups of enemies.

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