Best Halsey/Melanie Martinez Songs


The Top Ten

1 Tag, You're It - Melanie

No I think halsey should be 1 not melanie I mean melanie martinez is good but halsey is better than everything and the best

I don't agree. Halsey lyrics are powerful but her voice doesn't have nothing special compared to Melanie


2 Gasoline - Halsey

I love this song to bits,

I love Gasoline. It’s an amazing song with good everything! Beat...lyrics...also, vote for this so Melanie isn’t #1. She’s good, but Halsey is life, and more talented. I don’t like Tag You’re It

3 Castle - Halsey
4 Mad Hatter - Melanie
5 Carousel - Melanie
6 Is There Somewhere - Halsey
7 Control - Halsey

Really? 7? Best song ever. No offense to her, but Halsey is 1101011x better than Melanie, but melanie is the 2nd best singer ever!

8 Sippy Cup - Melanie
9 Cry Baby - Melanie
10 Colors - Halsey

SAY WHATT?! This song should be at the first place.

Best song

The Contenders

11 Roman Holiday - Halsey
12 Soap - Melanie
13 Training Wheels - Melanie

The sound is so beautiful and the chorus is haunting and pretty at the same time! My favorite Melanie Martinez song at the moment!

My favorite!

14 Mrs. Potato Head - Melanie
15 Play Date - Melanie

This song should be in top 3 somewhat MELANIE IS SO UNDERRATED I LOVE you MELANIE

16 Pity Party - Melanie
17 Milk and Cookies - Melanie
18 Heaven in Hiding - Halsey
19 Dollhouse - Melanie
20 Alphabet Boy - Melanie
21 Trouble (Stripped) - Halsey
22 Pacify Her - Melanie
23 Cake - Melanie
24 Teddy Bear - Melanie
25 Empty Gold - Halsey
26 Not Afraid Anymore - Halsey

It’s my favorite song!

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