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1 Colors Colors Cover Art

OMG Halsey is a AMAZING singer! I honestly don't know who DOESn't like her music. Her voice matches ALL of the songs she does and it sounds BEAUTIFUL! I mean I know everybody has their own opinion and I respect that, but now its time o speak MY opinion. I've been IN LOVE with halsey and her music ever since I was like 8! Her song ¨Colors¨ was my first song from her hearing, And I loved listening to it. It was music to my ears, and now I'm almost like I don't know 14 and I'm still listening to her music, So this is why I don't get why people hate her. If you had only listened to only one of her songs, doesn't mean shes a ¨Bad artist¨ she writes SO MANY different songs so don't just listen to one and start talking trash about her, try to listen to her other songs before you say shes trash, But hunny if you listen to her songs trust me, you will be IN LOVE with her music.

I really love the chorus, "Everything is blue, his pills, his jeans, his hands, and I'm covered in the colors, pull apart at the seams, and it's blue", but the bridge "You were red, and you liked me cause I was blue, and then you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, and then you decided that purple just wasn't for you" is my favorite part. This song isn't ripped at every edge, and it's a masterpiece! Another 10/10

A masterpiece. Halsey's voice isn't too powerful, too high, or too low. It's at the perfect pitch and tone to be sung. The lyrics are something special describing the colors of a relationship, where one is red, blue, grey and purple each representing a different part of the romance. The beat accompanies all of this really well to create a well crafted story. Beyond pop perfection. 7/5

"You're only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope, I hope you make it to the day you're 28 years old"

Also the bridge
"You were red and you liked me, 'cause I was blue. And then you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple wasn't for you"

2 Gasoline Gasoline Cover Art

Gasoline is such a great song, with a great meaning to go along with it. The lyrics actually make you think, the beat is fantastic, and I love everything about this song.

I could listen to Gasoline all day and it would never stop being so meaningful and addicting. I can really connect to the lyrics, which are, by the way, amazing.

Gasoline is just a pure masterpiece. Halsey sounds perfect, and it has a great meaning, and everything is just awesome! Probably my favorite song by her!

I really love this song because it has good lyrics. I've been a fan of Halsey since Badlands came out. This is one of my favorites off of Badlands.

3 Roman Holiday Roman Holiday Cover Art

I love absolutely everything about Roman Holiday. The first few lines just captivate me, then the chorus is so powerful and the lyrics is just perfect. The beat of this song is also wonderful, and the way she is so specific about all that happened that night is amazing. This song is the best song she has ever written and I think it should be her most popular one.

I love most of the songs halsey has ever written but roman holiday just pulls me in and doesn't let go, I just feel so free when I hear it. hearing this song in concert made me so happy to be honest

"Do you remember the taste of my lips that night
I stole a bit of my mother's perfume? "
Oh girl, the starting line is just utter perfection. I love this song!

I simply cannot stop listening to this song it's so nostalgic and the music and beat are so beautiful and powerful... I'm captivated

4 New Americana New Americana Cover Art

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it and I was like "woah this song is great! " And I discovered Halsey and instantly fell in love

I was a bit skeptical about Halsey, but the moment I heard this song I fell in love with her music. This should be much higher up than #11.

A song that makes you think, but on the other hand makes you want to sing along loudly while drunk. The genius that is Halsey

I can't believe this song is not further up on the list. This song is one of her best ones.

5 Ghost Ghost Cover Art

I've listened to Halsey for a long time now, a few years, and I've taken this song through a lot and while I've gotten bored of repeating songs over and over, Ghost is one that I can never hear too much. I've listened to it through so many good times and bad times, and was the first song I really learned how to perform on piano and vocals. Honestly, such a beautiful song and it deserves all the recognition it has.

Love the two music videos kind of showing her bisexuality. And I love how people reacted to the second video even though she does exact same thing just with a female.

It's amazing. also, this reminded me of a song to write. Good Music? where'd it go? Why can't I find Halsey on the top ten? Good Music? Where'd it go? I thought high on the top 100 songs were be good.

Her breakout single: lyrics, vocals, etc. - everything is on point

6 Castle Castle Cover Art

I watch a Minecraft roleplay called Kingdoms Fallen. The intro is a section of a cover for this song. I started watching in 2020, and I only heard the cover first. When I heard the original, BOY was I impressed.

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. The music is interesting, the lyrics fit well together, and it really fits her voice. It's so different from anything I've ever heard, yet so amazing.

Should be #1. The first time I heard this song is when Halsey performed as an opening act to Imagine Dragons. This song reminded me of something Lorde would write. I love Lorde! This song is truly amazing.

The instrumental sounds great and with her voice it sounds amazing! The lyrics are very powerful and I absolutely love this song!

7 Is There Somewhere Is There Somewhere Cover Art

Very Underestimated, I remember the first time I heard this song I had 'your writing lines 'bout me, romantic poetry' stuck in my head (still do) for ages.

The vocals convey so much emotion. This is so poetic and often overlooked. There is genuine emotion and heartbreak. We never hear about the girl used for cheating and how she feels being used by a guy with a girlfriend; we only ever hear about the girl being cheated on. I love how Halsey shows a new perspective and that makes it so wonderful.

A simply beautiful song. It will take you to another place is you just close your eyes and listen. The drop at the end is as close you can get to musical heaven. It really shows Halsey's talent, as she wrote and produced the song alone.

Poetic and powerful. Absolutely beautiful. Why don't we see such beautiful music like this? Instead it's always a song like 'All of Me' by John Legend. Although I love both songs, we need more like 'Is There Somewhere'.

8 Strangers Strangers Cover Art

The bisexual anthem of 2017. Halsey and Lauren destroyed heteronormative music industry with one song. Absolutely my favourite Halsey's song.

This is such an amazing song!

Dis gay but I like this song

9 Now or Never Now or Never Cover Art

Although it does sound like Needed Me on the chorus, this is still a good song. In fact, I think this is actually almost as good as Needed Me.

If any song deserves to be in the top 3, this song would be one. Everything is perfect about this song. Find a flaw, dare ya!

Easy and layed back song... I LOVE it. The words and beats have so much meaning

I love this song! At one point, this was my favorite song!

10 Hold Me Down Hold Me Down Cover Art

The beat is fantastic in this song, and it is Halsey's best song, in my opinion. She is a lyrical mastermind and her skills are really showed off in this song.

The beat is amazing I love her voice I can't get this song out of my head.

The lyrics are absolute genius, and the beat is brilliant

This song is amazing musically and lyrically

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11 Control Control Cover Art

This, Gasoline, New Americana, Colors, and Hold Me Down are my favorites. I just love this song so much, something about it makes me think. It's an amazing song, and it deserves more attention.

This song just makes me feel some sort of way I love it. It just has this eerie and disturbing feel throughout the whole thing I'm obsessed with it!

This some weird feeling that makes you feel great. It has very powerful lyrics that I'm sure anyone can relate to. I absolutely love this!

My favorite song is the most amazing, unique, and beautiful thing ever. I love it and Halsey so much

12 Bad at Love

The lyrics in this song tell a great story about Halsey's past lovers, and this song overall sounds really good, and the instrumental in the bridge is actually really nice. 9/10

Badlands is a beautiful album, but this is my favourite song off of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom!

I remember when we all referred to this song as "The California Eyes" song.

My favorite, very easy to relate with and has amazing lyrics!

13 Young God Young God Cover Art

Young god is such a beautiful and calm song. The lyrics are meaningful and unique, which is another reason Halsey such a talented person!

It's covers deep meanings in such a happy tune, she's telling one of the best stories in one of her best songs, this is such a underrated song.

Halsey at her best. This is a song that can be appreciated over the years. Ageless.

It's so calm and peaceful and I LOVE IT. The lyrics are so unique and interesting.

14 Drive Drive Cover Art

The lyrics are so powerful and moving in this. the song is extremely underrated. the sounds are amazing and the chorus is amazing- "and all we do is drive. all we do is think about the feelings that we hide. all we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign. sick and full of pride. all we do is drive." it represents a toxic relationship in which they are only able to understand each other not through communication but in silence.

BEST SONG! It makes you feel like being out with friends driving in a highway with blasting music... The chorus is life

"Your laugh echoes down the highway, carves into my hollow chest, spreads over the emptiness, it's bliss."!

Beautiful song. Especially the second chorus where she sings with the guy.

15 Without Me Without Me Cover Art

I can't believe this is at 12. People are idiots. Best Halsey song hands down. It was, is & ever will be. Much better than LSD trip colors.

So many emotions, amazing beat, great vocals by Halsey. The Juice WRLD remix just makes it even better. The backing vocals were amazing too. Instantly loved it. This is coming from a guy who's into rap music too. Probably my favourite song right now

I cry all the time while listening to this song because my life has been hard and no one has ever had my back none of my friends were real and my childhood was stripped away now I'm 12 and I'm too young to have this much mental pain caused by betrayal from my dad and step dad not to mention my friends also my therapist moved I cry then to still though but ii gotta be tough for my siblings one older and one younger and it doesn't help my mom at all I don't know what to do I cry before bed thinking that it's my fault I still think so but latley I haven't felt true happiness I fake it and I just want to hide away and start over I feel like I'm depressed begging people to stop walking out of my life and once you leave you can't get me back I just want to cry and cry and let go

This song is amazing. I know it is personal to her, but she made it where others could enjoy it, and some people can even relate to it, and fix problems in life

16 Him & I Him & I Cover Art

Undoubtedly one the best songs by Halsey.
The voices of G-Eazy and Halsey melt together to produce a beautiful song.
Also the music video brings another level of intimacy to the song.

I love this song

Perfect combination!

17 The Feeling The Feeling Cover Art

This isn't even halsey

This song is so good

Nice one!


18 Heaven in Hiding

I'm listening to this as I write this. Halsey's vocals sound amazing here (like she is), and the lyrics are great too. This song is heaven in hiding. 10/10

An eruption of energy and fierceness. Some of the finest work I have ever encountered.

Listen to this song & look what you're finding. Halsey's music is heaven in hiding.

Why is this so low on the list its amazing

19 Alone Alone Cover Art

Turn it on please because the best

Its sooo relatable and so cool

20 Hurricane Hurricane Cover Art

Why is this song in this place? it's amazing, it's just... my body, my heart and my soul are touched by this song. "I'm wanderess I'm a one night stand don't belong to no city don't belong to no man, I'm the violence in the pouring rain, I'm a hurricane"

A song that tells the story of a young woman who doesn't "belong to no city, belong to no man". Such an empowering feminist song.

I heard another song with this title by another pop singer, but this one is SO much better.

WHAT! This song shouldn't be in this place

21 Haunting

Underrated masterpiece. Every Halsey song is amazing but this one has something that makes it special

It has dark undertone to it. It's intense and addictive.

This song should be Number 1! It's so amazing and catchy.

This song is haunting me.

22 Eastside Eastside Cover Art

How is this masterpiece not in the top ten? Halsey vocals are just amazing and Khalid nails it just like his songs Young Dumb Broke and OTW. This is amazing get. This in top ten.

My personal fAve

23 Walls Could Talk

Edgy and dark with the strings accompanying, new favorite song!

Good song The only thing I do not like is its too short!

It deserves better than 32

Oh this song played me like a violin~

24 You Should Be Sad You Should Be Sad Cover Art

You should be sad if you don't think it deserves a top 5

It´s a song about revenge. It´s catchy.

25 Not Afraid Anymore Not Afraid Anymore Cover Art

I love this song SO MUCH! It's amazing just like Halsey's voice. It gets better every time and I want to listen to it for 10 hours. I can't even rate this. Numbers don't go high enough for Not Afraid Anymore.

This is the best song in the 50 shades darker album!

Literally obsessed with this song. Her voice is so beautiful️.

This song is great! Perfectly suits up Ana's change in FSD. BEST SONG EVER BY HALSEY!

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