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21 Haylor Song
22 Empty Gold

So catchy, love this song! Especially the layered vocals in the chorus.

Halsey, babe, why wasn't this one on the album!?!?! - awildzapdos

These lyrics are amazing!


23 Closer

I'm sorry but... This song reminds me of my OTP which made me love this song form the words the same time lol.

Why is this so down in the list!

Best Song ever!

Why? , Just Why?

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24 Sorry
25 Not Afraid Anymore

This song is great! Perfectly suits up Ana's change in FSD. BEST SONG EVER BY HALSEY!

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26 Colors PT II
27 Walls Could Talk Walls Could Talk

Edgy and dark with the strings accompanying, new favorite song!

Good song The only thing I do not like is its too short!

28 Eyes Closed

Her voice is truly a masterpiece in this song.

29 Trouble

Best song

30 Alone

Turn it on please because the best

31 For Ruby

This song though. First time I heard it I played it on repeat and cried myself to sleep. ='(

This song is a lyrical masterpiece.
Plus, it's a raw and beautifully sung song, and the meaning made me cry.

32 Heaven in Hiding Heaven in Hiding

An eruption of energy and fierceness. Some of the finest work I have ever encountered.

Why is this so low on the list its amazing

33 Garden

I like Garden a lot! Wish I could buy it on iTunes though.

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34 Borrowing
35 Wasting Time
36 I Walk the Line

This song is one of my favorites!

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37 S.O.S
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