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1 Hamilton wrote the other 51!
2 Helpless
3 History Has its Eyes on You
4 I am not throwing away my shot
5 I'm willing to wait for it
6 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
7 My name is Alexander Hamilton
8 123456789 10 duel commandments
9 I will never be satisfied

Me when I look at my grades

10 Oui Oui Mon Ami Je'mappelle Lafayette

@AnonymouChick Ummm you realize it's French, right?

I taught my spanish only friend how to sing this whole part. I feel so proud. - AnonymousChick

Oui Oui Mon Ami Je'mapelle Lafayette
The Lancelot of the Revolutionary Set
I came from afar
Just to say bonsoir
Tell the king "Casse toi"
Who's the best?
C'est Moi! - NotYoursTruly

The Contenders

11 And Peggy

When you're the irrelevant one

The third wheel

12 What is a legacy? It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

It's a tie between this and the Lafayette quote. - NotYoursTruly

13 You're on your own. Awesome. Wow!

I have a shirt that says Awesome Wow on it. Fight me.

I love this line so much and how Groff says it!

14 Talk less. Smile more.

Everyone probably thinks this about my sister. - AnonymousChick

Me on a daily basis

15 I am the one thing in my life I can control, I am inimitable, I am an original
16 Is he in Jersey?
17 I'm a General! Whee!

I love lee

18 The world turned upside down
19 You knock me out I fall apart
20 Unimaginable
21 My name is Philip, and I'm a poet.
22 My dog speaks more eloquently than thee.
23 Call me son one more time!

Yup. You're welcome.

24 Honestly it's draining burr

Loves this line

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