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1 It's Quiet Uptown

I honestly cried the first time I listened to this. The raw emotions in this song combined with the sad aftermath of Phillip's death makes this so real and just makes you appreciate everyone around you so much more. LONG LIVE PHILLIP

It took ages for me to warm up to this song 'cause it was so slow and sad and simple, but really, after the Stay Alive reprise, this is just icing on the sad cake... Like in case you weren't already bawling! - keycha1n

The 'Stay Alive (reprise)' is really sad. Philip Hamilton says his goodbyes to his family while he dies from a fatal shot from George Eaker. I really felt like crying while Eliza counted in French when I first heard it; but being the heartless person I am, I didn't. But 'It's Quiet Uptown' totally killed me. I literally BAWLED when Eliza said, "It's quiet uptown." and then the company is saying "Forgiveness. Can you imagine? " Then 'Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story' comes and the orphanage is just so beautiful!

Yeah, I'm listening to this song right now. Hamilton's daily routine seems so... DEPRESSING. With all the political trouble going on on top of Philip's death, it just seems so devastating. And how Eliza forgives him... it's just... aggghh! D:
I definitely vote this song as one of the saddest ones in the musical.

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2 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

I always get through the first half of this song with maybe 20 tears silently flowing down my cheeks, the product of my sobbing during "The World Was Wide Enough." But for some reason, as soon as "the orphanage..." hits, with all the company and Eliza saying, "in their eyes I see you, Alexander," I always lose it and start ugly, weepy crying. Then as soon as "I can't wait to see you again," and then the nice little, "it's only a matter of time," with the harmony from the company, I'm sitting there wanting to give the actual people a hug through my screen

You really realize how much Eliza lost. Two sisters, her husband, her son, outliving almost eveyone she loved... And now she's just waiting to rejoin them.
There's also this interpretation going around that at the end, Eliza breaks the fourth wall to realize that everybody in the audience came to hear about Alexander Hamilton's life, making her life work to preserve his legacy worth it. I'm not sure if its true, but I'll totally go with it. - keycha1n

When I first listened to this soundtrack, I didn't really get the feels that much. As I listened to this song after the rest of the musical, I got sad a lot, but I never have cried. It is the song that makes me sad the most with It's Quiet Uptown and Burn being close behind.

This made me ugly sob in the middle of class.

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3 Stay Alive (Reprise)

When I first listened to the soundtrack, I knew what was going to happen because someone spoiled it for me. Philip actually ended up being my favorite character because I could REALLY relate to him. But when I went to Hamilton, to actually SEE Alexander and Eliza with their dying son made me cry so much. I still hadn't recovered by the end of the musical. Now I can't listen to the song without crying like a baby.

I didn't cry when I listened to this but I was certainly sad. Phillip was one of those characters that you never really noticed until he died. After he died in the show Eliza lets out a scream and holds on to her son. Alexander tries to hold her hand but she jerks it away still crying.

This is the saddest by far when Philip says to Alexander "I did everything you said pop." I cried it's even sadder when you see the show in person I left wiping away tears.

I was watching an animatic and listened to the full track for the first time. It was absolutely filled with emotion and I seriously cried so much at his mom and dad crying. I felt the pain leaking from the song. To this day I can't help, but to cry every time I hear it. Or think about it for too long.

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4 Dear Theodosia

This one makes me cry because it's adorable and they don't know the ends their children will meet. - I-WouldLikeIt-Uptown

Probably in my top favorites of Hamilton. So sweet, so caring!

That's not a sad song although it is but... I don't know.


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5 The World Was Wide Enough

"there is no beat, no melody." and "i hear wailing in the streets." always get me and in the workshop version (aka Ten Things, One Thing) it says "I know this puts me in a difficult spot, but I've got to throw away my shot" and "Philip never hurt a soul, he must've been so scared" and those ones too are so sad ugh lin why - Youare4

"when Hamilton aimed at the sky, he may have been the first one to die. But I'm the one that paid for it."

Can't deal. Too many emotions. - keycha1n

This song is by far the saddest song I have ever heard. The part where Hamilton start just talking without the music in the background is when I start crying

When Aaron Burr's voice goes all unstable when he says "IT'S HIM OR ME! THE WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME" and "THIS MAN WILL NOT MAKE AN ORPHAN OF MY DAUGHTER" I want to cry

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6 Burn

It is the ultimate song of betrayal. You see this woman, this strong, loyal, beautifully talented woman, be betrayed and broken. It is something we experience or hear of from those close to us. A person so close and beloved destroys the heart of the one who loves them. There are few emotional pains as terrible. While the loss of Philip is more unbearably sad, the pure emotion put into the lyrics and music of this song put it at the top of the list for me.

When I imagine this song, I first picture Eliza at a desk in the middle of the night in a old nightgown, and the desk would have neat papers stacked and a burning candle. And as the song picks up speed, she would start knocking things off of the desk, and papers would go flying.

Burn is an amazing song, sung from the point of Eliza. Because of this, it really makes you feel like you are her. If you listen and really imagine you are Eliza, you will cry. I always do.

This song just hurts. The harph intro is a giant, massive pain in the heart. And what's even sadder is when it starts playing in The Reynolds Pamphlet. Also, the whole verse starting with "You published the letters se wrote you" and ending with "He has flown too close to the sun"

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7 Blow Us All Away

I pick blow us all away because it is so happy and cheerful then Phillip gets in an argument and is shot dead at the 7th step even though he wasn't going to kill his opponent

I find this one sad because Philip is so happy and confident and then his opponent turns at seven. - I-WouldLikeIt-Uptown

This one makes me really sad and makes me want to cry in French class. It gives me feels.

Very musically effective.

8 Alexander Hamilton

This one only makes me cry because I played Aaron Burr in a miniature production my friends and I put on, and so I had to come to terms with the fact that I was the damn fool that shot Hamilton. - I-WouldLikeIt-Uptown

Well, it does spoil the story with the whole "I'm the damn fool that shot him" thing...still, feels nonetheless

This song it's really sad...

This makes me saddest though. I mean the part where they were like "hey u smol orphan you need to fend for yourself"? and then he went to study and became famous? like that's so? heartbreaking?

9 Satisfied

In my opinion, Satisfied is by far the most moving song of the entire production. Sure one would assume that the songs dealing with death and loneliness elsewhere in the story might be "sadder," set to more melancholic arrangements; but this one... Nothing is worse than an opportunity missed, than love lost. Angelica is the only real match to Hamilton, and she sacrifices it all. For the rest of her life she would remember it... and that he was right in the end; she wasn't ever satisfied. Maybe she would've been if she had only chosen to take a chance. I take solace in the fact that their love may not have died just because of Hamilton's marriage to Eliza.

The song really builds and it's really cool because you get to hear Angelica's side of the story and you can feel how much she really loves her sister (Eliza).

This song is so sad, she gives up her chance to have an amazing husband for his sister, to have a happy life. She is so selfless, I actually am crying right now

At least my dear Eliza's his wife,
At least I keep his eyes inn my life...

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10 Wait for It

Why is this so low? Even though I find songs like Stay Alive (reprise) and It's Quiet Uptown when talking about the saddest songs, this needs to be in the top 5, really. It makes you feel sorry for Burr, who, as the play continues, you stop feeling sorry for. But this song and Dear Theodosia make you love Burr, excluding the fact he's played by Leslie, who makes the character amazingly likable alone.

This song makes me cry so much, especially the line "I am the one thing in life I can control", I just feel that too much, doing everything you can and its just never good enough.

This makes me sad because I feel bad for Burr. He's living in the shadow of Hamilton even though he was there first.

It gives us more backround on burr and tells us that everyone close he got to died it was pretty emotinal because who wouldn't be sad if everyone you loved died and your still living.

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11 Guns and Ships

The rap was so emotional

11/10 saddests song ever! 1! 1! 1 brings tears to my eyes every time! 1! 1!

screw its quiet uptown, guns and ships is so sad - marleydoestopten


12 My Shot

How in the world is this sad?

Shirley, Shirley, SHIRLEY J TEMPLE! I the steven!

13 Hurricane

Honestly, I know that this song isn't exactly the "bawl your eyes out" type like "It's Quiet Uptown" or "Stay Alive (Reprise)", but this one is definitely emotional. In "Alexander Hamilton", we learn about his past, and can infer about his personality, but it's never as personal, as it's told by other people. It becomes a whole lot more emotional when it's the character singing about his own past (the little voice crack when he's talking about his moms death always gets me), and it's also the moment when he misguidedly ruins his own life. Honestly, I could go on for longer, but I'll leave it at this: the music, lyrics, and place in the story combine to be a pretty emotional song.

This song for me is so utterly heartbreaking because it is really the first time Alexander shares with us his past in the Carribean that he has fought so hard to bury so deeply down no one can see it until now in his moment of weakness and dread of what he is sure to come after the release of the Reynolds Pamphlet. The subjects that he touches on this song are so sad and you can just imagine how traumatizing this would be for anyone-much less a child. The little voice crack that you hear when Hamilton is singing about his dead mother and trying not to cry breaks me every. Single. Time.

Just so sad! My friends love it though... It is the song where he basically ruins his life!

This is so sad because he would have died if not for his writing...

14 Dear Theodosia (Reprise)

Dear Theodosia makes me cry SO HARD. Seeing Burr lose his cool and have an emotional mess is not only touching, but a moment or realization for the listener. Not to mention after listening to Wait For It you know he truly cared about his wife, leaving us sitting in a puddle after we play the song.

This should replace Blow Us All Away. As soon as Burr cried, I was gone. I never cried harder listening to Hamilton. It just reminds me more than other other song, including Stay Alive (Reprise), that you will have to endure a loved one's death and just. Man, Lin, why?

To be honest this is one of the saddest songs in the musical. I wish it was left in. When his voice cracks and he starts to cry I basically wish I was dead

I alwayss cry it is so SAD!

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15 History Has Its Eyes On You
16 Tomorrow They'll Be More of Us

It may not be considered a song, but it's really emotional. Lauren's Death marks Philip's birth.

This is not song it's a interlude of Lauren's death

This made me cry I love my lil bby boy

I started crying when Laurens said the last "tomorrow there'll be more of us..." just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes...

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17 One Last Time

This song it's so happy but sad at the same because George Washington is going home and oh my gosh it is just beautiful.

I'm embarrassed to say that this song makes me cry, but it does. The feeling behind it, plus the beautiful vocals, truly adds up to a sad song

This should be higher! It makes you cry in a way that it's bittersweet! It's such a beautiful, amazing song!

€œEveryone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, and no one will make them afraid...” I listened to this stanza over and over again and now I’m sobbing while I imagine holding my loved ones, “...and no one will make them afraid..” and everything will be okay. I want to sit under my own vine and fig tree and never be afraid.

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18 Best of Wives and Best of Women

I cried during this song. So sad. The last time Hamilton and Eliza speak, and he's lying to Eliza, saying he'll come back and then he doesn't. Eliza didn't worry at the time because she didn't know what was going on. The piano part playing just makes me cry even more.

This song is so sad, because this is the last interaction we know of that Alexander and Eliza had before Hamilton dies, and it is so amazing that Eliza was able to forgive after all Alexander had done

This song is an exchange between Alexander and Eliza before Alexander goes to duel Aaron. - I-WouldLikeIt-Uptown

It's so sad!

19 That Would Be Enough

Eliza is begging Alexander to come home so he doesn't die before his son is born. - I-WouldLikeIt-Uptown

This song is so sad!

20 The Story of Tonight
21 Congratulations

Congratulations is so sad because it shows true heartbreak and love for her sister. Much like Satisfied, it delves deeper into the fact that Angelica gave up love for Eliza. She loved her sister so much that she would give up her own happiness. She would do anything for her sisters, and in return she barely got any love besides sisterly love. It shows the heartbreak, but also how badass Angelica is!

Congratulations is just so beautiful, and sad. Angelica gave up what she wanted, Alexander, for her sister. She would rather be in pain than watch her sister suffer.

Its just *sniff*

The part where she says, "Put what we have aside, I'm standing by her side." makes me bawl my eyes out. My parents and sibling would just look at me with a look that makes me think, "He looked at me like I was stupid, I'm not stupid." and I start crying all over again.

22 Helpless

It's so lovely and Eliza and Alexander sound so happy, and the entire time you know that Eliza won't ever be this happy again. She won't get a husband that loves her as much as he should and everyone will die before she will.

23 Take a Break

This made me cry because of the pause when Angelica and Eliza sing ''Angelica! '' ''Eliza! '' THEY PAUSED. THEY PAUSED FOR PEGGY!

24 Tomorrow There'll Be More of Us

Alexander's best friend dies. John Laurens was my favorite character and he just died.

25 Say No to This

I didn't cry, just very annoyed. Screw Maria. - NotYoursTruly

Me: *crying and screaming*
Me: Say no to it dammit!
Me: Say no! - AnonymousChick

26 Laurens Interlude

Is sad because is Laurens's death and in the broadway Lafayette and Hercules can be seen in the balcony reading their letter from Laurens. When it say is about his death, Lafayette drops and Hercules pull out a flask and chugs it

This made me cry because of Lauren's death.

"Tomorrow there'll be more of us"

27 The Schuyler Sisters
28 What Did I Miss?
29 Stay Alive
30 Ten Things One Thing
31 Schuyler Defeated

It's sad bcs Mr. Schuyler loses his job I guess

32 Aaron Burr, Sir
33 The Room Where It Happens

I fell bad for Burr again because he wasn't in the room where it happened.

34 The Election of 1800

Bis dis us cry si nuch ih boh I ceyu si nuyg yh s img so bad cry

35 Farmer Refuted
36 What Comes Next
37 Non-Stop

The way Alexander leaves everything behind and screws everyone over just makes me cry so much. This is such a beautiful, desperate song and the ending is just flawless.

38 The Cabinet Battle #1
39 The Cabinet Battle #2

I gasped along with Ham at the end whhyy - Youare4

40 Washington On Your Side
41 Right Hand Man
42 Ten Duel Commandments

This made me cry because Charles lee gets shot at the end of the song by John Lauren's and it made me really 😭

43 What'd I Miss

Kinda sad... only because Thomas has been away so long

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