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21 Helpless

It's so lovely and Eliza and Alexander sound so happy, and the entire time you know that Eliza won't ever be this happy again. She won't get a husband that loves her as much as he should and everyone will die before she will.

22 Congratulations

Congratulations is so sad because it shows true heartbreak and love for her sister. Much like Satisfied, it delves deeper into the fact that Angelica gave up love for Eliza. She loved her sister so much that she would give up her own happiness. She would do anything for her sisters, and in return she barely got any love besides sisterly love. It shows the heartbreak, but also how badass Angelica is!

Congratulations is just so beautiful, and sad. Angelica gave up what she wanted, Alexander, for her sister. She would rather be in pain than watch her sister suffer.

23 Take a Break
24 Say No to This

I didn't cry, just very annoyed. Screw Maria. - NotYoursTruly

Me: *crying and screaming*
Me: Say no to it dammit!
Me: Say no! - AnonymousChick

25 Stay Alive
26 Ten Things One Thing
27 Tomorrow There'll Be More of Us

Alexander's best friend dies. John Laurens was my favorite character and he just died.

28 The Schuyler Sisters
29 What Did I Miss?
30 Aaron Burr, Sir
31 The Room Where It Happens

I fell bad for Burr again because he wasn't in the room where it happened.

32 The Election of 1800

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33 Farmer Refuted
34 What Comes Next
35 Schuyler Defeated
36 Non-Stop

The way Alexander leaves everything behind and screws everyone over just makes me cry so much. This is such a beautiful, desperate song and the ending is just flawless.

37 The Cabinet Battle #1
38 The Cabinet Battle #2
39 Washington On Your Side
40 Right Hand Man
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