Top 10 Handheld Game Consoles

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1 Nintendo DS

Yes. Still amazing and still playing it until now. No handheld can beat DS Lite's battery life.

Two screens twice the fun!

2 Nintendo 3DS

To be honest, this is objectively better than the DS, I don't see how the DS can be better since the 3DS is a DS but much better, you can even play DS games on it - darthvadern

Nintendo is the king of handheld consoles. Nobody will remove them from the top. Not even Sony Computer Entertainment, or SEGA. All hail Nintendo!

It’s a DS with a joystick, better graphics, better games, and 3d! - Ilikegames

I loved my 3ds sadly it broke. :*-(

Rest In Peace 3ds

3 Gameboy Advance

This thing is awesome! Massive game library, amazing battery life, compatibility with EVERY gameboy game ever, it's incredible!

Its amazing I would choose it over any game console ever

Gameboy advance is better then the gameboy color

4 PlayStation Portable
5 PlayStation Vita
6 Gameboy
7 Gameboy Color
8 Neo Geo Pocket Color
9 Nintendo DS Lite
10 Gameboy Advance SP

This handheld is perfect in every way with the exception of no Headphone Jack - thunderstar1124

The Contenders

11 TurboExpress
12 Nintendo Switch

This deserves it's praise. Get this to #1

13 Nintendo 3DS XL

The 3ds xl should be included with the first on as it has 90% larger screen!

14 Sega Game Gear
15 Microvision
16 Sega Nomad
17 Nintendo DSi XL
18 New Nintendo 3DS XL
19 Wii U

This doesn't count because the touch pad can't be used without the Wii U on, therefore you can't play on the go. - Goatworlds

This isn't a handheld console!

20 Atari Lynx
21 Game & Watch

This thing is so old - Goatworlds

22 Nintendo 2DS
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1. PlayStation Portable
2. Nintendo DS Lite
3. Gameboy Advance
1. Nintendo DS
2. PlayStation Vita
3. Gameboy
1. Nintendo DS
2. Neo Geo Pocket Color
3. Gameboy Advance

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