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On December 22nd, of 2017 Mario Party: The Top 100 was released in Europe and Australia, a handheld game in the Mario Party series. I wasn't too excited about it seeing as how lackluster it looked like, and today we will ranking the handheld Mario parties, without further ado, let's start!

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1 Mario Party: Island Tour

This is in my opinion one of the greatest mario games of all time! You guys probably already know how much I love modern mario party, especially the earlier ones! While Mario Party Island Tour isn't my favourite mario party, it's definitely my second favourite! So why do I love this game so much? Well, the answer is easy! It's one of the most original mario party games to date. The boards in the game are short, but they all have a different aspect of winning them! There's the luck-based Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain, the skill-based Kamek's Carpet Ride, and so on! Each board is something different and unique and I love it! There's a such a big variety in boards! Alright, the music is also excellent! For me it is very nostalgic! The final bowser battle and Let's Go are some of my all-time favourite songs! I loved the boss battle minigames as well! To be honest, the only thing I did not like about the game was maybe that the story mode was a bit... more - darthvadern

I like modern Mario party and this looks like another version of Mario party 9 and mp9 was my favorite Mario party ever!

Best mario party

2 Mario Party DS

This one I haven't played, but everyone says this one's one of the best so I'll have it in the top three. People say this game had the best story mode, and from what I have studied about this game. It was the first mario party to ever have boss battles, although only five bosses in total. I really wish I could get this game - darthvadern

Totally love this one - LightningStrike

This was one of the first ones I played. And it’s pretty good for a handheld game. It almost feels like it should be a console game - Randomator

3 Mario Party: Star Rush

Mario Party: Star Rush is hands down the most original mario party game out there! This game has the second biggest roster in the series and this game has so many different game modes! Toad Scramble, Mario Shuffle and Challenge Tower are my three favourites! Toad Scramble is the main mode! You take control of a toad and you must rescue stars that have been kidnapped by boss battles! You can also recruit ally characters like Mario, Luigi, etc, and compete through minigames! The boards are very big and you can roam free around them! There's 15 of them! While only about five of them are good in my opinion, it doesn't matter. This game is excellent! - darthvadern

4 Mario Party Advance

This one is the first in the series to use the car formula, and people consider this to be the worst mario party of all time. Only four playable characters and one board in the entire game. - darthvadern

5 Mario Party: The Top 100

Often reffered to as one of the worst mario parties. It looks quite lackluster if I do say so myself as there's barely any content at all in this video game, it's mostly just retro minigames from retro mario party games. I still thinks it looks decent and I might get it sometime - darthvadern

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