Most Handsome Seventeen Members

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1 Vernon

He looks very good, he has nice body propotions and his overall appearance is just really attractive, also I think lighter haircolours such as silver and turquoise suits him very nicely<3

Hansol saranghae<3

I love him cause he is my bias and he have same faces with my favourite actor leonardo. (he is not my favourite actor but I love him)

I choose VERNON because he looks like hollywood leonardo dicaprio, they are just handsome

He has very exotic features and he was the reason I got into seventeen

2 Mingyu

I think he is the most handsome member of seventeen. I like him most...

He is weird but still looking handsome at any angle.

I think I never meet anyone beautiful like him

He is so good-looking!

3 Wonwoo

Well he is just born to be handsome like what?! He is my type like cold face but sweet heart

He have everything to be a perfect boy, why should I don't like him?

He's a good guy. I love him. Also I love his deep voice.

He looks like the main prince from Goong

4 Jun

His drowsy eyelook is really attractive, and his body is really nice. Also his face is just really nice to look at<3

Junhui saranghae<3

His face is unreal, so beautiful, his body Is perfect, naturally well built, well proportionated...He is my bias since day one, not only because of his aesthetic, but because of his personality

Jun isn't even my ultimate bias but hey, this boy's features are insane. Definitely one of the top. This is the kind of visual everyone would definitely approved of.

His drowsy eyes are so beautiful and he has perfect features...! He looks angelic while dancing.

5 Joshua

His the total package. He can dance, sing, his funny, his a gentleman, his baby face is to die for and his a family-man. What more could you ask for?

Joshua is the only one I see when I go anywhere probably because I love him so much! Every members in seventeen are good looking and are the best!

He has a very unique face, wich I really like about him, he also has kind of a big nose, but it suits his face unexpectedly well and makes him very very handsome<3

Jisoo saranghae<3

You are bound to love Jisoos. He's cat like eyes, curled up lips, soft voice when he sings and speaks English, shy smile and gentleman personality makes me want to love him even more. People show more love for this gentleman.

6 Jeonghan

when I was watching seventeen music video, he is the first one I saw. He really attracts me how he is being adorable and hardworking person.

He has been looking stunning ever since their debut, I mean, he always looks good, but honestly for me I think that he looked the best in fear-era with his lightblonde hair, it really suited him<3

Jeonghan sarangae<3

Jeonghan's visual is very perfect . He has both cute and sexy . He's such an angel lives with human !

My first bias, jeonghan is very handsome, I like when his hair is blonde, it is very charming

7 DK

Oh my good ... I can't say anything about him, DK looks perfect in my eyes.

I love his voice. I love how attractive he is. I love his visual

I think he is really handsome and look like an actor

A voice as angelic as his face

8 S.Coups

Best thighs that saved my life,
His cute and natural Aegyo,
But he's the hottest member in seventeen in my opinion,
Best leader and a good dancer
His cute giggles,
And lastly, and most importantly his rapping skills as well as stable and beautiful vocals.

I love his leadership, his super attractive. his good at singing and also dancing. I love he is being patient of his chaotic members.

Honetly Seungcheol has the best body in seventeen. Periodt.

also he looks very cute and attractive, even though he kinda resembles a camel he still looks incredibly handsome, and I love that about him<3

Seungcheol saranghae<3

He is so charismatic

9 Dino

He is really good looking, and even though he's the maknae I think he is seventeen's sexiest member, the way he dances and his facial expressions are just chefskiss, also he looks's really good in dark haircolours<3

Chan Saranghae<3

He is cute and handsome.. Spread love for dino please 💖

wah uri maknae <3 he's cute and I live for his smile

he has unique attitude. he is good at dancing very well. I love how he treat his hyungs.

10 Hoshi

His face is really nice to look at, I don't know what makes it so beautiful but I feel like I could watch him for hours and I'd still be as fascinated from his cute yet sexy appearence<3

Soonyoung Saranghae<3

I love how he loves tiger. his good at dancing and singing I love how he makes his members laugh.

He's so funny and cute. He also a friendly.

He is very innocent and handsome.

The Contenders
11 The8

When I was watching seventeen music video for the first time (Adore U).
The8 was the first one I saw (I thought to myself, Damnn this dude is handsome). <333
He is always so cute and pretty.

I love him being fashion icon. I love his singing, dancing, rapping skills. I love his visual. he is always cute, attractive, and also soft member.

He is my ult bias because he is litterally the softest person to ever wxist, also I love his personality and his visuals are so beautiful, he looks so good he is litterally my dream man, his future girl/boyfriend will be so lucky<3

Minghao saranghae<3

He is so adorable person, educate me how imporatance the emotion it is, and the hardworker one.

12 Woozi

I really like his face, it is so soft and cute, he also has good body propotions even though he's short, honestly his shortness makes him even more attractive. I really just like him a lot <3

Jihoon Saranghae<3

Has so much talent (Dancing, singing, composing etc. Don't even get my started) and is so adorable too!

He is cute but hot... his beautiful smile brightens up my day! Love him!

I really like the way woozi writes his songs and his cuteness when doing aegyo

13 Seung Kwan

Boo the 2nd one who caught my eye. omg I thought he is like vernon who is a joker but he is really are but he really had that perfect cute face.

I love his face so much, he looks so good and he is easily the most underrated visual in seventeen, I don't know why he looks so good, especially in darker haircolours and parted hair, I think that really fraes his face very nicely<3

Seungkwan saranghae<3

He's one of the cutest! His cheekbones and jawline are to die for

adorable cute mood maker

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