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61 Ice Cream Freeze

This is an awesome song... Should be in top 15 at least... Energetic song.. Awesome lyrics its a new dance and is definitely a party song a must listen guys...!

So cool! And makes you want to dance! My sister doesn't like Miley Cyrus but
Loves this song! I love this song to it is my favrite song in
The worldi love the T. V programe hannah Montana. I saw every ep. O yes
We are taking about the song! Yes it should be in the top 15


62 Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Amazing mix between guitar solos and piano tabs
& Miley vocal - shatti

63 Make Some Noise
64 Two More Lonely People
65 Permanent December
66 Wake Up America
67 Right Here
68 Someday

This song should be in top ten list

69 Obsessed

OH my gosh this song should not be number 44! Its really stupid that it is! I mean this song should be NUMBER 1! Don't you think? I cry every time I hear it... Don't judge me! It's the best Miley Cyrus song ever! Don't you know people?

I agree NUMBER 1! If you never heard this song you should most definitely Listen to it. Am I the only one who likes this song!? Please People!

Obsessed the best word in the world, and the best song! GO MILEY CYRUS!
The best singer songwriter and actress in the world! YEAH!

Mm, yep it should be number one. Let's bring it up from 32.

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70 Get Ready, Get Set, Don't Go
71 Don't Walk Away
72 Dream
73 East Northumberland High

Such an underrated song I love this song very much

74 You and Me Together

This song reminds me of my crush, he's adorable! I always hang out with him, yeah ut this is a great song!

75 Gonna Get This

Love this song great lyrics great voices from Miley Cyrus and iyaz it's a shame this song isn't more popular because this song rocks one of the best songs ever created

I love this song whats wrong with this voting?! It should be higher!

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76 Kissing You
77 The Other Side of Me

Great song. It should be way higher in the list. She is expressing how she has two sides in her life and that she likes to live both of them in her own way.

Man! This song is sure great! It should be WAY higher. You HAVE to listen to it, because its one of her besties! Truly, no kidding! It's really a fab song

78 Before the Storm

I CRIED when I seen this live... don't laugh... it was BEAUTIFUL - SmoothCriminal

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79 Love That Lets Go
80 G.N.O. - Girl's Night Out
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