Top 10 Happiest Moments on TheTopTens

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1 When you get your 100th follower

That would be awesome! - TheFourthWorld

I'm almost halfway there.

When I was using my Animefan12 account, I got really happy when I reached 100 followers. This list is accurate - styLIShT

Sure... personally getting to 300 followers is an incredible achievement. - htoutlaws2012

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2 When your list gets recognition

Hey I try to find lists that seem lost in the shuffle, and give my appreciation, but remixing it for them. - htoutlaws2012

Almost all of my lists from this account goes unnoticed, but I did make some popular lists on my previous account, and honestly, waking up to realise that your list is at #1 on the 'Hottest lists last 7 days' is a really wonderful feelinh - styLIShT

That happens to me sometimes because people liked Embarrassing Moments On TheTopTens and Best Things About 2017 Music but not any of my other lists.

3 When your post gets recognition

This would be cool. If only my posts would get more comments. - Randomator

Getting noticed for our posts is cool considering you do it for yourself, and the pride you bring in each day to bring up general ideas. - htoutlaws2012

That would be my favorite thing!

4 When other users compliment you

It feels even better when they compliment your content. - styLIShT

Compliment me please nothing good ever happened

That would be cool.

Blessings are always a good feel moment to have remove negative reception, and distance yourself from greatness awaits. - htoutlaws2012

Yeah it’s satisfying - Randomator

5 When you get your first follower

When I started out it was a soso first user, but I eventually started following tons of obscure users, and I don't regret that at all as they begin to look at the content, and put it into there own creative tension. - htoutlaws2012

I was so excited and I was jumping up and down when this happened.

I don’t remember who my first follower was, but the person followed me right after I created an account on the day I joined. I was like, “woah, I’m off to a good start.” - PackFan2005

6 When you talk to your friends

The is the main reason i’m still on this site. I love the conversations with my friends. - Userguy44

It is fun to talk to my friends on TheTopTens.

7 When you are #1 on a list

I should be 1 on best visitors -vis

This has never happened to me

This has yet to happen to me - Randomator

Other users have better content than me so this would not happen.

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8 When your favorite thing is #1 on a list

Inserts of certain subjects claim of that deserved spot. - htoutlaws2012

That never happens to me...I wish Halsey was #1 on lists.

9 When users recognize you as a good user

Am I a good user

That is a really good feeling. I can confirm - styLIShT

Hopefully it happens to me in the future - Randomator

That would be cool.

Yes it would! And, I think you are a good user which is exactly why I followed you. - TheFourthWorld

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10 When you can talk to users with similar interests

Some not always, but there are users that share common interests. - htoutlaws2012

Some people have kind of the same interests as me.

Like positron wildhawk- Kevinsidis

As u see I’m a vis so can’t really have some chats with useys.

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11 When you get post comments

It makes my day when someone cares enough about my post to take time out of their day and write an excellent comment.

12 When you wake up to get seven new messages

I got 10 messages one time when I woke up. - Userguy44

What about 6? I was so happy when I got 6!

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