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21 Ant

The way they kill Sniffles is NIGHTMARE FUEL.

22 Mole

I like him. I think he's my favorite. It's funny when he kills someone unintentionally, and surprising when he dies, because he used to be the luckiest. - Palmeiras

He's a blind guy, who's hilarious antics get the others killed. Especially good when paired with Lumpy

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23 Splendid

I'm not a fan of superman but splendid is another different story

24 Sneaky
25 Disco Bear

In my opinion, he's like BB from FNaF: The fandom wants to hate somebody. They need a scapegoat. They find Disco Bear.

He makes one fabulous character that ain't no lie my only concern is why do people hate him so much? He needs more lovin

He should be in the top 3 or even the top 2!

His scream though, LOL


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26 Mr. Pickles

He murders other characters like Flippy. He is pretty cute!

Has anyone else notice that Mr. Pickles is based on the killer dog who murders everyone whose name is also Mr. Pickels.

27 Cro-Marmot

He is...a little Sturdy... But he is my 3rd favorite character. I like how he drives an ice cream truck. He deserves more Starring Episodes

28 Tiger Leader

I like how he is very similar to my favorite characters: Shifty. I love the guards as well

What? Where's Buddhist Monkey?!

29 Buddhist Monkey


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