Top 10 Happy Tree Friends Episodes

The goriest, most controversial animation ever. So, which episodes rank among the best?

The Top Ten

1 Banjo Frenzy

The episode that started it all. Deceptively cute, yet deadly, this episode is truly a classic. - ryanbuchanan

It was shorter, and there was no characters we know and love today. But it caused everything, so it's alright. - Mariomaster63

Yep, 100%

2 Eyes Cold Lemonade

The first time I watched this episode, I'll admit, I cringed a little. This episode is the epitome of the gory violence that defines the series. - ryanbuchanan

It's so gross and funny to watch!

I like it because giggles dies

First one I watched

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3 Eye Candy

This is one messed up episode, but one that you can't help yourself not to watch. How does it end? A bird poops on Toothy's face. - ryanbuchanan

It won an award

4 Party Animal

The first episode Flippy appeared in! I love this episode a lot!

5 Tongue in Cheek

OK? What moron put this as the #4 BEST?! I totally understand as the #4 WORST episode, but this is just ridiculous. Sure Sniffles was the one who mostly started the conflict between the ants, but they took Sniffles final torture WAY too far.

How is this here?

Dude. In this episode they really let sniffles have it. they put him throughout so much pain he begins crying I know sniffles is my favorite character but why does he keep going after the ants. so this is one of my top20 episodes.

6 Hide and Seek

Like all of them it starts out normal. But this time it goes bad when flippy goes psycho mercenary on them. The was awesome. None of them even had a chance.

7 The Home Is Where the Hurt Is

Hahahha such a funny episode
Everyone dies though but it still the best
Only behind By the seat of your pants and Shard at work

8 Class Act

This episode is brutal. One of the darkest episodes, by far. In this Christmas special, everybody dies while singing "Oh Christmas Tree".

The only episode (besides Remains To Be Seen or something like that) where literally everyone dies.

I laughed so hard while watching this episode my spaghetti went up my nostrils.

It is cleverly written and the only episode to date where everyone appears.

9 The Wrong Side of the Tracks

Very First Episode! Loved it.

Loved it! Still though Lifty and Shifty got the most gory deaths in that episode.

10 Spin Fun Knowin' ya

The episode that started it all.

The Contenders

11 Easy for You to Sleigh
12 Suck it Up
13 Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part 2)

This one is great!

In my opinion, this is definitely the most gruesome episode I've seen so far. The battle at the end with the Flippys just had a TON of violence, blood, guts, etc.


The reason why I find this episode to be so amazing is not it's above average gory content for a HTF episode, or just because it's about Flippy (who is a bit overrated in my opinion), but because it abstinents from it's original formula.
This episode was not just about over the top Final Destination esque deaths or Flippy killing others in over the top ways, but a one (which should include the first one too) where we get to see Flippy's mental struggle that his ptsd had imposed on him and watch him fight himself to see which personality will win.
It was amazingly done, and is the best choice for an episodic T.V. series finale HTF could have asked for. - fivemorechances

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14 Mime to Five


Fun - PrinceBlu

15 Chew Said a Mouthful

Poor nutty. His addiction for candy went for a fall I hope that jaw breaker was worth it

This episode is my 2nd favorite htf episode poor nutty I hate that he has to learn the hard way

I love this episode nutty should fix his candy problem. he broker his jaw, bit off his tongue and ended up dead because of this. he also brought mime, disco bear, flaky, and toothy with him!

16 Ski Patrol

I love this episode/short. They have like 138 steps to cure chapped lips. Like what? It's so random but funny at the same time.

17 Snip Snip, Hooray

How Did Cub Not Feel Pain When He Shaved The Skin Off His Head? He Felt Pain When His Ear Was Cut Off.

Ouch. I don't want to end up like Cub!

18 Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
19 This Is Your Knife


20 Remains To Be Seen

I saw this. I didn't get scared. I never even had a single nightmare since I watch Happy Tree Friends all the time. Giggles and Cuddles eating brains is disgusting. EVERYBODY RUN! THERE IS A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

The scariest episode

21 Hello Dolly

Well now we appear with the idol again and I really love disco bears death it made my 8Th pick for the top 10 deaths

22 And the Kitchen Sink

How does Cub not die when half his body gets cut off? He later drowns because Pop was being an idiot.

Oh god, cub...
Just no.

23 Out On a Limb
24 Take a Hike
25 See You Later, Elevator
26 Keepin' It Reel

Keeping it reel is so amusing
to me floppy kills 6 in like 2 minutes. I wish it would have shown lumpys death.

27 False Alarm
28 I Nub You

The only episode where I like petunia

29 Double Whammy!
30 Dino-Sore Days

Cro-marmot's best, nice 20s parody.

31 Royal Flush
32 Meat Me for Lunch
33 Carpal Tunnel of Love
34 A Hole Lotta Love

Pop and cub a loving pair but cub always dies! This one also includes sniffles and this character is my favorite character! So a drill machine I love robotics and machines plus drills look cool to me! A lot of characters die (7) and cub just goes to the ice cream truck.

35 Letter Late Than Never
36 Wishy Washy

A good one. Lumpy's corpse brought it all.

37 Random Acts of Silence

Fliqpy might killed only three people but they were gruesome I had rank it, it would be #1 Mime #2 Sniffles #3 Nutty

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