Top Ten Hard Liquors to Take as Straight Shots

The Top Ten

1 Tequila

Quick and effective. Lol. Personal favorites:Jose Cuervo Clear, Patron. - THC13

2 Whiskey

Personal favorite: Jim Bean - THC13

3 Moonshine

It's illegal but I came across this stuff twice in my life. Man oh man...Lol. - THC13

4 Vodka

I personally don't like "shooting" vodka, but a lot of people do. - THC13

5 Rum

(in my opinion) Better mixed as a cocktail but can be "shot". - THC13

6 Gin

Also better mixed than "shot" in my opinion. - THC13

7 Absinthe


8 Grappa

Wine-like but very powerful. Usually expensive. - THC13

9 Schnapps

I got really sick off peppermint schnapps before. I haven't been able to drink schnapps since. - THC13

10 J├Ągermeister

Very popular. Personally, I can't stand the stuff. - THC13

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