Led Zeppelin

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Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of Robert Plant (Vocal), Jimmy Page (Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass, Keyboard) and John Bonham (Drums). The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition ...read more.


The fact that X Japan is ahead of led zeppelin makes me sick to my stomach and im not joking.Once I saw them ahead of zepplin my stomach started hurting.And metallica isnt the greatest hard rock band of all time sorry posers but they sold out with the black album 80s stuff was all classic but after that they sucked.
Led Zepplin is the greatest hard rock band of all time and sabbath is second.
Im also sick of nirvana they would barly make my top 100.I think there overrated. - Chris-1

The who, kinks, queen, rolling stones ac/dc deep purple among others all inspired the music that followed... Led zeppelin and the beatles were in a different league.

zeppelin are the most musicaly ahead of their age and put more feeling in their music than any others

and we must remember that a large percentage of these votes come from people that don't know very much about music and care more for image and play that video game guitar player.

its hard to say but zeppelin are not #1 because a lot of these voters are kid who have never heard of zeppelin
- djperth

Without Led Zeppelin hard rock will never happen. Led Zeppelin created it all. Without their influence We might not even have rock today as we know it. Even if we had it will surely suck with the unhealthy influence of pop music are getting more simple and less sophisticated. We can barely feel any passion in songs today. Its all just songs that are nice to move your head to the beat for making money.

Just the most influential and creative band of all time. In my opinion Zepp should be at 1, while Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix Experience in the top 5. These artists were the inventors and developers of hard rock. And it's so funny to read perturbed comments from LinkinPark's or System's fans, wondering why their idols are not in the top

I Think That Led-Zepplin Does not have to stand for the number two spot. They have done to much to be in second especially not behind Metallica. They have done to much to be put down to the number 2 they have out sold every one but the beatels so move them up. LED-ZEPPELIN IS AND ALWAYS BE THE KINGS OF HARD ROCK. Singed -Zach Kraft P.S. R.I.P JHON BONHAM

How in Blue Hades could Led Zep NOT be #1?! Who is organizing this list, it's absurd. This ALMOST as bad as the Grammys. Oh yeah, Bon Jovi's only really on this a technicality(he made tons of $, was good looking, and was parent friendly). That fact alone should really disqualify him as a bona-fide hard rock star. - darkknight9761

How in the world are X-Japan and Metallica above Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin are the greatest band in the world. Robert Plant has a great voice, Jimmy Page has great guitar, John Paul Jones has great bass and John Bonham has great drumming. How are X-Japan and Metallica above Led Zeppelin.

I agree that Led Zeppelin should be number 1, but all the people saying that they are metal are wrong. Many Led Zeppelin songs are accoustic, which metal doesn't use. Led Zeppelin was more of blues band than metal, but they did help create hard rock which in turn created metal.

The musical artistry, creativity, and influence of Led Zeppelin makes them clearly #1 over and above all others for hard rock. The Beatles were more influentual from a pop music standpoint but did not have the musical talent of Led Zeppelin. Listen to Kashmir, Fool in the Rain, Stairway to Heaven, Going to California, etc and compare with any other band. Zeppelin's body of work is phenomenal.

X Japan is nothing compared to Zeppelin that goes to metallic too. So what Led Zeppelin IS the greatest band of all time no one can come close to them. Is that clear to every loser who voted the who on top?

Led Zeppelin's amazing. They brought a whole new perspective to music. How dare anyone even vote for metallica over THE zeppelin. If you voted for metallica over zeppelin, I can't even respect you.

It hurts.

Of all the bands listed, Led Zeppelin should be number one. They were the first heavy metal which led the others to either imitate them or be like them. No band could ever play their songs and do it justice. Led is the best.

I love Metallica and Judas Priest too, but this is it for me. avenged sevenfold is a pulverized inkling of trash with no sign of any intelligent or creative thought whatsoever. - QuarantineGames

Obviously Led Zeppelin should be nr. 1. The music was awesome and many bands today profit from what Led Zeppelin brought to us. Come on people VOTE!

Dude the name says it all Led Zepplin was the shizznit. Gotta love D'yer Maker. Plus metallica blows and plus they got their stuff stolen from My hometown Detroit.

led zeppelin is the original and d best there is! metallica is great too but i can't believe that led zep is behind metallica... plus, even metallica knows that led zep is better than them

The most amazing hard rock band ever even in the short period they had as a band they wiped the floor with their songs like stairway to heaven and a whole lotta love overall amazing!

Have you guys gone crazy you put Guns N' Roses at no.2 and this great band below them Led Zeppelin R HEROES IMMORTAL IS THEIR MUSIC next time visit this site I better c them at number 1

Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and the late John Bonham....Led Zeppelin. Their music speaks for itself. Timeless and without limits.

Should be number one. One of the first hard rock bands, and the best. None of many awesome bands today can't get close to what Led Zeppelin did to Rock music.

They were the progenitors of hard rock/ heavy metal. Kashmir & Achilles Last Stand always ring bells in my psyche. Zeppelin should be at No. 1, period.

The best band of all time, period. Each member a master of their instrument, all of them in perfect sync, shaking the earth with killer jams. It doesn't get better than this.

Led Zeppelin are the gods of rock. The Beatles couldn't rock as hard. They created hard rock, all these other bands are living in the shadow of led. Always get the led out m/

TAKE THIS OFF OF THIS LIST (especially off of number 1)! This band is overrated and aggravating. PLEASE vote Metallica for number 1. Metallica RULES, Led Zeppelin STINKS! - PhoenixAura81