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161 Rise Against Rise Against Rise Against is an American hardcore punk band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1999. The band's current line-up comprises vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tim McIlrath, lead guitarist Zach Blair, bassist Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes. They are known for popularizing punk.

Rise against cd's are awesome! the guitarist is awesome, I would like to have his guitar!

162 Foo Fighters Foo Fighters Foo Fighters is an American rock band, formed in Seattle in 1994. It was founded by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl after the death of Kurt Cobain and the dissolution of his previous band. The band consists of obviously Dave Grohl (lead vocalist, songwriter), Pat Smear (lead guitarist, pianist), Nate Mendel more.

Foo Fighters ARE GREATEST BAND EVER PERIOD. Nirvana's drummer started this band, Dave Groehl (i think that's how its spelled). Best band of all time.

Foo Fighters should be on the top 20 at least. You should hear Pretender, Everlong, Big me, Monkey Wrench, These days, Walk, Dear Rosemary to name the best.

I can't believe I fell for this list. Foo Fighters should be top 20 at least. Joke page

This band seems to be extremely underestimated in this chart...

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163 Rammstein Rammstein Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and Industrial Metal band consisting of Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (electric bass), Christoph Schneider (drums) and Christian Lorenz (keyboard), that formed in 1994 in Berlin . more.

Rammstein is just a good foreigner band, who can go up with the other American bands

Rammstein is truely the only metal band with class. Americans don't understand the band because of a different style and language. I rank their performances above the rest, truely fearful and genuin.

I don, t get this... Well ok Metallica is great but rammstein Du Hast and Ich Will are super, maybe metalica is god tthen ramm is ze god of ze god! ICH WILL RAMMSTEIN! DU HAST RAMMSTEIN!
And deep purple great too...

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164 The Angels/Angel City

Mind blowing live act from Australia. The front man "Doc Neeson" is second to none. This band deserves to be on the list

165 Good Rats
166 My Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance was an American rock band from Jersey City, New Jersey, active from 2001 to 2013. For much of their career, the band consisted of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way, and drummer Bob Bryar.

Oh Man! Is my eyes are cheating with me they should be at least in top 10. thier song Welcome To Black Parade, Famous Last Words, This Is How I Disappear, Helena is best ever hard rock song. they have totally different personality. they are live legends!

YE, My Chemical Romance will always be my saviour, My Chemical Romance is not death yet, their songs WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE, I don't LOVE YOU, ITS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT, etc are the best song ever

What?! 72?! I mean, I agree that the ones in the top ten are classics but I couldn't find Cream on this list at all and they're, like, one of the best bands of this genre ever!

167 Die In Cries
168 B'z B'z B'z is a Japanese rock duo, consisting of guitarist, composer and producer Takahiro "Tak" Matsumoto and vocalist and lyricist Koshi Inaba, known for their energetic hard-rock tracks and pop ballads.
169 White Zombie White Zombie White Zombie was an American heavy metal band that formed in 1985. Based in New York City, White Zombie was originally a noise rock band, and was known for its later heavy metal-oriented sound.
170 AFI
171 Tesla

Tesla is much better than most of the bands on this list. They actually had the chops to play... not the look of posers.

Amazingly unique vocals, with crazy guitar licks from the electric duo, Hannon and Skeoch. Every song they made just oozed pure hard rock! Tesla is the ultimate hard rock band! Too bad they never got the recognition they so deserved

172 Atreyu
173 Senses Fail
174 Angelus Apatrida
175 Jettblack
176 Black Tide Black Tide Black Tide was an American heavy metal band from Miami, Florida. Formed in 2004, the band consists of Gabriel Garcia, Austin Diaz and Cody Paige.
177 Rev Theory
178 Burn Halo
179 Buckcherry Buckcherry Buckcherry is an American rock band from Anaheim, California, formed in 1995. The band released two albums, Buckcherry and Time Bomb, before dissolving in 2002. In 2005, lead vocalist Josh Todd and lead guitarist Keith Nelson reformed Buckcherry with a new lineup and released a new album in 2006, 15. more.
180 The Mother*******
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