Guns N' Roses


Are you serious? A band that has about 8 songs worth mentioning and a singer with shredded vocal cords? Slash is the best guitarists in the world huh? Yeah I remember being in my teens and being able to play anything he could and with little difficulty. If you look at Musician's World top 100 Guitarists of all times as ranked by their own peers, Slash didn't do that great. Let's see who was no. 1? Oh yeah Eddie Van Halen himself! No mention of Slash near the top. Whoever posted that obviously is not a musician nor a Guitarist either. Don't get me wrong Guns N' Roses was very good for a short run. I've seen them live and they have the audio engineer keep AXL's mic lower than the instruments for a reason. He destroyed his voice by smoking and drinking too much 25 years ago.

The time of the real Guns N' Roses was short, yes... But in this time they made some of greatest hard rock songs in history.. They did not just made awesome music. They looked like rock stars! And they were... I agree that Led Zeppelin is one of the most awesome bands... But for me, Led Zeppelin was no real hard rock band. It was the beginning of hard rock... But their music was not the real hard rock... It was hard rock influenced by blues rock, progressive rock and bit psychedelic rock... The real hard rock bands were Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Van Halen, etc...

Literal perfection - and to those saying slash's solos and what not are easy - that doesn't mean he's a bad guitarist, something doesn't have to be hard to play to sound good sound be effective

How can the band that made the song get in the ring be number one look I like guns n roses but what if I want to listen to some really good music that isn't just one song for ten minutes

Guns N' Roses any day. I think 9 of the other bands on here are great too (never heard of warfaze), but they ain't Guns. Led Zeppelin are a very influential band but in my opinion frankly there boring if Guns N' Roses ain't number 1 then I could understand Metallica or Black Sabbath (the real inventors of heavy metal) or even AC/DC but not Led Zep (for me)

I know loads of people are going to disagree with me, but frankly I don't care. You can think what you want its your right to do so, but NOBODY can slam Guns N' Roses fans because we think Guns N' Roses are better than Led Zep or Slash is a better guitar player than Jimmy Page. We're just as passionate about Guns N' Roses as Led Zep fans are about Led Zeppelin. I like Guns N' Roses more than Zep but I'm thankful that Led Zep contributed to hard rock music. If there was no Beatles they'd be no Stones, No Led Zep, No Sabbath, No Aerosmith, No Van Halen, No Guns N' Roses, No AX7 I'm sure you get the point. If not the point is ...more

Best ever rock band, their energy is just unmatched...watching them live is like ultimate euphoria feeling simple nothing they had to get attention simple clean awesome

Guns n Roses has gone through so many changes, and Axl has kept the name of the band alive. Guns N' Roses! - stjpbwthjk

GN'R still hold the record for the most albums ever sold. Numbers don't lie. You might can argue that bands that preceded them were better, but I still think they were the best. Some of their attitudes and habits sucked, but people put up with that because they were that good.

Best guitar solo, best selling album, largest voice range vocalist, I thing there nothing more needs to be mentioned.

Axle Rose is an outstanding performer and singer and I am speechless about Slash! He is too good to say anything

There was the time, when Slash really made the solo part with all the emotion and soul a guitarist can have..

Axl is the best vocalist that id ever seen at all time his voice is very different and his energetic moves

No question here, for me at least. The perfect combination of Glam, Metal, Punk and classic hard rock. Axl is the greatest frontman ever and Slash is the greatest hard rock guitarists - in my opinion of course. It's all subjective.

In my opinion, Guns N' Roses are the best hard rock band of all time. Their songs are pure gold and can either make you feel like a boss (Welcome to the Jungle) or a sensitive person (November Rain). Also, their debut album was simply kickass, an awesome start for an awesome band! Unfortunately, I discovered them way too late but I'm positive their songs will never be forgotten!

Revolutionised hard rock, great talent, great front man. True rock band at its best!

Guns N' Roses are the best band ever and they only released 4 albums! Imagine if they stayed together and Made 5 more! Appetite is the only rock album that you just need to press play and listen right til the end without skipping a song!

Simply, the solo's of slash are more refined then page

I do like a few of their songs, I just wish that axl was just nicer to his group

Guns 'N' Roses is by far one of the greatest collections of musicians who have ever lived. Slash, Izzy, Duff, Steven, Gilby, Matt, Dizzy & Axl have so much cemestry that even there bad songs have immense depth and playability. It doesn't matter how easy it is to play one of Slash's solos or how much you critique their work, they came up with some of the most influential & interesting music to date and I have no doubts in my mind that no one would be able to compose a piece that is as good as a Guns N' Roses song. Eddie Van Halen may be a great guitarist but his music doesn't even come close to having the amount of soul that even the worst Guns N' Roses song does.

Its truly awesome with such good melodies and great rock riffs and solos

Although they are horrible today, their original line up was the BEST

I don't need to share nothing, just listen!

Not my favorite band but the guitar playing is truly amazing

Read what I say about Slash. What I said applies here as well. - Th47

They are the epitome of rock music.