Top Ten Most Hardcore Avenged Sevenfold Songs


The Top Ten

1 Eternal Rest
2 Chapter Four

Amazing. that's all I can say - Narayan1

3 Desecrate Through Reverence
4 Remenissions
5 Unholy Confessions
6 Hail to the King

How is this hardcore compared to their first two albums? Lol - EvilAngel

We have a fanboy. - IronSabbathPriest

Not real hardcore, but certainly one iof my favorites! - DashingAnimeDarling

7 This Means War
8 Bat Country
9 Second Heartbeat
10 The Wicked End

The Contenders

11 Radiant Eclipse
12 Flash of the Blade

Yeh but they covered it. Its not as good though

This is an Iron Maiden song... - IronSabbathPriest

13 God Hates Us
14 Darkness Surrounding
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