Top Ten Hardest Areas In Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a hard game. So of course the levels/areas will be hard too.

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1 Blighttown

Just the amount of enemies in a small space and the fact the everything here can cause either poison or toxic so unless you have sufficient moss to cure it your health is just gonna keep going down

What makes this area so hard? The lag! Enough said.

Almost gave it to Sen's Fortress, but Blighttown was just such a nightmare... I felt like I was stuck there forever, and unlike the beautiful (yet challenging) Anor Londo, all I wanted to do was LEAVE.

Honestly I don't know why send fortress is number 2 cause I heard all the "you will die a lot! " Warnings but I don't understand why. What I got instead in sens fortress was easy as hell traps. Reallly easy enemies, and I mean really really easy. And a super easy boss. I only died 2 times due to boulders, which were easy as well once I knew where I was going. Now blighttown on the other hand I don't need to explain why it was hard cause it really was. But above alll else which is not on this list was darkroot garden beyond the door of artorias, most of darkroot garden I really easy but beyond that door...oh god.. I call it the ganking forest for a reason. I explore this place and all of a sudden its 6 upgraded tree monsters that hit very hard and there goes hr health. Plus don't get me started on the 5 npcs that respawn, especially that guy with a spider shield and axe holy Christ that damage doe. But the worst was those damn rolling cats, first time I encountered it, it rolled me ...more

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2 Anor Londo

Good luck getting past the bosses, if you can even get to them. There's this one incredibly frustrating part where archers shoot at you while you try to traverse an extremely narrow area with no barriers to prevent you from falling to your death. If you don't have a greatbow, good luck.

This place is so big. You got hard enemies, giants near the bosses, and archers. And the hardest bosses in the game. - ilovelife

Anor Londo was a very interesting place. It was as difficult as it was beautiful. So, yeah, it can be very difficult if you don’t keep you eyes peeled. But I confess that despite the difficulty of Londo itself, I absolutely love the boss, and Anor Londo remains my favorite area, because it feels like you are in an ancient yet holy city, with an enormous cathedral absolutely dominating the overlook of Londo. It kind of reminds me of the journey to Hyrule Castle in A Link to the Past, if that makes sense. But do be careful. It is undoubtedly the hardest area in Dark Souls.

In ds3 it's pretty easy

3 Sens Fortress

This is a test of patience, endurance, reflexes, and wit. There are traps EVERYWHERE, and what makes matters worse is that the enemies themselves are pretty tough. Good luck.

This place is a deatj course. at the beginnig you get shot, got swinging axes to avoid, and tough enemies. - ilovelife

4 Tomb Of The Giants

The enemies here are the worst part in my opinion, especially those stupid skeleton dogs.

It's a really dark place. howevef you can use magic to make it 10 times easier - ilovelife

Patches is there and he keeps blidning me with his bald head

5 Depths

Ain't to bad, but you can get lost easily. - ilovelife

6 The Catacombs

I think it should be completed in the beginning(Lautrec dialogue, easy boss), so I completed it after Capra. Skeletons die in five hits, but that's easy. The final area is a nightmare. One time a skeleton fell to Black Knight. It was (nearly) impossible. The wheel skeletons who literally grind you and there's a blacksmith close to them. I just ran through it. Boss was easy. He just teleports. He attacked only nearly 3 times, but he hits pretty hard.

Another place you can get lost at. although the boss is super essy and there is a skip. - ilovelife

7 Demons Ruins

So many bosses. enough said - ilovelife

8 Lost Izalith

So many dinosaurs - ilovelife

9 New Londo Ruins

Ghosts can ruin your day. but transient curse makes it easier. - ilovelife

First of all, ghosts. Second of all, the Four Kings, which deal a ton of damage and quickly respawn to gank you.

10 The Duke's Archives

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11 Undead Parish

Tough bosses and a decent anoint of strong enemies - ilovelife

The first true dark souls boss is here

12 Darkroot Garden/Basin


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