Hardest Avenged Sevenfold Songs On Drums

The Top Ten Hardest Avenged Sevenfold Songs On Drums

1 Blinded in Chains

A great song, and really underrated. Also the only song on this list that actually deserves a spot. Seriously? Nightmare, Bat Country, Almost Easy, Afterlife, etc. the hardest songs? No. Most of the songs from Sounding The Seventh Trumpet or Waking The Fallen are harder than the rest on this list.

This song is so underrated, it is one of their best and this is by far The Rev's best drum song ever, it's just so intricate and fast and technical and amazing. - madisonface

Nightmare shouldn't be 2 n bat country 3 they should be lower
A little piece of heaven should be way higher

2 Beast and the Harlot

Nobody on youtube has done it correct

3 Bat Country
4 Nightmare
5 Chapter Four
6 Second Heartbeat
7 Unholy Confessions
8 Welcome to the Family
9 A Little Piece of Heaven
10 Scream

The Contenders

11 Afterlife
12 Almost Easy
13 Critical Acclaim
14 Darkness Surrounding
15 Demons
16 Paradigm

The best drum work brooks has ever done in this album - agarthanreaper

17 The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold

Past the intro it's nothing to insane but the intro with the double bass speeding and slowing is extremely difficult to play, however I'd probably say Blinded In Chains is harder - TheRealBeOne

18 Natural Born Killer
19 Lost
20 Danger Line
21 Betrayed
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