Top Ten Hardest Avenged Sevenfold Songs to Play On the Guitar

Just what I think through my own experiences. I'm sure they'll level out a little after people vote.

The Top Ten

1 Afterlife Afterlife

Its not hard... Well until you get to the solo that's gave me blisters and didn't even finish it

2 Welcome to the Family Welcome to the Family
3 Second Heartbeat Second Heartbeat

Don't get me wrong, Afterlife is my favorite song by these guys, and is really tough to play, but the chord sequence in which you have to play the solo in, nonetheless the intro, are insanely fast and hard to pull off, but that is why the guitar solo of this song is one of the best of all time. - RazorBaby

This one is probably the hardest in my opinion, just take a hear to speed & aim

4 Nightmare Nightmare
5 Almost Easy Almost Easy
6 Unholy Confessions Unholy Confessions

I'm sorry, but why is this so high up on this list. I mean like there are no blisteringly fast solos or insanely hard riffs. anyone with at least 4 years of guitar under their belt could learn this in a matter of hours.

7 Hail to the King Hail to the King
8 Beast and the Harlot Beast and the Harlot
9 Bat Country Bat Country
10 Scream Scream

Gates even said himself that this one was crazy hard because of the solo. He was worried about being able to play it live.

This song should be close to the top... Its much harder than unholy confessions.

The Contenders

11 Save Me Save Me
12 Blinded In Chains Blinded In Chains
13 Burn It Down Burn It Down
14 The Wicked End The Wicked End
15 Trashed and Scattered Trashed and Scattered
16 Shepherd of Fire - Avenged Sevenfold Shepherd of Fire - Avenged Sevenfold

This solo is killer and amazing and can be very hard in most parts

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