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81 Bombtrack - Rage Against the Machine
82 Eyes of the Squirrel - Primus

There are songs a way easier here. This one should be higher

This is a really fast bass line that is difficult to play constantly accurate and to play 100% the way les claypool plays it.

83 Take No Prisoners - Megadeth

Probably the hardest riff on bass

84 The Sinister Minister - Béla Fleck and the Flecktones

Victor Wooten is a monster on this song. The slap on the song may seem simple at first glance, the double thumb is insanely hard, and the solo, when played live, is unlike anything you've ever seen.

85 Mind - System of a Down
86 Eminence Front - The Who

My most favourite The Who song.

Very hard to play.

87 Hit me with Your Rythm Stick - Ian Dury

Although people wouldn't think of it as hard bass song, it require limber hands, high speed, good memory and its also fun to play! Check it out and you will realise it is a difficult bass song. (I'm not into Ian Dury at all so this is coming from a non bias perspective)

88 Flow My Tears (The Policeman Said) - Stuart Hamm

All tapping, and the middle section? Don't even try.

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89 Dead Human Collection - Cannibal Corpse
90 Man - Level 42

I'd like to see anyone here try to nail Mark King's grooves...

91 Speed Demon - Michael Jackson
92 Wrathchild - Iron Maiden
93 The Punk and the Godfather - The Who

John Entwhistle's melodic bassline precariously leads Keith Moon and Pete Townshend through this six-minute ordeal. Rarely does Entwhistle repeat a note or melody; the entire song is made up of dozens of micro-basslines and thus it is very difficult to memorize, and the relatively hard tempo makes it even harder to play.

94 Naked in the Rain - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flea at his finest it has to be one of the most difficult RHCP songs and one of the most difficult bass songs ever

Has to be the most difficult RHCP song I have ever heard in my life no other RHCP song can compare to this one it might sound easy at first but to get everything in the pocket is extremely hard. Also flea as we know is secretly jesus don't worry flea I know

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95 DDevil - System of a Down

One of the best songs to play on bass, but since Shavo uses a pick it's not too difficult

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96 My Name Is Mud -Primus

Needs to be way higher on this list, especially for the fast Les sings AND plays this atthe same time

97 Actualize - Evan Brewer

This song is by far the most difficult song to play. It's very fast, very difficult and completely amazing. A lot of the songs on the list are very easy to play, but this song is next to impossible.

98 The Seeker - John Entwistle

The first and best bassist to play lead, this monster of a track shows how good it can be.

99 Sexx Laws - Beck
100 Castaway - Green Day

This song is extremely fast, at least 232 beats per minute, and you have to play 32 notes at some parts. This is based off a tab I have and when seeing them play it live it seems faster and it has much more notes, and possibly even some chords.

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