Top Ten Hardest Bloodborne Bosses

List of the bosses from Bloodborne from hardest to easiest. Keep in mind, this is completely opinionated and open for debate. Also note that when I created this list, it was originally ranked on the difficulty of these bosses on my first playthrough. Some bosses are significantly easier when you learn their attack patterns. Also note that Chalice bosses are not included, but feel free to add them.

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1 Gehrman, The First Hunter

This list is wrong. I only died to Gehrman once in two play through. He's one of the hardest, but not the hardest. That said, he's really aggressive, hard to read at times, hits really hard, and is one of the best bosses of Bloodborne. The things that make him easier are two things: a generous health pool, and parrying. - MKBeast

Don't pay attention to this listing. Gehrman is very easy to parry and is a joke joke at high levels, most of the DLC bosses and some of the chalice dungeon bosses are a lot more difficult.

For me Gehrman is the hardest boss in the game. He is very quick and agile and does a lot of damage. Just don't charge him head on. Dodge-counter is the best option in my opinion.

Hint: Don't get pulled by his scythe. - thesheepersgame

None of them, all of these bosses were pathetically easy just like this game. play ds1 or 3 you will learn about hard bosses you casuals.

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2 Orphan of Kos

This is the only boss (aside from ludwig) where I couldn't see myself beating solo. Difference is, I killed ludwig on the 6th try (not solo), whereas I killed Orphan on the 20th try or so (15+ solo tries and 8+ not solo tries. My partners ALWAYS died before me).

Also, ludwig had 10 vials and 10 bullets outside of his chamber which makes the fight easier to retry.

Holy ****. I'm so glad I somehow managed to beat him. He's the most aggressive boss in the game, has an insane pool of health, is very hard to read, can close the distance in seconds, hits like an 18-wheeler, can combo you if you're not careful, has deceptive range, delays his attacks sometimes, and his second phase is just the worst. Once he reaches the second phase, you better have blood vials because this guy will wreck you if you don't. Luckily, he can be parried, but the timing can be hard to do unless you learn his combos. I suggest having high physical and bolt resistance, as his lightning bolt can one shot you if you're not wearing the right armor. Hug his left side if you can, but watch out for his uppercut, as the placenta will land on the left side. - MKBeast

Definitely the hardest boss for me personally. I thought Laurence was a cinch compared to this guy. Clearly I didn't master all his moves and the best way to bait him but after countless deaths I got it done with no vials left and a hit from death lol.

Just learn to dodge, be agressive, move always to the right and keep close to him, and with Ludwings Holy Blade +10 this fights is damn easy

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3 Martyr Logarius

His last form is what I think is the hardest of all. He is fast and keeps on attacking you. It will be an easier fight if you can prevent him from using his flying swords attack which is kinda annoying. I fought him like 20+ times and I fell from the roof one time when I was about to defeat him which is super frustrating. Overall he is one challenging opponent that made my Bloodborne experience challenging - thesheepersgame

This is kind of a PVP battle. This guy is kind of unrelenting, but is doable. He uses a scythe to hit, which can be dodged pretty easily, but conserve your stamina when you hit, because he hits pretty fast. He sends out orbs to hit you when you're not up close, but these are fairly easy to dodge. Back off if you need to, but don't get carried away with your hits. - Ornsmoughstein

The 2nd phase is what's so hard. He becomes a lot more aggressive but if you get behind him and visceral him when he's powering up for the 2nd phase you'll have a lot easier time.


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4 Blood-Starved Beast

The first two phases here are extremely easy, but during the final phase is when this becomes my worst nightmare. First of all, the boss seems to get extended attack range which was the cause of many, many deaths, you get poisoned for standing near it, (horrible smelter demon flashbacks) and the grab attack will kill you instantly, (for most players). The pungent blood tactic is certainly the safest, but it can be expensive. visceral attacks can work well here. Best of all, if you want that Ludwig holy blade, you have to kill this boss.

The beast can be staggered if you shoot at the right time, and its left is extremely vulnerable. Many of its moves have a fair warning too. Watch out for the grab attack on the next phases of the fight though. This move can instantly kill you if you aren't careful. However it is actually telegraphed. Quickstep to the left if the beast stops moving. It might use the grab attack. If you can avoid it, you can get some free hits. Eventually you will take it down. - Thehelmetguy1

Honestly this boss is so easy it's a joke, if you know what you're getting yourself into. This boss can be very easily intimidating, and I think that is why it's caused so many deaths in it's day. Really he is extremely simple, every attack can be dodged to the left...that's it. He's also very vulnerable to parrying, and if you have some antidotes, the poison isn't much of a problem.

I'm no souls Borne pro and I was able to beat this boss without getting hit once on my first attempt

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5 Father Gascoigne

One of the hardest boss fights in the game for me. If you are starting Bloodborne, he will be a pain in the ass and start thinking to rage quit after a couple of times.

The trick against him is to perfectly time your dodges in his beast form since this will be the form that you will have a hard time beating. He's beast form is fast but once you perfected your dodge you could kill him with minimum to no hits at all. What I did was forward-dodge his attacks so that I will be in his behind. When you get behind him attack at least 2-3 times (don't button mash), then dodge if he will attack again, then repeat the process. If you are hit, just back and heal (if needed). Use your surroundings as much as possible (it will be a big help). Matching his speed will most likely be a big advantage for you but it will be a hard/fulfilling task. - thesheepersgame

Gascoigne is the first mandatory boss, and if you don't adapt to Bloodborne's aggressive style, prepare to die. A lot. He acts like most hunters do during the first phase, and when he reaches his second phase, prepare for one of the most aggressive fights in all of Bloodborne. - MKBeast

So hard for a new player but man was it rewarding having never played a souls game before this. This fight is one of my favorites. Just be careful if your going to use the music box because the beast is surprisingly quick.

Very hard boss for start

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6 Vicar Amelia

Honestly a lot of players say Vicar Amelia is one of the hardest boss in the game. But personally I almost defeated her in one try (I died once when I just stood in front of her when she used her ground attack). I find her very easy since her attacks were too predictable, and her heal is not that effective since even if you don't use a numbing mist to prevent her from healing, you could still continue attacking her while healing so that she will only replenish a little health. - thesheepersgame

Amelia made me quit the game for 2 months before coming back with a vengeance. The hardest boss in the early section of the game, and the most memorable for me. The terrifying sounds she made mixed with the furious swipes that would leave no room for error made this boss the embodiment of Bloodborne in my eyes.

This is the only boss in the game where I had to come back to because I kept getting my ass handed to me. Vicar hits VERY hard, and this beasts attacks are very unpredictable. Luckily, it's weak to fire, so Molotov's and fire enchanted weapons are very helpful. Vicar has a TON of HP, and your best bet is dodge behind it and hit fast without depleting your stamina, because trust me, you will need your stamina. Oh yeah, and Vicar cannot be parried, and guns aren't very useful in this battle. - Ornsmoughstein

It’s strange that father gas and Backstreet Boys are higher in the list, I can’t even hit him without getting smashed!

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7 Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

For me the hardest thing about Ebrietas is her charge attack, which could sometimes one-hit you if you have not enough HP. But her attacks are predictable and very slow. I used "Ludwig's Holy Blade" against her. Dash + R1 or R2 (I forgot what is the slam attack) in the head a couple of times after she does her slam attack will stun her, then follow a visceral attack, then repeat.

Her "Disco Lights" (As I call it) is hard hitting when it hits you since it will hit you a couple of times, but its very easy to dodge. Just walk side ways and it will not be a problem. - thesheepersgame

Ebrietas is a fight that's easier explained than done. If you have a strong enough Stake Driver, you can bait her attacks and charge attack the head for massive damage, but once again, easier said than done. She hits incredibly hard, has this really annoying and nigh-unavoidable charge attack, and can use A Call Beyond to one shot you later on. - MKBeast

I understand that a lot of people think this boss is tough, and it's true that she does hit really hard, but she hits really slow. If you're up close, she will only do a slam attack, which is very easy to learn and dodge. Just stay up close and dodge when necessary. - Ornsmoughstein

Hardest Boss

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8 Shadow of Yharnam

I defeated them at my first try (I think it was level gap). Just attack the one who is casting magic first since it will be bothersome if you take him last (I think). The last two will be pretty easy without the caster, just be attentive with your behind since you are fighting 3 opponents at the same time. - thesheepersgame

This is also a PVP battle, but it's 3 against one. Try to take out the fastest first, as you won't have to run so much, and save the slowest for last. Their fire attacks are pretty overwhelming, but they can be dodged. You will most likely be hit during the battle, so bring plenty of blood vials. Just make sure to keep your distance. - Ornsmoughstein

Probably boss I stayed on longest besides Rom, I had to do solo so all 3 attack at once - matthewwilliams2

Can be tough if you aren't careful. You have to effectively use the arena for crowd control in order to win. I like to kill the shadow with a katana(Not to be mistaken with the firebreather) first. He is pretty easy to stagger with a gun, so you shouldn't have trouble dealing with him unless you don't have a gun equipped or you run out of bullets. After you take one of the shadows to a low HP, they will get tougher patterns. Finish off the first shadow and quickly go for the pyros. They become much easier after you kill one of them. - Thehelmetguy1

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9 Ludwig the Accursed

How this isn't in the top 10, I don't know. The first phase is the hardest part of the fight, as he's insanely aggressive and hard to read. After you drop him to half health, his difficulty is brought down a little, as his attacks aren't hard to read. The one attack you should watch out for during this phase is this shockwave that will very likely one shot you. - MKBeast

From my observation for me it's the opposite Accursed part is very predictable and easy to punish The Holy Blade phase on the other hand is very unpredictable. In the 2nd phase I never attack him until I am absolutely sure he isn't gonna attack. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Wow this boss had me so angry a bit of luck is required to beat him on new game plus he was unbeatable 27 deaths till I beat him man unpredictable powerful and cheap. That toughest no doubt.

This boss was a real pain in the ass. Maybe it was just me but his attacks were just so quick, and evading them was almost impossible! Definitely my vote for hardest boss in the game.

Just... no

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10 Rom, The Vacuous Spider

If the fight is 1-on-1 it will be a piece of cake. But the most annoying thing about the fight is his minions and not him. If you get stuck in the mob you're dead for sure. What I did was dodge the spiders and go straight to him. Use a hard hitting weapon or an electric weapon. Hit him at least 2 times then dodge since the spiders will surely hit you when you do 3 hits (based on experience). Then repeat the process until he is dead. Just don't forget he has a deadly meteor strike that could possibly kill you if you are not careful. - thesheepersgame

The first phase is an absolute joke, since Rom doesn't do anything at all. Kill the little spiders and then try to deal as much damage as possible to Rom. In the second and third phases, you need to manage your time well between dodging Rom and attacking the little spiders. Always pay attention to what Rom's doing. All of its ranged attacks are telegraphed. With enough patience you will be able to best this boss. - Thehelmetguy1

This boss isn't hard as much as he is annoying. He can only bump you, roll onto you, or use an area of effect attack, which are all very easy to dodge, but he has spider surrounding him that infinitely respawn, and he teleports when you land so many attacks on him. His spiders are a pain in the ass when you're trying to land a few hits on him, and they can easily overwhelm you. Just do your best to ignore them. - Ornsmoughstein

Pain in the ass when the little spiders kill you, other than that with persistence and lighting you can win

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The Contenders

11 Darkbeast Paarl

I you got to his area early in the game it will be a very hard boss fight. I returned to him when I got Ludwig's Holy Blade and made the fight really easy. He is BIG and that's its weakness. Just attack his legs/face and he will be down after a couple of hits then do a visceral attack. His lighting burst need charging so you can get out of the blast radius in time if you are outside.

Just be patient while fighting him and you will beat him in no time. - thesheepersgame

The worst part about this boss is that you can't lock on it, but he jumps around so quickly it is hard to keep up with it. He is a skeleton so you have a good chance to miss your precious hits. He spams the charged blast in Chalice, so you have to learn to roll into that blast, giving you way more chances to hit it. Yet you receive at least 30% more damage when get caught in a roll, it could be a one-shot kill. You might have to roll into that blast at least 4 times in the Chalice, so keep practicing.

There isn't much to this fight, but he hits VERY hard, and also deals electrical damage. Stay behind him, and hit his legs, because you might be able to stun him and go for a visceral attack. Also, make sure you've mastered dodging, because he hits pretty fast. If you can, summon someone to help, so they can distract him while you wail on him. - Ornsmoughstein

Best tactic put him down and keep him down - Aguythatpeopleignores

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12 Laurence, the First Vicar

hardest boss in the game. Don't let his appearance fool you. He may just be the Cleric Beast on fire, but he hits like a truck filled with nuclear explosives being thrown at you by Godzilla, even if your fire damage reduction is high like me. His swing/slash attacks are a death sentence.

When he reaches about half HP he'll lose his legs and vomit lava all over the room and will also bleed lava out of his anus. He'll also try to chase you by slamming his hand on the ground. Just try not to step into any of his lava!

How is he 12? Even with weapons dealing extra damage against beasts he is difficult when his health goes to 70% if you are at his side he will do a sideswipe with his smaller arm at least 4 times at most 6 times

which makes you waste blood vials so if he does a side swipe roll away - Aguythatpeopleignores

I've beaten every soulsborne boss in the series without any assistance, and then enter Laurence. Had to finally feel that humble feeling of ringing the bell and calling for help. Well done Laurence, you are in my nightmares.

This list is terrible! How he’s not in the top 10 if not the top 5

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13 The One Reborn

Don't let this colossal beast full you. It seems intimidating, but this boss isn't too challenging. First of all, go on the second level and kill all of the casters. This will give you a much better advantage in the long run. Plunging attacks on this boss are extremely effective, but if that doesn't work, aim for its legs, and stay close. Don't worry, this boss doesn't hit too hard and it's relatively easy dodge. When it howls, get out of the way. That's it's AOE attack. Also, steer clear of its vomit. This boss shouldn't pose too much of a challenge. - Ornsmoughstein

Even if you ignore the caster's, the One Reborn isn't too much of a fuss. It hits like a truck though, so be careful with his attacks, especially where it pays homage to Drowning Pool and LETS THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Other than that, it's nothing special. - MKBeast

Didn't knew you could go up to the second floor to kill the casters!

I was fighting it while dodging the fireballs which is kinda crazy. - thesheepersgame

Easier than The Witches

14 Amygdala

Amygdala has low health, but hits pretty hard. Only its legs and head are vulnerable, and for the most part, he doesn't hit hard, and he's a fairly easy boss. However, during his third phase, he becomes a lot more aggressive. Keep swinging at his legs, because the damage increases until he heals them. Go for visceral attacks as well when the chance is given. - Ornsmoughstein

I feel like Nightmare Frontier's Amygdala was really hard just because actually getting to it is so taxing. - KarmalApples

Like the Darkbeast Paarl, Amygdala is BIG and is an easy target. He? is slow and once he do his slam attack his head will be vulnerable to attacks. Use a hard hitting weapon and it will be an easy one. - thesheepersgame

The hard Amygdala (Chalice Dungeon Amygdala) is the one to watch out for. Since your health is halved here, almost all of his/her/whatever's attacks are a one hit kill. - MKBeast

15 Mergo's Wet Nurse

Once you know her moves its pretty easy to dodge her attacks. At first she is intimidating since she's got a lot of arms. But her attacks are very predictable. - thesheepersgame

She hits fast and powerfully, but she's not unbeatable by any means. During the fights, there are moments where she seems to slow down. This is when you'll want to hit her. Once you learn her moveset, this boss is relatively easy. - Ornsmoughstein

Not very difficult - matthewwilliams2

This is the easiest in the game, cept for the Hemwitch

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16 Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

Easily one of the best fights in all of gaming. That said, it's no cakewalk. Maria's first phrase is easy with a strafe to the left, then she forsakes her hatred of the blood arts to try to stop you at 70%. Finally, once she reaches 30%, she adds fire attacks to that. Not only do her attacks have insane reach during these two phases, they can absolutely destroy you. - MKBeast

Ok, I get the fact that yes, she can be parried throughout the fight, thus making it kind of easy for someone good at doing that, but otherwise this fight can still be a pretty big challenge. And siting her lower than the Amygdala? That's pretty ridiculous. Not trying to be rude or anything, but I think someone needs to get their facts straight. The fact you can't basically one shot her scores her above that stupid thing. I'd say at LEAST top 10, maybe even higher on a good day.

Isn't that hard but try fighting her before Gehrman then fight Gehrman heh see what happens

Second hardest in NG+7, attack super naturally fast. It might take four to five hits to kill you in NG, but in NG+7 it becomes two-shot or one-shot kill. Don't think about trading. Gun spamming works bad at phase two and phase three, since one missed parry could mean death sentence considering the increased damage and range. The trick is to keep a perfect distance, so you have time to reflect on fast attacks, yet not too far away, since her range in phase three is just insane, you have to dodge toward her to avoid one-shot kill.

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17 Ludwig, The Holy Blade

I think that the Orphan of Kos actually took me more tries than Ludwig, but I could feel myself getting a little better and learning the Orphan's attack patterns with each attempt. Ludwig I eventually just got lucky. It's not that any one of his attacks make him difficult, or even that they're tough to dodge. It's that he is so remarkably aggressive that you rarely have a chance to counter him.

This badboy gave me a really hard time.. I think I had a total of 30+ tries, and if I compare it with Gehrman where I only had 3 tries first time, I would rate this the hardest boss. Maybe because the first time I tried him was on +1 difficulty, and my level was low. After some farming and leveling I re- tried, much easier, but god-awful anyways..

18 Moon Presence

If you're going for the third ending, this will be the final boss, right after Gehrman. This boss is a joke, considering you would've just beaten the hardest boss in the game. Its attacks are extremely predictable, and can be easily dodged for a swift victory. It does have one attack which will always bring your HP to 1, and cannot be dodged, but with a few blood vials, you should be fine. It can also temporarily prevent you from healing, but just stay out of its way until the effect wears off. - Ornsmoughstein

This boss is so easy, but it shouldn't be final boss on main game, it's a great one so why so easy? - matthewwilliams2

This is the secret final boss and is very easy. I beat him on my first try.

I have 2k hours in BB at all and it's only boss I still canoot kill no hit lol. the easiest is Orphan of Kos or Shadows of Yharnam

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19 Cleric Beast

More than likely, this will be the first boss you come to face in the game, and if you don't know Bloodborne's mechanics, this first battle can be tough. The Cleric Beast is rather aggressive, and hits pretty hard. The strategy to this boss is somewhat difficult to learn, but once you nail the strategy, you can probably take this beast out without taking one hit. Though this boss looks very intimidating, don't be afraid to be up close and personal with him. Stay behind him and slash away, while dodging his slow attacks. This boss is also very weak to fire. Land visceral attacks when the opportunity is present. - Ornsmoughstein

The very first boss that most of use will fight in the game. If you are new to the game, you will fight him a LOT of times before killing it (Like me). He's attacks have a long reach and deals a lot of damage. The best thing to do is to front-dodge him so that you could go behind him and attack him from that position (He has a spin attack so be careful). You could also parry him with your sidearm so you could visceral attack him which deals a good amount of damage. I you know his attack patterns it will be a easy fight.

I fought him in my NG+ game and just defeated him in my first try. - thesheepersgame

This boss is a joke for Dark Souls veterans, and tough for others. - MKBeast

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20 Abhorrent Beast

This is a boss that you should solo. He's very aggressive and hits hard at times, but doesn't have too much health. Use a weapon with good range and damage, like the Whirligig Saw. - MKBeast

After struggling because I thought you could parry him, he isn't that bad.

Fast and slow hitting unpredictable moveset charges at you as soon as you heal cannot be parried but can be chessed by poison knifes and charged R2. With enough damage to its face you stargger and visceral.

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