Hardest Bosses In Dark Souls III

This list is to count down the most difficult bosses in Dark Souls III, which is a game I consider to be the hardest in the series.

The Top Ten

Darkeater Midir

This boss is stupidly hard because you really can't guess what it will do and can really kill you at any time with its massive damage

This dragon in big, fast and deals huge damage. Can't be parry and backstabed.

This is one hell of a dragon fight. Although many of it's attacks are very telegraphed, they can still very much catch you by surprise, and demolish your health, and even one-shot you if you're more of glass-canon type build. It's gigantic healthbar, it constantly flying or stampeding through the arena, and that you have to hit it's head for acceptable damage makes this fight an endurance fight, which can be incredibly tiring when you're most likely incredibly focused at dodging his large attacks.

That being said, it's definitely the best dragon fight in the series, and it's difficulty matches the image of a dragon recruited by the lords to fight the dark.

Unpredictible. It changes quite often the way to attack and deals a lote of damage. The best idea is to use poison and to have patience.

Nameless King

Honestly, the way he delays his attacks alone are the primary reason he's so insanely frustrating for many people. He has a windup that can instantly come directly at you or can be delayed into a multi-hit combo. Predicting that one move incorrectly generally leads to a failed attempt...

Tough, but fair.

The Nameless King is the toughest boss I have ever fought in my life.

Time has passed. Looking back, he is not as hard as people thought, but that does not make this a cakewalk. He's still the same heavyhitting endurance fight.

Sister Friede

Harder than Nameless King for some unlucky people (like me) who get rekt by RNjesus

I can see her being much higher than Wolnir (sorry about that, guys). Like the Nameless King, she's an endurance fight, except you'll need more endurance if you plan on going solo. Without spoiling, she has 3 forms, with the first being easy, the second being arguably the hardest, since it turns into another O&S situation, except it's done right, and her final phase has her hit like an 18 wheeler.

THIS BOSS!?!? She is amazing in all three phases but REALLY they need to tone it down slightly I mean COME ON she is a gang boss in the second phase and it is A HUGE LOAD OF BS.

Hard but fair

Slave Knight Gael

Easily the best boss in the Ringed City. He's the last fight in the entire series, and boy, what a swansong. As for the fight itself, it is a serious challenge. Like Midir, he has a boat load of health, but unlike Midir, his attacks are very telegraphed and easy to avoid, but Gwyn help you if you get hit.

Tough and annoying even with a full squad of phantoms

He's true final boss that's stronger than darkeater midir, soul of cinder, gwyn lord of cinder, nameless king, sister friede, fume knight and ornstein and smough.

Pontiff Sulyvahn

This guy is a huge pain in the ass if you can't parry him. He will combo you almost literally to death then he gives you now time to heal afterwards. However this boss becomes a bit easier if you can parry as it can bring him down to half health pretty quickly. After he reaches half health he'll spawn a clone of himself that will tell you what attacks are coming before the real pontiff does them himself. While he's spawning said clone you should take this time to get a few hits in as he is completely defenseless during this time. You can kill the clone too which can be helpful especially if the boss is low on health as it will give you time to hit and potentially kill him as he spawns another clone.

I stand corrected. This guy hits hard, has high health, and can stun lock you to death. A lot.

Hardest fight I've done in gaming he could kill aldrich and become the god eater

What makes this whole encounter harder is that this boss is only at the halfway point of the game, I'm sorry, casuls.

Twin Princes

The twin princes are the strongest boss because they have magic attacks and they heal 3 times

Like Aldrich, these two are a massive pain in the ass.

The second phase is pure luck to not get hit. This boss is definitely harder than Pontiff Sulyvahn. The Twin Princes should be in the top 5 biggest pain in the ass.

This is worser than puntiff he teared me

Soul Of Cinder

Definitely a fitting boss here. Multiple weapon forms, 2 life bars, high health, and high damage.

This is a really tough boss, he has multiple weapons, spells, poison mist, and insane damage. If you can manage to get him dow to second phase the fight becomes a bit easier as he gets the same moves as gwyn from DS1 and his hits are fairly easy to dodge. Just watch out for that five hit combo because even missing a little bit of health you will die if you get hit by this.

Soul of Cinder,
then Soul of Gwyn
Second Phase is easy if you played DS1 but by that time I only have like 1 estus.

Champion Gundyr

This guy... I loved this fight. An absolute adrenaline rush against an extremely aggressive boss.

He gave me a false sense of security like the dancer did but he hits way harder

Kicks and punches...

Took me like a month to beat him. no joke! (I hate him)

Demon Prince

This boss is pretty difficult If I had too admit. They may not be the hardest but 16th? Below Wolnir? What it even going on!

Very difficult to manage these two at the same time, but with a phantom and some bleeding tools, it's not too bad.

Unbelievable! I think Gael is kinda hard, and midir, once you got the attack pattern down, its not too hard. Friede and nameless king are pretty hard no doubt. But Man! I think this demon prince is unbeatably hard?! I'm really surprised how everyone seems to be able to kill this demon with no problem. Maybe it's because I'm a solo type of player? The boss has two phases and not to mention the first one is a gank phase. the second phase even you could play smart and avoid the fireball demon prince, but the beam shooting one is still very hard! Unrealistically large health pool and very fast and unpredictable, and its attacks are pretty lethal as well... I don't get it...

Wow... I'm very surprised these guys aren't at least top 3. This is literally OandS all over again.

Abyss Watchers

This fight can be frustrating or easy depending on how you go about it. If you go in to the fight and try to be as aggressive as possible towards the first watcher you can take him down relatively quickly. After the second one drops in try to play more defensive and wait for the third one to drop in to help you out go on the offensive. Be careful though as the third watcher can hurt you too, and will sometimes actually go after you.

Just an annoying guy this is he fight with a clone then he die and awaken again with fires on his sword, can't say is too hard but I try him many times because sometimes if you make a mistake can proof fatal

Depending on your capability to dodge, this ranges from easy to frustrating. Definitely a great boss nonetheless.

If it wasn't too hard, why is it even on the list? I beat him first try. Easy to parry and backstab.

The Contenders

Dancer of the Boreal Valley

This boss can be very difficult, but at the same time I think it's super fun. Her spin attack is annoying and so is her grab attack but I had a good time with this boss

This is the only boss in the game that I have zero confidence in fighting. She just swirls her arms around and you're dead, plain and simple.

This guy is very fast, hits hard, and his/her/whatever's 2nd form can be hard to avoid. Only easy thing is that its health isn't too high.

Roll to the right

Dragonslayer Armour

This boss was kind of easy for me I'm still on first play through but I beat this guy on like my fourth attempt. The dragon thing that's shooting stuff at you isn't hard to dodge, and neither are the bosses attacks by themselves. His hits are pretty heavily telegraphed which makes them easy to dodge and it can take a while for him to recover which allows for a little bit of punishment. Just budget your, heals, hits, and dodges and you'll do fine in this boss fight

This boss is kinda in the middle. He can provide a serious challenge for those who have low vigor and those that do not know how to dodge. Make use of pyros, particularly Chaos Bed Vestiges, learn his attacks, and do not fall off.

Dunno lol mt dew diabetes

As a sorcerer, every other boss in the game becomes your bitch except this guy, and his giant damn shield.

Aldrich, Devourer Of Gods

I beat him first try. I think people find him hard because they are to aggressive. I play dark souls 3 aggressively but I still found him easy. When he is about to shoot his arrows walk away and don't run until they are getting close to you. Don't roll. That is a mistake I see a lot of people make running is better than rolling for that attack

I found this boss to be my biggest challenge through the entire main game. Once you get the pattern it's not too terrible, but so many one hit kill opportunities. Just one slip up is all it takes.

Good lord. This guy is a pain in the ass.

No.10 is a joke. Should be top 3 for me.

Dancer Of The Frigid Valley

This is a typo. Don't vote for this.

Hardest boss of the series

This secret boss is so hard

This area sucked in ds2

High Lord Wolnir

This guy isn't bad as long as you stay out of the poison

What easiest boss ever in the Soulsborne series tied with Ancient Wyvern

After fighting him a second time, I can safely say that he isn't so bad as I thought. It's just that ****ing poison.

Iudex Gundyr

Too easy


Crystal Sage

hardest bost, no problem. with quote-
"you can not beat me, dark souls"

Champion's Gravetender

Hardest boss in the game

no pants, no boss. sorry.

Vordt of the Boreal Valley

I am on new game and I just started last night but I had a small bit of prior knowledge of what the arena you fought him in looked like so when I got there for the first I went all the way back to the bonfire on the wall of high lothrich. Not the first one you start at but the second one, anyway I killed this big beast first try solo. Maybe I just got good RNG because he only charged me once but he was no problem as long as I stayed under him or behind him.

Didn't have too much trouble since I know how to dodge, but he can hit like a truck.

This one is a piece of cake to me

In NG I had to summon but I slaughtered him in NG+

Yhorm, The Giant

If it weren't for the good old storm ruler this fiery giant would take forever to kill. Depending on your class and what level your weapon is at you probably won't do much damage to this guy with normal hits. You pretty much have to use the storm ruler if you want to get the boss fight over with quickly.

This boss is very easily cheesed.

Hard, I don't know why, even harder that Nameless king. Maybe because of my Heavy build

Oceiros, The Consumed King

Second phase can be more difficult if you get hit by bad RNG. A lot of the time he just spins over and over and it gets a little hard to dodge.

Nothing too special. The NPC in particular helps you out pretty well.

It's just his healthbar

Deacons of the Deep

This boss is super easy, it's not hard to figure out that the glowing deacon is the one you have to kill, then after you kill five of them the real boss shows up and you can just focus on him. Just make sure to only go in for a 3-4 hits then back away for little bit. The fight is made even easier if you have alluring skulls as the fake deacons are stupid enough to go for it.

The best mob fight in the series, but that's not saying much. This boss is five times more annoying than difficult. It'd be best to grab a good crowd control weapon and swing away.

How is Oceiros easier than these

Old Demon King

Nothing too bad, just have some good fire resistance, or you're dead. The NPC phantom can poison him, making the fight significantly easier.

Curse-Rotted Greatwood

This fight is super easy. If you can get to her eggs and start slashing you'll have this boss below half health pretty quickly. Though I wouldn't recommend that strategy at all as this boss can hit pretty hard for the early game plus all the undead that are trying to kill you as well. After the tree breaks the ground and you both fall what I recommend doing is keeping your distance as the tree will do its falling attack pretty often when you play like that.

I hate this tree. It has some really cheap attacks, especially the acid.

For a tree this boss was grotesque even for a dark souls boss(treetestis)

Crystal Mage

Correction it's actually crystal sage, though I think I made this one I don't know. Anyway when the boss fight first starts it lulls you into a false sense of security and you thinking "oh this boss fight isn't too difficult, I'll have this boss beat in no time." Nope once the boss buffs it spawns three clones of itself. The clones die in one hit and are easily identified as they cast blue magic as compared to the real sages purple magic.

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