Hardest Bosses In Dark Souls III

This list is to count down the most difficult bosses in Dark Souls III, which is a game I consider to be the hardest in the series.

The Top Ten

1 Nameless King Nameless King
2 Pontiff Sulyvahn

I stand corrected. This guy hits hard, has high health, and can stun lock you to death. A lot. - MKBeast

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3 Soul Of Cinder Soul Of Cinder

Definitely a fitting boss here. Multiple weapon forms, 2 life bars, high health, and high damage. - MKBeast

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4 Aldrich, Devourer Of Gods

I beat him first try. I think people find him hard because they are to aggressive. I play dark souls 3 aggressively but I still found him easy. When he is about to shoot his arrows walk away and don't run until they are getting close to you. Don't roll. That is a mistake I see a lot of people make running is better than rolling for that attack

Good lord. This guy is a pain in the ass. - MKBeast

5 Champion Gundyr

This guy... I loved this fight. An absolute adrenaline rush against an extremely aggressive boss. - MKBeast

Kicks and punches...

Took me like a month to beat him. no joke! (I hate him)

6 Dragonslayer Armour

After fighting this boss, I can safely say that this is one of the hardest bosses here. He hits like a 18-wheeler, and has help on occasions. Only easy thing is that he's predictable. - MKBeast

Haven't fought this guy, so please don't spoil it. - MKBeast

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7 Twin Princes

Like Aldrich, these two are a massive pain in the ass. - MKBeast

8 Dancer of the Boreal Valley

This is the only boss in the game that I have zero confidence in fighting. She just swirls her arms around and you're dead, plain and simple.

This guy is very fast, hits hard, and his/her/whatever's 2nd form can be hard to avoid. Only easy thing is that its health isn't too high. - MKBeast

9 Sister Friede

I can see her being much higher than Wolnir (sorry about that, guys). Like the Nameless King, she's an endurance fight, except you'll need more endurance if you plan on going solo. Without spoiling, she has 3 forms, with the first being easy, the second being arguably the hardest, since it turns into another O&S situation, except it's done right, and her final phase has her hit like an 18 wheeler. - MKBeast

10 High Lord Wolnir High Lord Wolnir

What easiest boss ever in the Soulsborne series tied with Ancient Wyvern

After fighting him a second time, I can safely say that he isn't so bad as I thought. It's just that ****ing poison. - MKBeast

The Contenders

11 Abyss Watchers

If it wasn't too hard, why is it even on the list? I beat him first try. Easy to parry and backstab.

Remember, I didn't beat all the bosses at the time. I'm fixing this right now. - MKBeast

Not particularly gruelling, but probably the best fight in the game, it's just fun.

In my top 3 fights in the Souls series

12 Curse-Rotted Greatwood

I hate this tree. It has some really cheap attacks, especially the acid. - MKBeast

13 Oceiros, The Consumed King

Nothing too special. The NPC in particular helps you out pretty well. - MKBeast

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14 Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Didn't have too much trouble since I know how to dodge, but he can hit like a truck. - MKBeast

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16 Dancer Of The Frigid Valley

After seeing this fight, I guess it seems hard to predict and Dodge. - MKBeast

This is a typo. Don't vote for this. - MKBeast

17 Old Demon King

Nothing too bad, just have some good fire resistance, or you're dead. The NPC phantom can poison him, making the fight significantly easier. - MKBeast

18 Yhorm, The Giant

This boss is very easily cheesed. - MKBeast

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19 Ancient Wyvern Ancient Wyvern V 1 Comment
20 Crystal Mage
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