Hardest Bosses In the Dark Souls Series


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1 Nameless King (Dark Souls III) Nameless King (Dark Souls III)

Like many others I too believe The Nameless King is the toughest SOB in the Souls series. Since my character can't parry, I had to utilize the most well timed dodges to beat him. And even then he got a few hits in before I took him down.

He is the hardest by a mile

He is the son of Gwyn after all

2 Fume Knight (Dark Souls II) Fume Knight (Dark Souls II)

Shouldn't Raime be higher he ripped my ass more than the Smelter Demon - Hoxton

Personal experiences differ from overall consensus. He isn't as bad as the bosses above him, but he's easily the hardest Dark Souls II boss. - MKBeast

3 Ornstein & Smough (Dark Souls)

Just down vote this, then. If it isn't so bad, down vote it. Make a remix. There's nothing I can do. - MKBeast

I beat them on my 5th attempt no summons the giant ornstein way

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4 Ancient Dragon (Dark Souls II)

One hit AoEs, massive damage, massive range, enourmous health, enough said. - MKBeast

5 Manus, Father of the Abyss (Dark Souls) Manus, Father of the Abyss (Dark Souls)

Definitely one of the most aggressive bosses of the three games. He also has the highest health in the game. - MKBeast

6 Lud and Zallen, The King's Pets (Dark Souls II)

The second "Aava" just appears when the life of the first is around 40%, so the developers were not that deranged; still, the period when you're facing both tigers makes atheists pray. The tigers are very fast, their attacks hit like a truck, the windows for attacking are scarce cause you can be hit by the other tiger... and the worst: the motherf****** bonfire distant as hell from the arena, the adrenaline of taking another shot at the boss is destroyed by the thought of completing the awful path to reach it. I was seriously reconsidering my policy in the Soul series of beating the boss solo, but then, out of a blue, I somehow killed him. Fire is their weakness by the way - MetalGurja

7 Black Dragon Kalameet (Dark Souls)

This dragon is a terror. Extreme difficulty, nearly impossible when fighting him while he's flying. - Unseptium

When I took the DLC I was going with a sorcerer build-up and I found out that the game is ridiculously easier (and by consequence, less enjoyable) when you can Soul Spear everything from afar. So this guy causes me trouble, but not so much; by the other hand, I could foresse how insane Manus, Astorias and Kalameet should be with melees. Mostly Manus, this guy should be something - MetalGurja

God, this guy. High damage, high health, difficult to dodge attacks, etcetera... - MKBeast

8 Soul of Cinder (Dark Souls III) Soul of Cinder (Dark Souls III)
9 Twin Princes (Dark Souls III)
10 Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (Dark Souls)

There's one factor that prevents him from being any higher: parrying. That's easier said than done, as his attacks are mostly hard to read, but one can get the timings down. - MKBeast

He is insane so fast and does so much damage he doesn't let you healike the hardest boss

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11 Sir Alonne (Dark Souls II) Sir Alonne (Dark Souls II)

Shame that I missed this boss. From what I've heard, it's the best in Dark Souls II. I've also heard that it's one of the hardest. - MKBeast

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12 Pontiff Sulyvahn (Dark Souls III)

From what I've heard, he's one of the hardest bosses in the game. Me? I didn't have too much trouble with him. That said, he has sporadic delays, heavy hitting attacks, combos that can stun lock you to death, his AoEs are the worst, and has quite a health bar. Definitely a fantastic fight. - MKBeast

If you think that Pontiff is easy then you must be very good at parrying. - Aguythatpeopleignores

If You suck at Parrying like I do then get ready to die... a lot... while fighting Pontiff Sulyvahn he is extremely agressive which he can stun lock you until you die, he can use spells, he has heavy attacks and he makes a clone of himself in the 2nd phase. - Aguythatpeopleignores

13 Four Kings (Dark Souls)
14 Abyss Knight Artorias (Dark Souls)

Artorias is one of the hardest bosses to read, he can combo you easily, and he hits pretty hard. - MKBeast

15 Smelter Demon (Dark Souls II)

This is one of the hardest main game bosses. High health, extreme damage, and when he buffs, he damages you over time when you get close. This is a fight of how much Estus you have before you unfortunately run out. - MKBeast

16 Aldrich, Devourer Of Gods (Dark Souls III) V 1 Comment
17 Looking Glass Knight (Dark Souls II)

He isn't the hardest, but can be a tough adversary if you're not careful. He hits really hard, and can summon a PLAYER to assist him. - MKBeast

18 Orphan of Kos (Bloodborne) V 1 Comment
19 High Lord Wolnir (Dark Souls III) High Lord Wolnir (Dark Souls III)

This fight is not that hard it's is all about speed you need to rush and destory the bracelet to your left (his right arm) because he attacks with that and be careful of his posion breath which can kill you instantly and don't go near his chest or behind him or you'll die and whenever a bracelet is destoryed he gets staggered for like 5 solid seconds and whenever the 2nd bracelet is broken he will move upwards and leave you inside the fog to your death so don't attack him instantly when you break the 2nd bracelet. - Aguythatpeopleignores

20 Laurence the First Vicar (Bloodborne)

I said Dark Souls, which excludes Bloodborne and Demon's Souls. - MKBeast

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