Top Ten Hardest Bosses in the Paper Mario Series

The Top Ten Hardest Bosses in the Paper Mario Series

1 The Shadow Queen - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

I Was On Her Just The Other Day! (I Got Her Down To 30 Heath And...) (She Kills ME! ) (HARD BOSS) - papermario

I tried doing this boss hundreds of times (with save states) and it still took me hours

I would advise using any sort of healing item when you need it. Jelly ultra, that bread thing etc. Also keep Vivian's health up so you can take out her hands, do high damage and avoid her ultra powerful charge move. If Vivian is dead, use boo sheets and try and do good on power lift.

Vivian is useless! I hate the Shadow Queen anyways. She looks realistically proportioned. Lame! Tabuu is much better.

This was the most difficult boss when I fought her but when I fought bonetail I had over 300 HP

2 Bonetail - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

People voted for the Shadow Queen because if they thought she was hard, then they were probably less likely to have even gotten to Bonetail. Bonetail is statistically the hardest boss. He has 200 HP, higher defense, can do about 8 damage per normal attack, inflict status effects, and can only be dealt raw damage or burned. He can also heal himself for 20. This would be difficult enough, but the main cause of difficulty here is that you have to beat him directly after the 100 trials with no save point. You can heal yourself with any items that you have prior to the fight, but you probably don't have any left because of how hard the trials were. Excellent challenge though, 10/10. Shadow Queen's hands are easy to deal with.

Everyone that voted shadow queen obviously hasn't fought bonetail. You have to go through 99 floors of annoying enemies with no save blocks or heart blocks, which takes at least 2-3 hours to do. And if you fail on one of these floors, you have to start all over again. Bonetail also has more health than the shadow queen, higher defense, stronger attacks, and can heal himself for 20 HP.

200 HP, insane defense and your out of power. Yes it is the mighty Bonetail. It was just luck for me, I leveled up on level 99.

When I first fought him, I was like "Bring it on! " That's what I thought until I had to redo the Pit of 100 Trials all over again! But Bonetail is my favorite Paper Mario boss ever, no matter how hard and annoying he is.

3 Bowser - Paper Mario Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.

I Know it is Like the hardest in Paper Mario

This boss was not only hard, but had an amazing theme!

Let's review Paper Mario games & their scores of how good they are.

Paper Mario (the original) - 16/25.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - 2/25.

Super Paper Mario - 19/25.

Paper Mario: Super Seal - 10/25.

Also, the Bowser boss in this game sure is hard, yet it's always worth persisting on anything that is extremely difficult.

Well, here's how my favorite Paper Mario games are.

My top 1 favorite Paper Mario game is the original Paper Mario due to being classic & nostalgic.

My top 2 favorite game is Super Paper Mario due to being a ground breaker & great animation.

My top 3 favorite is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

My top 4 favorite is Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Gay bowser

4 Grodus - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Grodus is actually really easy in my opinion. He was actually a pretty intense villain but the fight hardly even made me break a sweat. - Garythesnail

It is taking me days to beat this guy! He keeps on making barriers after every turn!

I laugh at how you guys fail on the EASIEST BOSSES EVER! seriously grodus? Come on!

Guys he's not that hard I admit the first time I died but the second time I won easily. Once you learn how to gaurd/supergaurd him he's very easy. - TaylorD4533

5 Anti Guy Unit - Paper Mario

OP. Nothing else. A minimum of 27 damage per turn, this is easy death. Luckily this is optional. You face him by losing in one of Bowser's Castle's puzzles.

Anyone who doesn't vote this hasn't played this battle

This was definitely a very challenging boss to beat. My friend kept jumping in front of the T.V. and I ended up having to fight them. I was not prepared, I lost all my life shrooms and repel gels. Definitely a fun yet extreme fight.

They just made this boss fight as an alternate game over screen.

6 Huff N. Puff - Paper Mario

This is the only boss I actually died to. (Use his to hit him repeatedly and to avoid his attacks, but don't attack with how when this boss has 1 up left, and there are no tuff puffs; or else the game will crash.)

The most annoying part about this boss is when he's down to 6 hp, he makes an earth quake causing 15 damage! I use the berry's but the tuff puffs keep getting me below 15 hp. Hardest boss in Paper Mario. (But I still need too fight The Crystal King. )

This boss is a pain. More tuff puffs more quicker you recieve damage. I'm still stuck on him

Hardest boss in the game other than Bowser

7 Shadoo - Super Paper Mario

With 400 HP Total and attack of 10, this baddie will probably kill you. Dark Bowser's Attack is 20! The worst part is you have to do the entire pit of 100 Trials Again if you die on this boss. - Chris108beck

Super hard and the culmination of the 100 Trials, Shadoo is nearly impossible to beat without Bowser's help. The perks of beating him, though, are pretty sweet, like infinite 3-D. You also get crazy bragging rights.

All I can say is that he is hard as heck.

Dark bowser has TWICE the attack power of the final boss Super Dimentio! If you don't use bowser, you will not win. EVER.

8 Wracktail - Super Paper Mario

If you use Luigi, it's not too hard. But with anyone else, I wish you luck. - Garythesnail

You gotta hit like 10 times! The Wrackles don't help eihter. - Chris108beck

It's always worth persistence, though.

Also, Leslie Swan is STILL a great voice for Princess Peach, unlike Jen Taylor (back in old times) & Samantha Kelly & even Tracey Moore, Jeannie Elias & even Mami Yasuke who all voice (d) Princess Peach terribly.

Nonetheless, Super Paper Mario is the best Paper Mario game ever!

This boss I think it's a girl like hooktail and is hard as count bleck. - Sullypwnz

9 Crystal King - Paper Mario

God this brings back 2 years of frustration. The ice beam had finished me every time, never ever managed to beat him until 2011.

I know! Good theme though.

I could never time the ice beam block right, and the crystal king ALWAYS healed literally the moment I got one of my attacks in

Defeat using star storm

10 Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Better hope you have defend pluses, have a good guard/superguard, or have hp over 30 once crump launches his cannons. It does 30 damage!

It may sound very weird, ut I am a raw hater of PMTTYD anyways.

He can be taken out easliy if you have 9 or 10 power rushes, mega rush, simpleifier, and power bounce. (Note you have to have 5 hp or lower for this to work). So he's really easy.

The Contenders

11 Shadow Sirens (3rd battle w/ Doopliss) - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Their health and attack strength is greatly increased, and the fact that Doopliss can copy your partners is pretty tough. Especially if he copies Bobbery... - Garythesnail

12 Super Dimento - Super Paper Mario

This is the only paper mario game I have played and I haven't beaten the pits yet.

Super dimentio looks cool but scary, scary and very scary

Although It Wasn't As Hard As The Shadow Queen. But It Was Still A Difficult Boss.

If you use bowser this boss is very easy

13 Gloomtail - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

My favorite Mario character! Gloomtail is undeniably hard as one of the Chapter 8 Bosses in The Thousand Year Door (wow I made a pun). He has 80 HP, access to most attacks he shares with Hooktail and Bonetail, such as their Stomp and Bite attacks but he has his own breaths and 1 different attack only he can use. He has Poison Breath, and his charged up breath move is his signature move and one of the strongest boss attacks in the game if not the strongest. Megabreath. His secret move he has that none of the other 2 dragons have is his Earthquake attack which is what makes him really unique. Its basically like Magnus Von Grapple 1.0's Earthquake attack where it penetrates your defense, but Gloomtail doesn't bang his feet and arms on the floor like crazy to do the attack. Instead, he jumps up, and when he lands back down it triggers the attack.

Used all my items (I'm stupid for that) I didn't know that the shadow queen was in this game.

His basic attack and charged attack are more powerful than the SHADOW QUEEN'S, he also has the third highest hp in the game

Gloomtail Is Meh In Difficulty In My Opinion.

14 Brobot L-Type - Super Paper Mario

I beat Shadoo first try. This guy? I'll pass, I think I'd rather defeat all four of Shadoo's forms simultaneously.

The beginning is a little challenging, but after that it turns easy

Hated having to fight brobot

It is 10 times easier than brobot 1

15 Smorg - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

I did not know this boss was coming in chapter 6, it scared the living life out of me.

This boss took 6 tries for me - dinosaur

Hard as hell until you buy tons of thunder rage from the shop and OHKO its tentacles

16 Bowser and Kammy Koopa - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


Grodus was actually pretty underwhelming to me, but this fight was where it really kicked up. I reccomend taking out Kammy Koopa before even bothering with Bowser. - Garythesnail

Man, this game is awful!

17 Cortez - Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door

Used all my ultra shrooms on this boss, it was my first attempt though, I did beat him on my first try.

It was very easy when you can easily take down one of his forms in one turn, if you use power lift and some multi hit moves, along with a power plus or 2

I hate Cortez! Man, that dude is annoying! I am a raw hater of The Thousand Year Door anyway. Shouldn't this game be called "Paper Mario: The Millenium Old Door" anyways? Anyways, Super Paper Mario rocks!

How is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door better than Super Paper Mario?!

He wasn't too bad. Vivian's Fiery Jinx move got the job done pretty well. - Garythesnail

18 Mimi - Super Paper Mario

Yes she is the hardest in super paper MARIO but not the series and people think she's creepy True but scarier Then you think

She is quite challenging because you need to hit the head which is quite high

That whole thing where she turns into a spider and her head spins around is just so creepy. But the boss is hard too lol

Well, I can finish this difficult boss in no time & Super Paper Mario is the best Paper Mario game ever!

19 Bowser - Paper Mario Sticker Star Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.

You end up wasting all your coins on special stickers then find out after he heals and your like I wasted all my stickers on stage one AHH

The bosses in this awful game were like vacuums: You use ALL of your stickers! This guy is no exception.

This games bosses suck they all take away your stickers and you also do nothing else

20 The Master Fight 3 - Paper Mario

99 health and a combo attack that does 18 (! ) damage. Please bring some Life Shrooms. - computerfan0

Why is this not higher...

21 King Croacus IV - Super Paper Mario

This guy's pretty hard, since you can hardly go anywhere on screen without getting hurt. Bowser helps immensely, however. - Garythesnail

Very difficult boss

22 Lava Piranha - Paper Mario

Literally couldn't pass this fight as a kid, and it was my favorite back then. Not to mention, the boss himself, and the them and cool as hell

He is the suck

This took me like four days! And what I thougt I beat him, his second form appeared! I screamed!

So annoying! I hadn't gotten Sushie upgraded to Ultra yet. - computerfan0

23 Kent C Koopa - Paper Mario

6 defense, 70 HP, takes your partner out for 3 turns, immediately gets back up and attacks after you flip him, and finally can do 10 damage.

Unlike any other boss in this list if you don't know the correct strategy, you will lose.

In short less of a boss, more of a puzzle. The precursor to Stick Star and Color Splash.

This guy is a NIGHTMARE. Be sure to use Lullaby if you want to stand a chance!

I beat him no problem using Lullaby. And you can just pay 100 coins to go past him (I had 101). - computerfan0

Ridiculous defense, 70 hp, and insane power

Stratagy for beating Kent C. Koopa: use lullaby every time he wakes up with mario, and just keep attacking. use FP attacks to go faster, or just use normal attacks to save FP. use mario to focus so you can always lullaby.

24 Anti Guy - Paper Mario

Anti guy unit is tougher but in this it is only 1 not 3 and in this if you give anti guy a lemon you don't have to fight him but I would not be any fun

How is he not ranked harder

25 Black Paint Bowser - Color Splash

His attacks are absolutely devastating. I loved this fight, but it was hard!

26 Macho Grubba - Paper Mario TTYD

Took me 3 tries to beat, NO OTHER BOSS in this game took me that many tries, not even Cortez.

Grubba took forever to beat

If you beat him fast, he's pretty easy.
Take your time, however, and he's going to be using your body to wipe up the blood of all the other wrestlers in the Glitz pit. - Garythesnail

Not that hard. I grunt whenever I ge thit but I've never lost to him. Hooktail actually beat me. - HeavyDonkeyKong

27 Super Blooper - Paper Mario

I would have lost but both the baby bloopers missed when I was at 1 HP and the big blooper charged. I killed him on the next turn, though. - computerfan0

28 Brobot - Super Paper Mario

So fun, I want to play the fight AGAIN AND AGAIN

So do I! Well, you are in luck! Super Paper Mario is unquestionably the best Paper Mario game in the universe as well as the best Mario RPG ever! Man, I love Brobot.

One of my favorite bosses, if not my favorite in the series. - Garythesnail

This should be higher

29 Sammer Guy - Super Paper Mario

This is not a boss...?

30 Jr. Troopa - First Fight

I died like 5 times.

31 General Guy - Paper Mario

I know this is surprising, But this took me like 10 tries to beat. IT'S JUST THE SHY SQUAD, STILT GUYS, AND THE SHY STACK REALLY WEAKEN YOU! That's WHY I SAY THIS BOSS IS HARD.

The general of all Shy Guys, why? Maybe we'll find out when the shy guy's masks are taken off

32 Mr L - Super Paper Mario

He is to easy for a boss

Oh no, Luigi in a mask. How intimidating... - Garythesnail

33 Francis - Super Paper Mario

It was very hard to beat him. Took me like 20 times to beat him. I had like no items left once I beat him.

This stupid chameleon and his camera gave me so much trouble in my Super Paper Mario Days

It's kind of annoying to jump in the right place when he pops up. - Garythesnail

And he can return in chapter 8...

34 Count Bleck - Paper Mario Count Bleck, true name Lord Blumiere, is the central antagonist turned anti-hero of the 2007 Nintendo Wii videogame Super Paper Mario.

Count bleck is super paper Mario! Not paper Mario

Super Paper Mario & Paper Mario both tie to be the best paper Mario games ever! And I love Count Bleck!

Why isn't this higher he is the final boss in SUPER PAPER Mario, not paper Mario. But this needs to be higher

Super Dimentio is the final boss

His attacks are fast and unpredictable, and he has a good amount of strength and HP. - Garythesnail

35 Jr. Troopa - Final Fight

Took About 5 Tries since I was doing a no item run..3.

36 Gooper Blooper - Paper Mario: Sticker Star

When I first fought this boss I had no idea how to get past his poison attack I ended up using all my things!

37 Super Ninja Koopa Bros - Paper Mario

They are awesome for sure

38 Hooktail - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In one Hooktail battle video, the person playing the game forgot to put on the badge. So the person had a hard time beating him.

She made me rage like crazy

She hates things beginning with "cr" and ending with "icket". - computerfan0

39 Ice King - Paper Mario 64

Ya mean Crystal king? Cause this is not adventure time

Of the reasons that he is hard is because he heals 20 HP twice he can use double team and ice beam

40 Dimentio - Super Paper Mario Dimentio is an evil harlequin magician and the main antagonist of the 2007 Nintendo Wii video game known as "Super Paper Mario". One of his notable features is that he has created his own Dimension, known as Dimension D.

I love this guy.He's so mystical and magical.I love his attacks

41 Larry Koopa - Paper Mario: Color Splash
42 Big Cheep Cheep - Paper Mario Sticker Star

This has got to be the hardest boss (so far). I had no idea for the first couple of times that I had to use the fishhook sticker WHILE it was in the water. Figured it out after like the 3rd or 4th time fighting it. Kept having to go back and get the fishhook again and again.

43 Bonechill - Super Paper Mario

What!? He's a piece of cake! Use luigi and high jump his head and he's dead in no time

Lamest boss ever... - Garythesnail

44 Monstar - Paper Mario

Really? This is like killing 2 Goomba Kings but only one can attack at a time! - computerfan0

45 Kamek Final Time - Paper Mario Sticker Star

If you don't have the right stickers (Clone Jump Flip Flops are what you really need) this beast will screw you up, and even if at do beat him first try, you probably used all your good stickers you planned to beat Bowser with!

Just slap him in the face with the's not too hard, to be honest. Bowser is another story, however he's only difficult due to having to backtrack to get needed equipment. - Garythesnail

46 Tutankoopa - Paper Mario

Literally just putting him on here cause nobody else has. Can be a tough fight if you go in unprepared for the chomps though

47 Lemmy - Color Splash

My favorite Parer Mario color splash boss

48 Doopliss - Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door

I'm talking about the fight he takes your body he has 4 of your part partners

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